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Samsung 512M-called worlds first mobile DRAM speed

January 19 foreign periodicals Samsung Electronics said Wednesday it has developed a 512M mobile dynamic random access memory (DRAM), Samsung said that this DRAM data processing speed 1.3G , is the worlds fastest mobile DRAM. Worlds largest memory chip maker said it will be able to stack the two methods of such chips to produce a capacity of 1G chipsets. Mobile DRAM and low power consumption because a very small head, the most suitable for handheld devices such as mobile phones, PDA and digital camera. 512M is currently the largest removable storage capacity can be achieved. The new Samsung mobile DRAM is expected to greatly improve its performance of 3G mobile phones. The company plans to begin later this year in this mobile DRAM will be put into commercial production....
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Samsung added four new members of the Union jointly developed universal wireless charging standard

Wireless charging Alliance (Alliance) today announced the new Duracell (USA), Hosiden Corporation (Japan), Leggett & Platt, Inc. (United States) and Samsung Electronics (South Korea) four new members. Co-founder of Wireless Power Consortium to promote the working group responsible Camille Tang said: "Samsung, Duracell, Hosiden, and Leggett & Platts expertise covers the battery so Alliance, consumer electronics, components, equipment manufacturing, infrastructure, semiconductor and wireless charging technology and other fields. in the entire value chain, market leader in the development of the standard is essential to success. " According to consumer survey (the survey was conducted by Ipsos Vantis, AcuPOLLa and the Frost & Sullivan), universal wireless charging standard is 20% of consumers first one of the most desired way of life, to e...
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Samsung Blu-ray DVD market uncertainty and the LG on the sidelines

According to foreign media reports, although the Sony Blu-ray DVD standard in next-generation DVD battle won, but the market response was not as strong as people think. As South Koreas two largest electronics maker, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have indicated no intention to increase short-term business investment in Blu-ray DVD. Samsung Electronics said Monday, although Blu-ray DVD to win, but the company does not immediately increase the investment in this area. Samsung spokesman said: "Since 2005, we introduced the Blu-ray products, but will not win the blue and increased investment." Another Samsung official said: "next-generation DVD war end date earlier than expected, due to worry about the profit is too low, manufacturers can not be immediately related to increased investment." In addition, some analysts believe the g...
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Samsung Blu-ray LED influx of population change orders winners

Global LCD TV leader Samsung Electronics plant, the introduction of ultra-thin LED-backlit LCD TV, hit a 6-week listing of success of 20 million units sold, making Samsung the recent orders positive, short upper extension of the island will plant blue LED clogging capacity, tight supply there. Taiwan LED makers and Samsung are expected to benefit from relevant, in which electricity and Formosa Epitaxy recent crystal size or large-size LED in strong demand, Qi Wang trading company also received orders for Korea, into the Samsung LCD TV supply chain, start shipping from May, the industry estimates is expected to substantial growth in the second quarter revenue Yuwu Cheng. LED industry changes rapidly, benefiting lighting, LED TV and other new applications, recovery of amazing strength, crystalline electric revenue from January rapid growt...
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Samsung developed a new double-gate transistor

Samsung Electronics has developed a pMOS on-currents up to the new double-gate transistor 2.31mA/μm "MBC (multi-bridge-channel) FET". Switching characteristics is also good for 75mV/dec. The company in June 2004 carried out on n-type MBCFET technical publication, this is a successful trial of the p-type products. n-type polysilicon gate MBCFET used, and the threshold in order to control, using a TiN metal gate materials, floor and the SOI in Bulk n and p on the bottom two characteristics of the test. MBC is structurally embedded within the silicon substrate through the multiple gate electrode, will be caught in the area between the gate electrode used as a channel of the transistor. Each channel has an average thickness 20nm. Even if the gate length reduced to about 30nm, but also control the use of short channel effect transistor st...
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Samsung earned 2.2 billion first-quarter increase of 37%

