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Samsung proposed $ 150,000,000 build LCD factory in Suzhou operation 09 in the first half

9 8, according to foreign reports, an unnamed company officials said South Koreas Samsung Electronics Suzhou site in China to build another liquid crystal display (LCD) panel module production plant. Reported that Samsung Electronics plans to invest 150 million U.S. dollars initial construction of the plant. First half of 2009 is expected to be put into operation the plant, the initial annual capacity of 2 million. In fact, as early as June of this year, the Samsung Group, Greater China President Pu Genxi has revealed that Samsung will be built in China, a second LCD module plant, about 500 million U.S. dollars investment planned in Guangzhou or Shenzhen for the plant site. However, its rivals have been built in the local LCD factory, so Samsung changed its plan. Samsung in Suzhou with a previously LCD module plant, the plant produced...
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Samsung reported fiscal first quarter revenue declined 72% of the chip plate to a loss

According to The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung Electronics on Friday reported earnings in the first quarter of the company by the shrinking of chips and flat-panel business, net income was 620 billion won (about 460 million U.S. dollars), down 72% . Samsung performance report shows that its chip revenue down 35%, to 3.74 trillion won profit decreased 650 billion won. This figure of 560 billion won last year, compared to the fourth quarter is still at a loss. In addition, Samsung flat-panel display business also continued losses, its consumer electronics business operating profit of 150 billion won, while a slight profit last year. Currently, Samsung mobile phone has become the largest source of revenue for the company. The first quarter of this year, mobile revenue growth of 36%, operating profit was 940 billion won, compa...
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Samsung says DRAM PC downturn will lead to overproduction

According to foreign media reports, Samsung said on Tuesday, as the global PC market downturn, DRAM memory chips in the fourth quarter of over-production situation. Taiwan Fu Hwa Securities Investment Trust (Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Trust) fund manager John Emirates (John Chiu), said: "As we all know, the current PC market and recession. If the demand does not increase, then the stock will increase." John Emirates also said: "People are their hopes on the Chinese mainland in October holiday and New Year holidays, if demand increased, then the stock will be eased." Samsungs chip business executives Kwon Hyun (KwON Oh-hyun), said: "If the PC market continues to slump, then the DRAM chips in the fourth quarter or first quarter next year overproduction situation." Hyun Kwon also said: "The relatively strong demand for mobile phone a...
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Samsung Sony "fatten" the total joint-venture LCD plant 1.9 billion capital injection

Yesterday, insiders confirmed that South Koreas Samsung Electronics, Sony Corporation of Japan has decided to build a liquid crystal display joint venture funding once again to increase LCD panel production capacity and shipments. The insider said: "The two sides have reached the final stage of commercial contractors, will be formally announced soon. Before the rumors of the total 1.9 billion capital injection dollar is really true." The LCD industry are optimistic about market prospects, Samsung and Sony have invested for the eighth-generation line of 1.8 trillion won. In addition, Samsung is still spend 2 trillion won to increase their own capacity of the production line. Analysts say, at present the eighth generation LCD plant per month from 50,000 to 60,000; by the injection of funds will double its production capacity. ...
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Samsung uses Dilithiums AnswerFast ? Plus Technology

November 8, 2005 - the famous third-generation (3G) multimedia solutions provider Dilithium (Dilithium Networks) announced that the companys AnswerFast Plus ? technology has been authorized to Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), used in Samsungs smart phones, to further consolidate its leading position in 3G phone market. Reached an agreement, its 3G-324M/H.324M Dilithium supply to more than half of the protocol stack to support 3G services in the international mobile phone manufacturers. AnswerFast Plus technology to reduce call setup time to less than one second, comparable to voice calls. Currently, 3G video phones on the market usually takes 5-8 seconds to establish voice and video channels. The agreement has Dilithiums 3G-324M multimedia protocol stack (Multimedia Protocol Stack) included. 3G video services in real-time mul...
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Samsung, LG LED TV market, the two companies battle for upgrade

