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Recovery signal looming semiconductor industry will continue low-cost strategy

While Wall Street analysts are still winter for the global economy are arguing over whether to end, but the freezing of the semiconductor industry already beginning to show signs of waking up a little. The case of the first quarter of this year, despite the assertion that the semiconductor industry has now bottomed out too early, but the major companies issued positive signals seen a revival of hope. Bottomed recovery of the early dawn Into 2009, mobile phones, notebook computers and other products covering the market began to effect urgent orders, rush orders continue to emerge is more than six months since the implementation of system vendors "low stock" strategy of the inevitable result. Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul? Otellini said: "We believe that PC sales have bottomed out in the first quarter, the industry is back to ...
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Red Hat profit up by the fourth quarter reached $ 22,000,000 7%

Distributor Red Hat open source software released Thursday, February 29 at the fourth-quarter earnings report, financial results, during the same period last year profit growth of 7%, while the costs for sales and marketing expenses also increased significantly. According to foreign media reports, the new CEO Zhan Mu Si Huai Te He Manchester just appointed the fourth quarter, Red Hat earnings $ 22,000,000, 10 cents per share Tandao; last years fourth quarter profit 205 000 000 000 dollars, the share of 10 cents per share. The fourth quarter, Red Hats revenue rose 27% to $ 141,500,000. To report earnings on Thursday after-hours trading, Red Hat shares rose 81 cents, an increase of 4.6%, while the days closing price of $ 17.53. Red Hat fourth quarter results and market research firm Thomson Financial survey of analysts had expec...
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Red Hat third quarter profit fell nearly 33 still-than-expected

Am Beijing time on December 23, Red Hat (RHT) in the U.S. stock market after the closing bell said third-quarter profit totaled $ 16,400,000, 8 cents per share on revenue of approximately $ 194,300,000. Red Hat in the quarter a year earlier profit of $ 24,300,000, 12 cents per share on sales of approximately $ 165,300,000. Red Hats quarterly profit fell by nearly 33. Excluding one-time items, Red Hat in the last quarter of the profits will reach $ 33,500,000, or 17 cents per share. According to a survey by Thomson Reuters, analysts on average expected the market this open source software developers to earn 16 cents per share on sales of approximately $ 188,300,000. Regular trading on Tuesday, U.S. stocks, the New York Stock Exchange-listed Red Hat shares rose 13 cents to close at $ 29.87, or 0.44. After the earnings announcement, as of ...
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Redback Networks announced a new version of service gateway platform

Redback (Redback Networks) announced that its SmartEdge Service Gateway platform to launch the new version. This latest version is equipped with the hardware card, and upgrade the software update on the current version. Throughput and processing power is three times higher than the original version. The new version of Broadband IP Engine processing chip 10Gb Ethernet and enhanced end Gigabit Ethernet 10/20 I / O card performance. The new card combines the function of carrier-class Ethernet aggregation, advanced IP routing features, as well as user and traffic management, the SmartEdge Service Gateway can be suitable for future high-definition TV, IP phone, a new generation of video games, TV telephone, video, email and other applications. Next-generation SmartEdge Service Gateway platform can unify the different network components to he...
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Reduce the cost of high-brightness LED wafer bonding and testing

Main purpose of high-brightness LED, including lights, lights and backlit display. Although the high cost of high-brightness LED, but its superiority to LED application is acceptable. Fat also has a high brightness LED for general lighting potential. In order to reduce the cost of high-brightness LED to be used for bedroom, office and car parks, it is necessary to improve the manufacture of high brightness LED production efficiency to achieve lower cost of single-bit lumen purposes. This can replace the high-brightness LED production is still a variety of fluorescent and incandescent lamps. High Brightness LEDs a significant advantage is that its life is measured in decades. A variety of high-brightness LED emission of photons in all directions, including under the direction of the substrate. If the substrate area than the small LED lig...
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Re-examine the micro-kernel technology

Microkernel this topic often lead people to the debate. Many people still does the industry have doubts. Micro-kernel really that bad? Of course not, in fact, optimized design, the micro-kernel can also their effectiveness. 1970s micro-kernel concept first appeared, it is outside the core operating system services transferred to the user service model (the core program code execution on the processor priority mode). Micro-kernel became popular in the 1980s, it seems that everyone had to know it. And, like many popular technologies, micro-kernel technology, supporters have promised much but deliver little. Have broad-based operating system as a system ─ ─ Mach, also once fell into a serious performance problems, the same period of the Chorus and QNX operating systems are not much better. There is no doubt, Mach experience with other OSs...
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Related Products Bluetooth v3.0 strong debut CSR9000, Synergy brings a new experience high-speed

the worlds leading Bluetooth connections and wireless technology provider CSR announced that its Synergy Software is the worlds first wireless access to the latest Bluetooth v3.0 standard of certified products . CSRs Connectivity Centre is equipped with Bluetooth and products, including Wi-Fi and other technologies CSR9000, Synergy software is connected central core of the product. Bluetooth v3.0 offers a range of enhancements, including a significant increase transmission speed, as well as rapid response to changing RF conditions. Been certified Bluetooth v3.0 standard support 802.11 a / b / g AMP (Alternative MAC and PHY) technology. AMP has been applied to CSRs Bluetooth Synergy and CSR9000, through a combination of IEEE 802.11 high-speed, high efficiency of the file transfer. When Bluetooth devices need to transfer large data files...
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Relatively optimistic about the prospects of embedded processor market, shipping over ten billion

VDC Research Group (VDCResearchGroupInc.) said that in 2008 the embedded processor unit shipments exceeded 10 billion, including the CPU, DSP, FPGA and microcontroller (MCU), etc., but in 2009 this figure will to reach 10.76 billion. The market research firm that this relatively optimistic outlook for the industry. According to this figure, the global market expected to grow from 2008 to 2013 compound annual growth rate of 6.4%, which means that the global market in 2013, shipments will be 13.8 billion. Embedded processor market, the vast majority of micro-controller, it is because of the low-cost low-end devices can be used primarily in embedded applications demand. Embedded CPU, DSP and FPGA performance is usually higher than the micro-controller, of course, have higher average selling prices. The use of these devices smaller, makin...
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Relay lead dancer electronic components market

Relay as the field of automation and control applications in an important role in the recent years, as competition becomes more intense, all relay manufacturers competing to introduce the latest product differentiation, making relay beyond the traditional simple time domain based on the concept of components, especially with the high-tech products, advanced technology and the advent of performance, but also it provides a wider stage. Bombing when the information is everywhere in peoples eyes, ears, learn how to make yourself stand out, become a focus of attention? Of course, is a show! Star of the most good at this, ordinary people can come in handy. In order to make their own no matter how high a high visibility, putting on a show everywhere! Business course, we should show the product but also to show, even the unknown has always bee...
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Relay Model Naming

1. 1 relay, said the main model code generally , shape symbol, a dash, serial number and anti-feature symbols component such as: JZ C 33 F . . . . . . 1. 2 relay specifications specifications model and serial number from the two parts. Types and sizes separated by a slash between the serial number, specification number can not be used. 1. 3 relay specification number will be subject to the formation of the main features of the series (coil rated voltage, installation of terminals in the form or contact group number, etc.) prepared. 1. 4 types of relay model number and specifications of components such as table 5 below: CLC name said type No. slash size number first part of the Part II Part III Part IV Part V main said shap...
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