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Released 1.8-inch thin JEDEC Solid State Drive is the industrys first standard for SSD

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global microelectronics industry standards governing bodies before the official release 1.8-inch thin and light form factor solid state drive up MO-297. These types of solid-state drives are widely used in consumer electronic products, including Internet and laptop computers. As the industrys first standard for SSD, MO-297s release marks the JEDEC standards in the development of SSD Integrated leadership. MO-297 defines a standard SATA interface SSD 54mm x 39mm size, layout, and connector locations. These solid-state drives use a standard form factor will be able to ensure interoperability across the supply chain in order to achieve the hard disk manufacturers, product designers and consumers of the three win-win situation. Meet a uniform standard will be able to simplify product design proc...
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Released a unified standard cell phone headset interfaces reduce the cost of mobile phone use

Reporter recently learned from the China Communications Standards Association, following a unified standard interface, the introduction of mobile phone charger, the headset for mobile phones "mobile handset wired headphone jack technical requirements and test methods" standard has also recently released. According to reports, cell phone headset cell phone interface standard headphone jack provides the technical requirements and test methods. At present, the draft standard for approval for Approval has entered the stage of publicity. Experts point out that the standard objective is to formulate a unified wired through the headphone jack, making the different models of mobile phones can be provided with standard wired headset connection to use, thereby reducing the cost of using mobile phones. ...
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Released for Renesas 32-bit microprocessor vehicle communication

(Electronic markets Reuters) Renesas Technology Corp. (Renesas Technology Corp.) Has released a communication system for vehicle-vehicle information equipment and similar devices SH7397 32-bit microprocessor. The product integrates a high-performance SH-4A CPU core and various peripheral functions, including display, voice, local area network (LAN) and memory card functions interface. Samples will be available beginning in August 2006 in Japan. The devices product development reference platform is also planned for August 2006 release. SH7397 Bi Ruisa Technology previous SH7760 (maximum operating in the 200MHz) speed by 50%, an integrated vehicle communications system equipment for the SH-4 CPU core, along with a larger cache memory. SH7397 features are summarized below. (1) 300MHz operating conditions of the high performance of 540MIPS ...
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Released the first high-pass function with a single-chip GPS RF CMOS UMTS Transceiver

(Electronic markets Reuters) Qualcomm Inc. has released the industrys first with receive diversity and GPS single-chip UMTS radio frequency (RF) complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) transceiver. RTR6285 ? is the worlds most advanced band receive diversity and multi-mode GPS function UMTS / EGPRS transceiver, a multi-band UMTS and quad-band EGPRS offers global roaming. In the RTR 6285 transceiver with integrated receive diversity network capacity can be increased by 50%, the average HSDPA data throughput will increase by 100%. GPS functionality is integrated on the location and emergency services to meet the demand, while eliminating the need for many additional components through the provision of GPS services, making the cost to a minimum. "RTR 6285 transceiver architecture provides the industrys highest level of RF integration,...
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Released the second generation of Intel Centrino 19 Sonoma

Jan. 11 news: Intel in U.S. Eastern Time on January 10 the company announced in January 19 will be released the second generation of Centrino mobile platform - Sonoma. This new platform includes a new version of Intels Pentium M mobile processor Dothan (speeds up to 2.13GHz), Intel PRO / Wireless 2915ABG wireless chip and the new Alviso chipset. Allegedly, Sonoma chipset in the new graphics performance of its existing products twice. Alviso will support the 533MHz front side bus, which will also greatly improve the overall utilization of the Intel CPU. In addition, the new version of the Intel Dothan Pentium M mobile processor, the secondary will have 2M cache (CACHE), which also makes single-Dothan processor computing power than a full upgrade of its predecessor, has doubled. Intel originally planned to be launched in 2004, Sonoma,...
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Reluctant to sell to sell solar cells from drastic changes in the market

The rapid rise of the photovoltaic industry, the solar cell was once regarded as the most important industry indicator, the main problem is a serious shortage, the module works actively to seek the battery factory goods, even more people will be optimistic about the soaring price to be reluctant to sell due to However, rapid changes in todays environment, the phenomenon of the past no longer find the goods, the result is rapid below the floor price, solar-cell factory boom years of experience in this part of the strongest. 2004 the rapid rise of the solar photovoltaic, most people still can not understand the whole picture of the photovoltaic industry, but still impressed by the new solar cells, because the downstream module plant can be made to ensure that the battery is almost holding the cash queues waiting for the battery plant get ...
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Ren on the R & D: new development is a waste of over 30%

5 12 May, according to media reports, Huawei CEO Ren said the companys internal speech, a new field of product development, if the company has a mature technology and procurement of technology to society than utilization 70%, higher than 30% of new development, not only not called innovation, but a waste. Ren and used independent of technology: new development is a waste of over 30% Ren an in-house called "the total look of any business and innovation" speech, summed up the "independence" and "take" relationship - "before we enter a new field of product development , the company has a mature technology and procurement of technology to society as utilization of less than 70%, higher than 30% of new development, not only not called innovation, but a waste, it will only increase development costs, increase product is not stability. Those ...
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Ren Yuan will: LED application large market of small

From the landscape lighting, decorative lighting to the functional process of transition, although the LED application still many controversies, but the mainstream development of the wheel is not stagnant. Outdoor lighting, road lighting (street lights, tunnel lights), concourse lighting (subway stations, underground parking) is becoming an arena for many manufacturers. Compared with outdoor lighting, indoor lighting is a bigger cake. Since 2010, we find that part of the LED lighting manufacturers have been quietly into the area to the interior lighting, many of them Toshiba, Sharp and other well-known international manufacturers. No doubt, plenty of room for indoor lighting market, but the business market to successfully cut into the interior lighting, Where it? Indoor Lighting Illuminating Engineering Society of China Honorary Chairm...
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Renesas announced the first core with on-chip power-on reset control IC

(Electronic markets Reuters) Renesas Technology Corp. today announced the industrys first integrated power control function of a core reset IC * 1 RNA50C27AUS. This feature can be used with 3.3VI / O power supply voltage and 1.8V core power supply * 2 * 3 two-voltage power supply microcomputer. Samples in April 2006 started shipping in Japan. Such as through pre-connected transistors RNA50C27AUS external devices, integrated power control circuitry on a kernel, you can and I / O power status of a coordinated manner to achieve with the core power on / off control. This prevents the power system design in achieving the required design of complex power-time. Product Background ITS at a lower voltage with the progress made to achieve a higher speed and lower current consumption, as previously with the same amplitude as the signal voltage wil...
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Renesas announced three areas for mobile phone 32-bit smart card microcontroller products

(Electronic markets Reuters) Renesas Technology Corp. has released three 32-bit smart card microcontroller products - AE56C, AE57C2 and AE58C1. Several products will be high-capacity EEPROM (electrical erasable programmable read-only memory) integrated with the mask ROM can be used, such as third-generation mobile phone USIM * 1 multi-purpose cards, cards and smart cards. Sample shipments will begin in Japan, AE56C to April 2006, AE57C2 and AE58C1 were in May 2006 and July. All three microcontrollers for smart card incorporates a new product AE-5 32 Wei CPU cores to provide the following features. (1) the three types of products with integrated high-capacity EEPROM memory and different capacities These new microcontrollers use a Renesas Technology original proprietary MONOS (Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) EEPROM, using special cir...
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