Comprehensive South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" and other media reports, Samsung, LG the two companies in the next generation of TV --- LED products on the competition, from product quality and other aspects of ultra-thin or a contest, is showing a full white-hot upgrade situation. Integrated in home appliances and discount stores sold the scene, "because the first to the Samsung LED TV sales, LG Electronics in a hurry for technical degrees in thin case has not yet reached, based on impact to avoid damage to the overall brand image of innovation marketing considerations, and therefore against hasty "was very common. , However, recently announced that LG Electronics will launch this month, Samsung Electronics of existing products than thinner, 55-inch LED TV (model 55LH90QD) the new thickness of only 2.4 cm, and 5 from the beginning of this mon...
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Samsung, Micron 2G NAND debut under the impact

Recently heard that the new Micron NAND-type Flash products, the successful supplier is expected to begin this month. Micron launched a result of the process is using the latest mass production of 2G products, the card read speed will be 1 times faster than the Samsung, in full compliance with the requirements of Flash read quickly, therefore, the industry believes that the market will be Samsungs high-capacity products by strong shocks. It is understood that Microns NAND-type Flash new chipset, capacity up to 2G, the product produced using 90 nanometer process, the production cost will be more competitive, the industry quickly compare this product with Samsung products, the most important thing is flash memory card read speed, Microns faster than the Samsung product card read full double quick, it will be the product into the market, ...
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Samsung, Texas Instruments help with Series 60 Symbian-based smartphones

2005 Nian 10 Yue 12 daily march, Texas Instruments (TI) announced that Samsung Electronics has selected TI OMAP ? platform and Bluetooth ? solutions for its first Symbian OS ?-based Series 60 smartphone with the SGH-D720 and SGH-D730. Both clamshell (D730) and slider (D720) Samsung designed GSM / GPRS smart phone full use of the TI wireless technology, which provides a variety of feature-rich entertainment and productivity applications, including RealOne ? Player and Bluetooth Games and music production software. Symbian OS based Series 60 platform, anywhere in the worlds leading smart phone platform. Ministry of Planning Samsung products Dohwan Choi, senior vice president, said: "Samsung is committed to the sleek, stylish slim handset integration of multimedia and productivity features, which are very attractive for end users. And ...
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Samsung: agents of gaming industry

- > Greater China vice president of marketing Samsung Electronics Park Jung (left), the All-China Sports Federation Head of the Secretariat, Ms. Sheng Shuying (middle), Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai network mapping (NeoTV) CEO Mr. Lin Yuxin ( Right) Recently, WCG2009 "Samsung Cup" Cyber Games was officially launched at the Memorial Hall of Peking University hundred years, the meeting, vice president of marketing Samsung Electronics in Greater China, Mr. Park Jeong-Joon announced the first global e-sports event - the world electronics Games (WCG) World Finals will be held in November this year, the first held in China. This is a global gaming enthusiasts called the "Electronic Sports World Games," the industry events, from 2001 to date, has been held worldwide, 9th row, the number of times E is considered an important symbo...
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Samsungs "resignation door" To share one piece fell LCD boss status

After the resignation of Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee Investors Lee had announced the reform program and plans to enter the many misgivings about the financial sector, Samsung Electronics, Samsung C & T and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company shares have plummeted. April 24, Samsung 17 subsidiaries in 13 shares fell. It is estimated the market value of Samsung Group, the loss of 1.87 trillion won the day. Currently, Samsung is the worlds largest LCD panel and LCD TV manufacturers. Speculation that this "accident" Japanese companies will regain the flat-panel TV dominance opportunities. However, industry experts believe that the Samsung LCD boss Lee Kun-hee resigned status should not be affected. LCD dominant position unharmed For Sony LCD TV will use the opportunity to regain the global hegemony of the place, Sony (China), the per...
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