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Samsungs DRAM sales ranked first world

Korea an industry report showed that South Koreas Samsung Electronics, DRAM sales in the first quarter of this year ranked first in the world. According to foreign media reports, the market research firm iSuppli said Samsung 1 to 3 this year, DRAM sales in January was 18.1 billion U.S. dollars, in the same period of the global DRAM sales accounted for 30.2% of total. To the report, which is Samsungs DRAM sales for the second consecutive quarter, accounting for more than 30% global market share. The report said an excellent respond Samsung DRAM prices have fallen substantially in recent adverse situation. In addition, South Korea, Hynix Semiconductor sales of 11.3 billion ranked second, accounting for 18.6% of global market share. Japans Elpida chip companies ranked third, with sales of 8.57 billion U.S. dollars. ...
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Samsungs LED backlight technology and market analysis of trends

Samsungs Mr. Hun Joo Hahm LED backlight recently discussed the application of the technology and market trends. He believes, LED backlighting in the next few years, leading the LED industry, the price is the most critical success factor. Technology, the Samsung color quality and price based on the dual considerations, strongly recommended to use red, green and blue LED plus phosphor as a large-size LCD backlight applications. WCG white LED can be a very low price, but will not seriously reduce the color and performance. WCG, reduce the MB and LED high CR can only be realized, reducing the thickness of the display is a question worthy of consideration - LED to be good for the ultra-thin LCD TV backlight to do to prepare. In addition, Samsung will be sure that LED backlighting used in notebook PCs, rather than the display area. ...
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Samsungs Lee Kun-hee: The next year, expressed concern about the semiconductor and LCD

According to foreign reports, President Lee on the morning of September 17 Gimpo Airport by special plane to go abroad to participate in Sept. 20 at Waseda University in Japan the ceremony. Met with reporters in the face of a reporter on the semiconductor and LCD market conditions next years question, he replied: "I am also a little worried." For "Samsung competitive, but will experience difficulties," the question, President Lee said briefly: "There is also a possibility." Semiconductor and LCD this year has been very good market conditions, enter the second half of the demand and the impact of the aftermath of the financial crisis in Europe, LCD panel prices fell sharply, DRAM semiconductor prices have dropped a slow curve. Samsung Electronics is scheduled next month to determine next years investment plan. President of the Federatio...
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Samsungs secret funds redeemed 4.5 billion drag Lee to step down

Cough Lee, South Korea will be cold; Lee to step down, South Korea, what will happen? Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee announced his resignation, and in a televised address to the Samsung Groups financial scandal apology to the Korean people. Lee in the TV screen, still with a straight face, but looked haggard. Previous week, Lee was South Korean prosecutors to the implementation of tax evasion and breach of trust not to arrest the prosecution. This situation caused the fuse is, in November 2007, former legal director of Samsung Group Samsung Group kangaroo Jin Yongzhe reported a huge slush fund. Along with the resignation of Lee Kun-hee of Samsung Groups other senior executives as well, including the Samsung Group, known as the "brain center" of the Samsung Group head of Strategic Planning Office, Samsung Group Vice Chairman Li Hez...
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San Jose program is expected to energy-saving LED lights 40%

You guess the year of a city street lighting, how much money? San Jose, California for the U.S. 10th largest city, the city spent this year to 350 million U.S. dollars. If you count maintenance and replacement of street lights, cost will be much higher. Old street light system and a waste of both serious and can not forecast the potential failure, discovered too late. Sometimes, when the lamp lighting does not open, wasting a lot of energy; that bird droppings fall into the light sensor, the system will be a problem. San Jose is facing another problem. 80s of last century, the city replaced with low pressure sodium lamp low energy efficiency of the mercury, I hope the one hand, can save energy, reduce light pollution on the other hand, helps to close the Lick Observatory (LickObservatory for astronomy. San Jose Transportation Authori...
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SanDisk 155 million third quarter loss will increase the re-

