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Taiwan LED plant in April sales show big drop case

Taiwan LED plant in April sales show big drop the case, which, LED upper part of the crystal electric (2448), Formosa Epitaxy (3061), New Century (3383)) hit a record high revenues, while providing One interpretation LED Lead Frame (2486), too. However, most LED downstream packaging, Qi Hong (6168), Bai Hong (3031), East Bay (2499), light tripod (6226), Li Acer (8111) and other rendering than the March sales decline phenomenon. Epistar April thus needed influx of revenue on the 1.055 billion yuan, exceeding market expectations, annual growth of 23.07%, the monthly growth rate of 12.47%, crystal power, said after the previous customers a more conservative view of potential climate , inventory is low pressure, market demand was served, mostly in response to rush orders and look forward to May, orders totaling more than 1.1 billion, and it...
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Taiwan media editorial: save the DRAM industry, the Government have gone to save?

METI has based "industrial regeneration", decided by the Development Bank (DBJ), DRAM maker Elpida on investment 30 billion yen, DBJ and the four major banks and the Japanese people with hand financing of more than 1,000 billion yen to help Elpida through. Japanese Trade Minister Toshihiro Nikai said at a press conference, "Elpidas business if the situation will cause great impact on the Japanese electronics industry, the Government decided to provide financial aid." Seen the news, people, not without emotion. December 4 last year, Ma told foreign reporters: "Taiwan DRAM factory down, our IT industry to bad." And in the last year, the last day of his TV interview, saying "do not save the DRAM unworthy president" phrase words. After half a year now, the people of Taiwan can only see the government set up a "Taiwan Memory Company" (TMC), ...
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Taiwan media: Samsung arrives thinking to bring Taiwanese semiconductor industry

After the financial turmoil of 2008-2009, the global semiconductor industry has shown signs of rebound quickly, the downstream end-application market demand for semiconductor products, has changed from an oversupply in short supply. According to WSTS MIC Statistics and Information Industry Forecast, 2008 and 2009 global semiconductor market into recession for 2 years, respectively, fell 2.8% and 9% in 2009, the global semiconductor market was 2,263 million. Second half of 2009 onwards, the gradual economic recovery in the global economy, growth of the semiconductor market, also returned to power, estimates the global semiconductor market growth in 2010 will reach 15 to 20% power, robust market demand for the short term, the majority of semiconductor-related companies operating recovery growth. By Taiwans semiconductor industry with the ...
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Taiwan memory chip industry together to save American and Japanese companies?

Day before yesterday evening, the highest in Taiwans economic authorities held an emergency meeting to save the local memory chip industry, and no expectation of direct funds to implement the rescue plan. One of the agency "to assist the project team DRAM industry," Shih said the convenor, will be applied by direct integration of financial assistance measures to implement to enhance the international competitiveness of manufacturers. However, he said, manufacturers should be offered to the specific requirements of the program, the agency is still "passive" wait parties. "With a few months ago, still is dragging." Memory chip company in Taiwan, a people in the middle of the "First Financial Daily" said that the current opinions are not uniform between manufacturers, and no specific program. However, the source said, however, some idea ...
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Taiwan memory is to buy the Japanese Elpida talks less than 10% equity

- > According to foreign media reports, Taiwans "Ministry of Economic Affairs," Secretary Du Zijun said Friday that Taiwans government set up by the memory company in Taiwan (Taiwan Memory Company) is Japans Elpida to buy (Elpida Memory Inc.) Does not to 10% stake in the negotiations. Duzi Jun said the transaction is expected to be finalized in July, Taiwan Memory Company will be issued later to Taiwan country funds for no more than NTD 100 billion of funds for the completion of the transaction. Duzi Jun said, the Taiwan company also plans to acquire the memory chip maker, Taiwans local. But he declined to provide further details. Elpida spokesman declined to comment Friday. April Elpida said it was considering the sale to Taiwan memory about 10% of the shares. Taiwan end of the memory select company 3 Elpida partner for technical ...
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Taiwan panel makers to find markets by the spring of FPD China 2009

