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Tablet PC manufacturers betting cottage "emboldened" Where?

When the United States, Han Wang, Patriots have released their own tablet computer, finally unable to bear the cottage manufacturers. Shenzhen Huaqiang North, is called a "second generation iPad" public mode products in volume market. This product is a 7-inch screen, compared with the generation of cottage ipad, early appearance of this product not only in line with the second generation iPad, and using Android 2.1 operating system, the body weight of about 350g. Gone through a pre-loss and confusion, the cottage manufacturers began to bet his own body in the Tablet PC. Some even call for the main cottage, "the future of the Tablet PC market, China will co-exist only iPad and the cottage." So why are so emboldened the main cottage? I observe the main points to the main cottage is so confident. First, iPad has been getting into peoples ...
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Tai size small size AMOLED Development

While TFTLCD industry downturn plunged into gloomy due to the same time, new display technology for the development of new markets and applications has quietly started, especially active-emitting light emitting diode (AMOLED) with high color saturation, fast response, wide viewing angle , thinner, more power and other advantages, is seen as highly threatening LCD monitor display technology. In the current AMOLED vendors, SamsungSDI AMOLED display technology for the development of the most active persons, the companys small size and AMOLED future, PC and TV applications, etc., there are clear planning blueprint. 2015 years will become the mainstream display technology, mobile phone SamsungSDI the first one for the global AMOLED mass production manufacturers, the production lines start mass production from September 2007, and SamsungSDI ...
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Taiwan 3G chip business next month and set off orders wafer planes are expected to

In China, the Ministry of Industry, National Development and Reform Commission and other government-led and uniform manipulator, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other 3 major carriers, has started to build projects of all 3G networks and 3G systems can hope 6 months ago Founding grab operation. It is understood that officials hope 5,000 million 3G users by the end of rush, up to 1,700 billion yuan in the 3G base station FPGA chip business opportunities ahead of detonation, Xilinx (Xilinx) and Altera (Altera) 3 months will start raising the wafer pairs male cast films, semiconductors are expected to bottoming out. Mainland Chinese New Year in the 3 major carriers get 3G license, which should have been conducted in the year 3G mobile phone base station or a terminal case of the tender, all early in March before, now is to ac...
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Taiwan 65 projects on the mainland opened up why not include the LED lighting

According to Taiwan media reports, the mainland investment in Taiwan Permit Management Regulations, and open the first phase of the project, recently reported that Taiwan is expected to compile the "Executive Yuan," announced the end of opening. According to reports, the "Executive Yuan" 12 will come to Taiwan for the mainland via a third definition of controversial capital coordination meetings, is expected to permit regulations finalized soon. "IDB" is also open to manufacturing projects have been completed the inspection, a total of 212 by category, to be open 65. It is understood that although the cross-intensive industries to bypass exchanges and cooperation in the project, but including solar, aviation, communications, LED lighting industry, information services, wind power, food and other items not included in the cross-Strait ...
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Taiwan authorities to fund the first wave of mainland investment in Taiwan industry 101

According to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan authorities to fund the first wave of mainland investment in Taiwan yesterday released the full 101 industry, manufacturing investment in Taiwans mainland capital to determine open the computer, electronics, passive components and optical products. It is reported that Taiwans "Ministry of Economic Affairs," officials said the announcement in June should be able to successfully open mainland investment in Taiwan. The current group has been more prepared to come to Taiwan to check out the location the mainland delegation, known to the mainlands textile and automotive industry. Officials pointed out that an open project, a more simple manufacturing and service sectors such as textile, plastic rubber, mostly for the local R & D, Taiwanese industry has already made in China, some also stay in th...
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Taiwan authorities will be announced at the end of mainland capital investment projects in Taiwan

- > The Taiwan authorities in charge of Economic Affairs Yin Chi-ming, head of 16, said open land owned investment projects in Taiwan will be announced 30 days, after the six-month promotion period, the Administration will also send delegations to the mainland in the second half of the investment. Comprehensive Taiwan media reports, Yiin said that during the promotion will encourage the mainland to Taiwan to study the investment environment of capital, looking for investment partners, the economic department will also send delegations to the mainland investment. ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin and SEF chairman Chiang Pin-kun on April 26 held talks in Nanjing, capital of Taiwan investments on the mainland agreed in principle. Taiwan parties held in mid-May had the policy coordination meeting, initially set the definition of land resources...
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Taiwan BSMI LED lights set the standard requirements on efficiency is more difficult to achieve

Promote environment protection and energy trends accelerate the expansion of LED applications. Display and lighting application needs not only the growth potential of high-profile, consumer product applications such as toys, stationery, general lighting, etc., but also to the development of LED industry, space is full of long-term vitality. Which, LED lighting, because the cost difference with traditional light sources are still large, the general public in the general LED lighting is expected there gestation period of 2-3 years, but the lighting of public works, such as LED lights, energy saving policy advocate, has the first start. Taiwan "Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards test" has also recently completed standard-setting LED lights, but the time to be measured up to 4,000 hours, is expected to list of qualified vendor...
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Taiwan companies with an efficient business technology introduced fish lamp

LED packaging technology platform works with business (UPEC ELectronic Corp.) Continue to introduce innovative products, recently published a highly efficient fish lamp, this field of use for special lighting products. This particular field of use of lighting, you need excellent light efficiency and penetration in the sea, while fish lamp which because of high efficiency with low consumption power and long service life, compared with the past fish lamp ratio, both in the optical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, all have outstanding performance. UPEC has launched a set of the lights to attract fish, marine life particular to increase the catch. In addition, to facilitate the installation of this product can replace the traditional play a more efficient high pressure sodium lamps, mercury-free features to provide a more environmentally ...
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Taiwan electronic components industry in 2007 Review and Outlook

2007 the output value of Taiwans electronic components at home and abroad to NT 7,305 million, representing growth of 10% in 2006, of which the compound semiconductor components and energy components of the growth rate is higher than industry average. 2008 Nian be sluggish global economic growth, making information and communication slowdown affect downstream applications, growth will slow down Taiwans electronic components is estimated that only 8% growth over 2007, amounting to NT 7,897 million dollars. By the electronic components of cheap, and the impact of raw material prices continued to rise, value-added rate of Taiwan electronic components industry since the year 2004, after showing a downward trend, but growth in value year after year, driven by additional industry value of the growth trend continues, Taiwans electronic comp...
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Taiwan flat panel industry will benefit from the bankruptcy SVA

Panel factory in Mainland China recently heard on the radio and television news brink of bankruptcy, for small and medium size panel makers in Taiwan is more good than harm. Although only Tower 1 on Radio 5 on behalf of the plant, production capacity is not, but it caused the bankruptcy of small and medium size panel supply drop panel prices expected to rise. That the legal entity that could lead to financial difficulties on the radio and television panel upstream component factory in Taiwan face the bad debt risk, but long term, Taiwan, Department of Plant, or the front panel message. Current SVA only about 1-2% of global market share, capacity 100-150K, the global balance between supply and demand have little effect panel. However, SVA 5th generation plant shutdown, the downstream effects of Taiwan manufacturers to single line panel p...
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