Foreign media reports, SanDisk on Monday announced third quarter fiscal 2008 earnings. Showed a profit, SanDisk third-quarter net loss of 155 million, compared with net income of $ 85,000,000. Affected by the decline in flash memory prices, SanDisk and other flash memory chip maker results have declined. SanDisk said the average price per flash decreased G 63%, a decline of 30%. The company said, SanDisk Samsung does not refuse to be acquired at the same time hinted that more restructuring. SanDisk on Monday announced that the price will be 10 billion joint venture will be 30% of the chip manufacturing equipment sold to Toshiba, SanDisk although the deal will help profits, but the company CFO Zhu Dibb Luna (Judy Bruner) said, SanDisk will take more restructuring measures, she said: "We are taking very drastic measures, and to make diff...
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Sanlian Group shareholders re-location of two trading companies get back on the triple

On Haiya Ao triple shot on yesterdays trading company to renounce the 9.02% stake, this means that the Joint Group, the shareholders re-location of two trading companies get back on the triple. Meanwhile, light Huatian Cheng said the company will be transferred to the triple Olympic Group, the relevant transfer agreement has been signed. Triple trading company, said yesterdays announcement, April 2 9.02% triple trading company competing on Haiya Ao communications options, for any reason unable to pay 337 million of the auction money, give shareholders a chance of the second triple trading company This part of the shares back to triple Group. Light Huatian Cheng public yesterday with the Chairman Zhang Jisheng reached triple the three strategic cooperation agreement. Chief among the film is light Huatian Cheng agreed to 9.02% of the shar...
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Sanyo cold holding large equity shares held by the latter 16.588%

newspaper reported earlier on the Sanyo Electric will be the big cold or shares (000,530) the controlling shareholder of the prophecy fulfilled, suspended for more than two months yesterday announced a big share of cold, the largest shareholder of the iceberg Group owned 66.67% of the equity transfer agreement will be transferred to include several companies, including Sanyo Electric, Sanyo Electric will therefore hold large shares of 16.588% stake in the cold, as the latter is the actual controller. compromise Holdings by Sanyo Electric Securities and Futures Commission Ministry of large cold-share charge related to our reporter in an interview that the various ways in Sanyo Electric shares may be prorated in dividends, but "the right to vote is not proportional Translation. " The person in charge that large shares of the current...
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Sanyo Electric Co., will greatly increase the production capacity of solar cells

Sanyo Electric Inc. Foreign Press release said the company decided to invest $ 7,000,000 in fiscal year 2008 will be its Monterrey plant in Mexico, production of solar cells to the current level of 2.5 times to reach 50MW. Statement said Mexico Monterrey factory is mainly engaged in the worlds highest conversion efficiency HIT solar cell production template block, the current annual output of 20MW. Sanyo reason to improve the plants production capacity, mainly to meet the rapidly expanding North American market, the market demand, but also to further expand the companys global solar business plan. Present, Sanyo Electric is developing plans to increase production, fiscal year 2010, the worlds HIT solar cell production capacity increased to more than 600MW, equivalent to more than double the current capacity. To this end, the company i...
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Sanyo Electric received 200 billion yen syndicated loan to pound battery business

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 29, announced that it has reached with the financial institutions 200 billion yen (about 14.1 billion yuan) in syndicated loan agreement. Except for the payment of the loan bonds, the main product will be used for rechargeable batteries and solar battery business investment. This is the largest amount in history Sanyo a syndicated loan. 500 billion yen of which will be used for payment of bonds, about 800 billion yen to repay the loan, the remaining approximately 50 billion yen investment in equipment will be used as funds for the construction vehicles using lithium in Hyogo Prefecture battery factories. Sanyo said: "This financing allows the company to 2010 fiscal year capital plan has been coming to an end." The financing led by the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Sumitomo Trust Bank and the Bank of Japan were also in...
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