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Switching technology and equipment trends

1 high-pressure, high pressure, ultra high voltage technology and products The 21st century, Chinas output, substation equipment will be a higher voltage level forward. With the implementation of western development strategy, west to east, the Northwest region will be on the 750 k V voltage level of power, China 1200 k V the voltage on the grid. With Bai 2004, the Yellow River Hydropower Station in the production of public electricity generation, Chinas first 1 750 k V transmission line will be built in the Northwest Power Grid .750 k V voltage start-up, indicates that Another ultra-high voltage level of 1 000 k V or 1 200 kV project is not started and the long-term and not the things. New level of emergence of a high voltage, will face many technical aspects, such as basic research (including the ecological and environmental impacts),...
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Syfer new surface-mount chip capacitors for military / aerospace, from RoHS restrictions

Syfer Technology has introduced a series of surface mount chip capacitors, which uses the traditional tin / lead terminals, mainly from the EU RoHS specifications for the application of restrictions , including military / aerospace, space and automotive products. Some special application has not yet been regulated by the EU RoHS restrictions, although the feasibility of using tin products, which are still research, but believe some specific applications Syfer will continue to use tin / lead materials. The company offers a tin / lead terminals contain not more than 10 /% lead, including a variety of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC). Capacity values range from 0.45pF to 82μF, operating voltage between 16Vdc to 10kVdc, for low or high voltage / current applications. These MLC capacitors in standard silver or FlexiCap matrix sh...
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Symantec in fiscal year 2009, the huge loss of $ 6,730,000,000

- > SAN FRANCISCO, May 12 at noon, according to foreign media reports, security, storage and systems management solutions provider Symantec has released the fiscal 2009 fourth quarter and full year earnings. Showed a profit by 7.4 billion write-down of goodwill in fiscal 2009 Symantec huge loss of $ 6,730,000,000, $ 8.1 per share. Net loss for the fourth quarter, Symantec 2.4938 million, $ 0.3 per share. Symantec last year to $ 1.8639 profit, earnings per share of 0.22 dollars. The fourth quarter, Symantec has 413 million write-down of goodwill. Rules on non-GAAP basis, Symantec profit from a year earlier to 3.1847 billion U.S. dollars 3.0943 billion from the $ 0.36 earnings per share increased to $ 0.38. Symantec analysts expected fourth-quarter earnings per share of 0.35 dollars. Symantec fourth-quarter revenue rose from 1.54 bill...
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Symbol launch innovative mobile products, improve production efficiency

Symbol Technologies (Symbol Technologies) has announced the launch of new enterprise mobility solutions, these products aim to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, immediate access to people, information and business applications essential . According to reports, Symbols new advanced data capture, mobile computing and wireless infrastructure products, to meet the retail, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, health, accident services, public safety and transportation and logistics industry, customer demand for innovative mobile solutions. These new products will be 15 January 2006 to 17 in New York City, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center at the National Retail Federation 95th Annual Conference and Exhibition on display. Innovative products include: redefine the Bluetooth cordless bar...
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Synchronous DRAM contract prices to go Young Spot

DRAM spot prices rise back to $ 1, the contract price of synchronized walking Yang; anticipated follow-up is expected to slowly rise dram prices, but overall demand is not strong, and corporate that DRAM prices are still difficult to break through this season costs $ 1.5 in cash. DRAM spot market back to temperature, according to DRAMeXchange quotes, DDR2 1Gb 667MHz and DDR2 1Gb eTT rose 3.16% and 2.12%, the price came to $ 0.98 and $ 1.06; which, DDR2 1Gb eTT has a firm $ 1. In the contract price, the South (2408) in the April contract price hike early success of 5-10%, to be continued to the end of the contract price hike in April; with the spot price stabilization, South PLAN contract price hike between 15 to 20, in May from the OEM factory to re-stocking, is still expected to contract price hike of space. However, the current chann...
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SynQor Introduces 52.5V half brick DC / DC converter

SynQor announced today the launch of single-output isolated dc / dc converters, this converter is ideal for LAN, IP telephony, and isolated bus voltage. Standard half-brick module is PowerQor Tera family of products, a member of its output voltage is 52.5 V, output power is 200 watts. The open-frame structure converter uses synchronous rectification technology and patents, layout, full load efficiency of up to 92%, and can provide excellent thermal performance. Tera series converters are designed to meet the new IEEE 802.3af standard, specifically for the use of a new generation of LAN cable CAT5-based Internet telephony (VoIP) and wireless LAN (WLAN) access points (Access Points) available electricity. IEEE specification to meet requirements of low common-mode noise conditions, SynQor module companies to provide enhanced 2250V DC input...
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System integration go from here?

If a decade ago, someone mentioned "system integration" of the word, in the Intelligent Building of the people may feel very strange. But in recent years, with intelligent technology, the "exotic" by virtue of efficient and convenient advantage, gradually into the public view, as the industry talked about a hot topic. Press Enter on the Internet "system integration" the term, the search engine immediately set out the integration of a large number of associated companies, integrated products, integrated solutions ... ... dazzling avalanche of information. Present, the state of the system did not give a clear definition of integration. Well, now works frequently appear intelligent "systems integration" What is it? What are its effects? What is the status of development in our country? The highest level of intelligent building The first ...
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System integration of new semiconductor field competition

The semiconductor industry from different vendors are closer to consumer use of the technological gap between the chip in the gradual homogenization of the era of hardware, systems integration capabilities to become a semiconductor manufacturers to enhance product value, reflecting the competitive differentiation of the core competitiveness. ST craving married women lose money system integration capabilities Semiconductor manufacturers just how long the system integration capabilities, STMicroelectronics (ST) of action may be able to describe the problem. Operation just half a months ST-NXP Wireless and Ericsson Mobile Platforms Group will be the Department (EMP, Ericsson Mobile Platforms) merger, ST NXP will purchase the remaining 20% of equity in the hands, and ultimately all in the new company Ericsson accounted for 50% stake. EMPs ...
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