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Samsung Electronics third-quarter net profit fell 44% suspension of factory expansion

According to The Wall Street Journal reported that South Koreas Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics Co.) Recently released its third quarter earnings by semiconductor and panel prices dropped significantly impact the company in its fiscal third-quarter net profit fell 44% from a year earlier. In order to avoid falling semiconductor prices, Samsung also announced the suspension of plant expansion plans. Samsung Electronics as September 30 in the three months net profit of 1.219 trillion won a year earlier to 2.191 trillion won. Dow Jones Newswires (Dow Jones Newswires) survey of seven analysts on average forecast net profit of Samsung Electronics, the season is 1.26 trillion won. Quarter operating profit fell 51% from last years 2.066 trillion Korean won fell to 1.023 trillion won; sales rose 15% from a year earlier 16.681 trillio...
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Samsung flat-screen TVs slowdown in the market optimistic about solar energy and new display

Slowing sales growth as flat-screen TVs, Samsung Electronics (Samsung) LCD panel manufacturing business in the part of the most promising solar energy (solar) and the situational display (immersive display) market demand for both products. , A senior Samsung said the company branched out into the future mass production of solar panels is "almost inevitable." As early as September of this year before the storm set off the global economy, the Samsung LCD panel to have seen the largest application market ─ ─ flat TV sales began to fall. "The market situation may be worse now," Samsung monitor executive vice president of R & D center Jun-Hyung Souk annual technology forum in the Samsung, said: "We want for 2010 and beyond do intend to find new growth point. " The past 18 months, Samsung formed a large solar panel research and development tea...
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Samsung Group Chairman Lee acknowledged the existence of illegal fault Group

Yesterday, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung Group chairman Lee Kun-hee said that for his actions was "ashamed." On Saturday when Lee left the Special Prosecutors Office, looks to the Samsung Group has acknowledged the existence of illegal wrongdoing. Asked whether there Samsung slush fund, he will control the illegal transfer of the Group to his son and other issues, Lee said: "do not rule out this possibility, but (outside view) is not entirely accurate." And Lee on Friday accepted part of South Korean prosecutors questioned, he privately set up Samsung has denied millions of dollars in slush funds at the same time that he would control the illegal transfer of Samsung Group to his son Lee Jae-yong is not to say reality. ...
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Samsung high-capacity flash memory breakthrough performance 50%

Samsung Electronics has announced their high-capacity flash memory has made a major breakthrough, they have 70-nanometer chips in place of the 4GB of flash memory. The 70nm (nanometer) chip will only 2GB of flash memory will replace the 90nm chips, and the performance will increase fifty percent, read and write speeds of 16MBps. Performance improvement can give the user the ultimate high-definition video images. Companies are now mass produce flash memory, estimated by the end of each month by the production in June increased by 4,000 to 15,000 per month. Although many industry experts believe will eventually replace flash memory in portable computers rotating disk, but the market research firm Insight 64 analyst Nathan Brookwood, senior, said that possibility is is a "fantasy." Brookwood said, "the first breakthrough storage medi...
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Samsung introduced four high-capacity hard disk, the speed of 3Gbps

Samsung SpinPoint P120 Series hard drives, including 3Gbps Serial ATA and Parallel ATA type, capacity 200GB or 250GB, for a variety of digital consumer electronic devices such as desktop PC. For demanding enterprise applications, and a 200GB SP2004C 250GB SP2504C, a 3Gbps the I / O capacity, Serial ATA command to arrange inherent in the device initialization SATA power management, cross-rotation from the support and an optional ATA Streaming Media Performance Set . 200GB SP2014N and the 250GB SP2514N with ultra ATA-133 interface, the fluid dynamic bearing motor technology axis, ATA Security Mode, ATA ATA primary protection zone and streaming media performance. All four have 100GB/125GB format the hard disk drive capacity, high-speed dual digital signal processor, in line with ATA SMART, ATA Automatic Acoustic Management and ATA Streami...
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Samsung launch new MP3 cell 35 hours a sustainable use

(Electronic markets Reuters) South Korean technology company Samsung Electronics has released a new player - YP-Z5, industry analysts say, YP-Z5s market will break from the Apple iPod portable digital music players in the market monopoly. In the portable digital music player market to Apple is not the challenge, a Samsung Electronics, including SanDisk, innovative technology companies, since they also recently introduced similar products to Apples iPod launch a strong offensive . new listings in the appearance of the YP-Z5 and the Apple design is very similar to Apple iPod, but on the whole, or the lack of function of a market leader in the despot: YP-Z5 battery can achieve 35 hours of continuous playback, FM receiver or FM signal, providing a 1.8-inch LCD screen, size, thickness of only 11.4 mm, available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB are availab...
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Samsung launched the first 512Mb GDDR3 memory (Figure)

Samsung Introduces Industrys First 512Mb GDDR3 memory samples, it is used for graphics card and the most advanced video game console, double data rate synchronous DRAM. GDDR3 new capacity on the market today, at least double the video memory, making the game have more features. a new 512Mb GDDR3 memory, will significantly improve performance and reduce power consumption and more effective use of graphics card space. Samsungs 512Mb GDDR3 memory is the first JEDEC standard GDDR3, working up to 1.6Gbps, more than any of the video memory on the market faster. Samples are available now. volume production in early 2005 . The next picture shows the product shape chart. details please visit: (Transferred from the network) ...
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Samsung LCD TV market share and market sprint LED market

Samsung LCD TVs this years global market share target, revised up to 25%, 20% higher than last year, but also intends to include the North American LCD TV market, 30%, and fully seize new market LED television. Samsung Electronics Display YoonBoo-keun, president, said Tuesday: "Despite the global economic turmoil, but demand for flat-screen TVs in North America has been gradually rose." YoonBoo-keun also said: "Samsung TV in some markets the price higher than the 100 than Sony U.S. dollars. "However, young consumers growing preference for Samsung TV, he was confident that its own TV brand recognition level in 2010 than Sony. Samsung also confirmed that, in order to strengthen the LED and television broadcasting, will be launched in the domestic and overseas markets 40-inch, 46 inch and 55 inch LED TV. YoonBoo-keun said: "Global flat TV ...
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Samsung memory chip prices boost Hynix shares rose

Beijing January 14, according to reports by the DRAM memory chip prices to stimulate, Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor shares rose 14. Hanwha Securities (Hanwha Securities) analyst Seo Do-won, said: "Although the first quarter of calendar year sales of memory chips are the off-season, but the latest data show that chip prices are rising." Seo added: "Former period of time due to the appreciation of the stock market Pudie won, and now shares have begun to rebound. " As of press time (GMT 5:10, Beijing time 13:10 or so), Samsung Electronics shares rose 4.02%, to 829,000 won per share; Hynix shares rose 5.2% per shares 25,300 won. ...
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Samsung paved the way for Taiwan DRAM factory disturbed possession of hard security

Been playing the past DRAM market leader Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), in a recent wave of price increases during the contract, but the silence of abnormal performance, the memory industry, said that Samsung is not only unwilling to follow up the hike, and even the industrys continued Samsung intends to prevent spread prices of 1Gb DDR2 capacity of more than 1.5 U.S. dollars, or even $ 1.3, it seems that the Taiwanese do not want to let a dying plant, a breathing space again, with DRAM industry outlook is still not clear, signs of end-demand is not withdrawn from circulation significantly, but I had heard a number of DRAM chip plant, which began low-key the amount of increase in investment, hoping to catch the second half of 2009 PC market, the traditional peak season, so that the overall DRAM market is not only filled with ...
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