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Taiwan foundries 2009 304 500 000 000 Hon Hai won results released

It is reported that Taiwans shipping industry came to an end the present season, in addition to Acers performance has not been announced, the remaining four factories in Taiwan in December 2009 than in November big results fell slightly high. Revenue of 1.42 trillion last year, Hon Hai Taiwan dollars (304.6 billion yuan), continued to hold the highest e-Troop, Quanta 791.8 billion Taiwan dollars subordination (169.8 billion yuan), Compal 636.8 billion Taiwan dollars (136.6 billion yuan) third place, ASUS NT 232.5 billion (498 billion RMB) temporarily in the fourth. Is worth noting that, Compal revenue growth last year, up to 49%, the highest in the highest E Troop, in addition to the companys notebook shipments again in December to 4.1 million units, technical pressure Quanta 370 million total annual Compal NB (notebook computer) shipme...
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Taiwan foundry financial report released in February planes were expected to fall within the

Two foundry TSMC, Taiwan (TSMC) and United Microelectronics (UMC) have recently released financial report in February, all monthly decline in two plants, but were within expectations. TSMC February sales $ 924,000,000, down 6.3% last month, compared with last year growth of 37.9%. January 2008 and February revenue $ 1,919,000,000, up 41.6% over last year. UMC 238 million revenue in February, down 11.28% last month compared with a slight increase of 0.68% over the same period last year. January 2008 and February 507 million of total revenue, up 18% over last year. ...
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Taiwan foundry TSMC won 94% of profit

Times reported, according to electronic information, before the semiconductor wafer foundry in Taiwan first half 2008 financial report released in full, despite the economic slowdown in the semiconductor, leading TSMC revenue and profit is still higher than both the growth over the same period of 2007 2 into the first half EPS 2.22 Yuan foremost in the industry, due to reinvestment advanced new factory merged into effect in 2008, in the operation of an adjustment period, ranking the first half EPS 0.73 Yuan 2; UMC profit due to investment in the first half of action switch conservative, EPS 0.21 Yuan decrease over 2007; Han Lei EPS were approximately 0.38 million. Overall, a company exclusively TSMC half of 2008 by the Taiwan foundry total profit of 94%. Taiwan foundries earnings half of 2008 revealed, view the overall results of ...
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Taiwan funded by the government-led joint company set up to compete in Taiwan Han memory factory

Taiwans "Ministry of Economic Affairs," Minister Yin Chi-ming said on Saturday, will be funded the establishment of government-led Taiwan Memory Company (TMC), will be the Japanese government investment, but he declined to disclose the amount and other details. Analysts interpret, Taiwan and Japan have this surprise move, should be a wish to unite with the global leader - South Korean rival Samsung. TMC Japanese government intends to invest in the latest progress of the Research Department of Fubon Investment Consulting Associate Like Yang analysis, "on both sides of the industry as a whole. Now everyone is thinking the way that this can survive together, or keep up with the least to maintain the competitiveness of Samsung. " Like Yang said the Japanese government should also understand that if an independent to survive Elpida Elpida wi...
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Taiwan investment in the proposed lifting the ban high-end semiconductor industry, the Mainland

- > Sina Technology News June 1, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwans "ministry" in July from the deregulation of industry sector investment in the mainland, including 12-inch chip factory, the large-size panels, IC design and high-end IC packaging and testing, will be prohibited investment in the Mainland to the project review. Over the past will not invest in projects in the amendments, is expected to review ways to pass the case. Reported that investment in which the chip factory in the Mainland, the Wassenaar Agreement, mutatis mutandis, in accordance with the United States (Wassenar Arrangement) norms and international standards, when the 0.18-micron manufacturing process 12-inch chip plant, the project will be reviewed and approved by the West into the case, But the core technology will remain in Taiwan. The report quoted...
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Taiwan investment on the mainland release of high-end semiconductors to review by the ban

According to Taiwans "Business Times" reported that Taiwans "ministry" in July from the deregulation of industry sector investment in the mainland, including 12-inch wafer fabs, the large-size panels, IC design and high-end packaging and testing, go to investment in mainland China will be prohibited to the project review. In other words, the past may not invest in projects in the amendments, is expected to review ways to pass the case. Reported that one of fab investments on the mainland, the United States by the Wassenaar Agreement, mutatis mutandis (WassenarArrangement) norms and international standards, when the 0.18-micron manufacturing process 12-inch wafer fab, the project will be a case by case review and agree to the west , but will hold the core technology in Taiwan. The report quoted unnamed official said the U.S. have open In...
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Taiwan is the peak industry to get into CIGS solar industry

Si (Amorphous), antimony cadmium (CdTe) and copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin film solar cell technology were three to CIGS most niche, market expectations are the highest. In addition to the standard environmental testing reasons, the transfer efficiency performance has reached more than 9.5%, is comparable to crystalline silicon solar cell, if auxiliary condenser unit, up to 30% more efficient. Is the peak industry (1538) to get into CIGS trekking, construction and production schedule come out on top, Pingchen plant production in the third quarter. Is the peak development of electric tools for up to 35 years, with last years acquisition of Hong Tin optoelectronics, buttressed by the strong power technology resources, led his army green energy industry, also appears to cope. In addition to CIGS thin film solar cells, as well a...
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Taiwan LED bypass next weeks debut 1,400,000 introduction of LED lights slander opportunities

LED cross bridges will be June 9,10 at the Grand Hotel in Taipei debut, both sides will discuss the development of LED in addition to common standards, signed a letter of intent, but one of the most compelling cause for the market, and the LED industry, the Ministry of Science future high-rise units are expected to launch up to 1.4 million LED lights procurement opportunities. As mainland China "Tenth City, ten thousand" and the Guangdong Province, "a thousand miles ten thousand LED lights plan" contract is expected to be completed by 2009, is expected to release 100 million to 1.4 million LED lamps opportunities, the mainland Taiwan LED technology companies, including Chairman of Dalian Road, Ming Xiao Zhiguo, chairman of Dongguan Kingsun Lixu Liang, general manager of Wuhan Optical Di source across the Country and Xiamen and Beijing ...
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Taiwan LED lighting wire to get into the field of plant next year, the effectiveness of the fastest

Replace the cold cathode tube as the LED (CCFL) set the trend of gradually, LED future business opportunities have also attracted into the LED lead frame with a field factory. In particular, high copper prices over the past year, resulting in higher costs lead frame, LED into a better gross margin area with a wire frame is more important, including Shunde and Fu Sheng and customer authentication operations have begun to provide unified services to long-hwa cooperation, investment in front-end process. The fastest in 2009 is expected to have significant benefits. With the LED applied to mobile phones, laptops and automotive fields, the future size of the market is considerable. Set up since 2007, Shunde, LED lead frame production line, and has entered the automotive field of remote controller LED lead frame, at its factory Sharp importan...
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Taiwan LED performance in July, although still below the peak temperature and the level of return

LED market research released in July LEDinside LED grain plant of Taiwans overall revenue report, leading manufacturers Epistar month rate of 8.8% revenue growth; The agency said that its main contribution from the part of the high-end mobile phone sub-display (sideview) rush orders. Can benefit from the small circle is warmed size panel demand, revenue growth of 10.5% in July. As the new century, customer base concentrated photovoltaic outdoor advertising market in China, so is not revenue than the needs of small and medium size backlight effects, and continued record high. According to LEDinside statistics, July 2008 LED manufacturers in Taiwan Stock Market Total revenues were 5.822 billion yuan, compared with Junes 5.479 billion yuan back to temperature, but the decline compared to same period last year was 2.5%, the performance is b...
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