Despite the global financial crisis and flat panel display industry, the impact of weak sales, China is still a vibrant display products consumer market. Recently, the Chinese government implemented the "home appliances" policy is continuing to stimulate the domestic purchasing power of the brand LCD TV market, thus affecting the price of TV panels. Promote the growth of consumer appliances in China is becoming the fastest growing flat panel display manufacturing region. FPD China 2009 on the theme "Crossing Borders, looking forward to spring," intended to promote breakthroughs in flat panel display industry technology, products, geographical co-operation and the limits on the scale of production in the global financial crisis downturn in the discovery of new opportunities, look to China flat panel display industry climax. According to P...
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Taiwan panel makers working days of a slight decline in February sales

Taiwan LCD panel makers four have been released before the February 2008 revenue; which only Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) than the small increase of 7.5% in January, AUO (AUO), Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) and HannStar color Crystal (Hannstar) of February than in January sales decline. 2008 Nian 2 Yue CMO TFT-LCD consolidated revenue of NT 30.4 billion yuan, the monthly growth rate of 7.5%. Shipments, TFT-LCD large-size panel shipments totaled 5.13 million combined 4,000 pieces, the monthly growth rate of 12.7%, small and medium-size panel shipments totaled 7.12 million combined 7,000 pieces, with the 15.7% decrease compared to January. AU Optronics February 2008 combined turnover and single turnover of 42.4 billion Taiwan dollars respectively 7,400 million and 2,600 million NTD 42.4 billion, the two turnover than in January 2008 ...
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Taiwan PCB makers began to decline

Global economic weakness, the Christmas selling season has not been expected, the semiconductor industry for the control of inventory, slow orders strength. Printed circuit board (PCB) industry, said orders from the rapid decline since October, customers delayed shipment popular demand, the economy is only the 4th quarter of PCB "bleak" to describe even the most promising performance notebook computer (NB ) board industry, including HannStar Board, Golden Tripod Technology such as electronics and also the 4th quarter operating under the revised target, the flat growth into recession, the rate of about 5-10%. Than expected Q4 economy, customers are not slowing down under the single strength, is to ask the delayed shipments, orders the PCB industry, as expected. Rise of the Netbook NB replace the traditional desktop (DT) under the wave, N...
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Taiwan PCB plant in 2007 the top three, 1-3 Quarter Quarterly Review

PCB plant listed 1-3 quarter 2007 quarterly publication is completed in full, including and south of the power 8046 (TW) in Q3 because of Intels IC substrate demand has picked up, shipping inject massive profits, so that South power EPS Season 1-3 win to 9.5 yuan, while profit steady Tripod Technology 3044 (TW) to 6.57 yuan second place; In addition, in Q2 profit to sell stake in Suzhou plant inject the King Peng 2355 (TW) is to 4.05 yuan squeeze in the first three. Southern Electric Q3 2007 IC substrate inject increasing order mad under the September revenue to 3.512 billion yuan hit a single month record, while the 3rd quarter 2007 revenue also broke single-season 100 billion to 10.062 billion yuan, the highest single-season record; company estimates that in October to more than 3.6 billion revenue Jiangzai high. The same time, South...
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Taiwan plans to invest NTD 487 million solar energy plan to push public buildings

BEIJING It is reported that the Taiwan authorities, "CEPD" that has passed the "ministry" public building PV systems demonstration projects, will invest 487 million (NT, the same below), accumulated 20 years as the production of 38.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity, 24,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide reduction. "CEPD" said the program intends to meet the economic stimulus plan "to expand public construction investment", select the key public buildings, photovoltaic systems to promote the setting sun. 487 million investment in the program book, set 1.6MW of solar photovoltaic system, a total of 20 years can reduce carbon dioxide, 24,000 tonnes. "CEPD" said PV high maintenance cost, coupled with the high cost of power generation units, the promotion of the current solar setback, "ministry" for this demonstration system will provide sc...
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