According to foreign reports, the Asian semiconductor, display and handset makers Samsung Electronics today announced the Q1 results, profit record the biggest increase in more than two years, monitors and cell phone chips drop in price offset the loss of profit. Samsung Q1 net profit up 37% to 2.19 trillion won (about 22 billion U.S. dollars), with the same quarter net profit of 1.6 trillion won. Revenue growth of 19% to 17.11 trillion won. The analysts had forecast profits Samsung Electronics is expected to reach 2.02 trillion won on revenue of 16.8 trillion. This is the last piece of the resignation of Chairman Lee Kun Hee transcripts. 66-year-old Lee for tax evasion and breach of trust by South Korean prosecutors indicted, 22 have resigned. Took over from his father 20 years ago, Samsung Group, Lee Kun-hee will be little-known fami...
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Samsung Electronics and TSMC announced its entry into the photovoltaic industry

- > Competing in the world to promote the occasion of the new energy strategy, the two leading world-class semiconductor companies - Samsung Electronics and TSMC today announced that landing photovoltaic industry. Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics has recently invested nearly 400 billion won (equivalent to 32 million U.S. dollars) to build solar cell production line, plans to expand its solar cell business. Located in the south of Seoul in South Korea for a new plant is expected to be completed in October, production capacity will reach 30 MW. Next year, Samsung also plans to spend nearly 400 billion won to expand the production line, at least the overall production capacity will reach 300MW. TSMC chairman Morris Chang of Taiwan were announced last week, TSMC will develop LED, solar and other new industries. Chang conserva...
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Samsung Electronics developed a 512MB DDR3 video memory

Yonhap News Agency, Seoul, December 9 - 9, according to Samsung Electronics, said in pioneered the development of the world, running at 1.6Gbps per second, the 512MB DDR3 video memory. The previous maximum capacity and maximum speed are 256Mb and 1.4Gbps / sec. Samsung electronics said, DDR3 video memory is 1.8V drive voltage for the low-voltage products, existing DDR video memory can handle two data for each signal, but once the product can handle 4 data. In addition, the two are divided into input and output ports are also able to filter the data processing speed increased to 2 times per second 6.4Gb of data, equivalent to 30 years of newspaper can be transmitted per second of data. In addition, the first time, the development of electronic engineering federation (JEDEC) standards for next-generation DDR3 display 136 BGA (Ball Grid ...
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Samsung Electronics is expected to cut 2008 sales

The global economic slowdown, Samsung Electronics on Friday lowered its 2008 sales expectations. But thanks to chips, flat panel TVs and mobile phones and other important business growth, Samsung Electronics is expected to net profit in 2008 will exceed 2007. Samsung Electronics CEO Yun Jong Yong Annual General Meeting in 2008, said: "Global economic uncertainty will continue this year, which gives us a negative impact on the management of the environment. By oil prices and the impact of dollar depreciation, We expect competition in the global market will become increasingly fierce. " Yun expects annual sales of Samsung Electronics in 2008 10% increase over 2007, rose less than expected in January this year, 15%. But he also expects to continue to focus on the four core areas - chips, mobile phones, LCD panels and TVs, Samsung Electroni...
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Samsung Electronics launched the worlds first 50 nanometer chips 16G

President Hwang Samsung Electronics today held at the Hotel Shilla in Seoul conference on new products, announced that Samsung Electronics has successfully developed the worlds first 50 nanometer chips 16G, and plans to put into mass production. Hwang said, if the Chinese invented paper is the first human revolution in information carriers, then the Samsung developed the worlds first 50 nanometer chips 16G is the 2nd revolution. 16G 50 nm chip, is a text, pictures, music, video as one of the storage media. Cover only the size of fingers in space, can store 20 movies, 8,000 songs and 200 years of newspaper text. Samsung expects sales of its market by 2010, up to 300 billion U.S. dollars. ...
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