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Taiwan said the demand for LED back to the upstream temperature increase capacity utilization is

Recent trend of strong LED ethnic stock. The upstream part of the LED manufacturers in Taiwan, said the recent market demand is indeed a point-like signs of recovery, the overall capacity utilization from the previous 30% -40%, the average water level to 50% -60%. However, the manufacturers stress that not all products have a significant rebound in demand, orders for individual products do not return to the same temperature and intensity. Epistar said that the recent demand for LED TV and NB from the backlight panel feed demand of new products Distribution inject more than the other special lighting products include LED street lamps, lamp, landscape lights, etc., demand has improved significantly recently, but the red four-LED light demand remains flat. Formosa Epitaxy is that the orders for the current situation, the size backlight and...
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Taiwan says will not allow Chinese companies to invest in Taiwan chip company

Taiwans "Executive Yuan", "Mainland Affairs Council" "chairman" Lai Shin-yuan said Wednesday that Taiwans "government" will not allow Chinese companies to invest in Taiwan chip companies. Lai Shin-yuan in Taiwan "president" Ma Ying-jeou on his inauguration anniversary press conference that Taiwan attaches great importance to the semiconductor industry because the industry involved in sensitive technologies. ...
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Taiwan Semiconductor affected by the crisis out of fear or trillion dollar industry

Taiwan government support for many years two trillion industry is facing this year, "two short of a" test. ITRI IEK recently announced the global economy difficult to see improved, is expected to drop the end of the second half of the economy, estimated production value of Taiwans semiconductor industry this year, 9,845 billion yuan (NT, the same below), down more than twenty percent over last year, fell trillion dollar industry the threshold. Another two trillion trillion industry, is mainly flat panel display industry. Optoelectronics Association statistics, the output value of 1.48 trillion last year, estimated production value of about flat with last year this year, is still around 1.48 trillion. IEK statistics, in 2008 Taiwans semiconductor industry were declining trend, the output value of about 1.34 trillion into a full-year dec...
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Taiwan Semiconductor decline 4 percent in the first quarter but has bottomed out

2009 Q1 output value of Taiwans overall IC industry decline significantly by the financial turmoil, including the IC manufacturing more than 5 into the deepest recession rate, packaging and testing industry, followed by about 4 percent on recession, IC design industry is the relative hit rate mild recession only about 2 percent. IC manufacturing industry, however, after the end of 1,2 moonset, the overall output in March has turned Young 13.5%, which turned Yang foundry greatly, mainly from the communications IC, graphics chip customer orders to cover, industry was bottoming out. 2009 Q1 Taiwans overall IC industry output value of about NT 2,023 million, representing a 24.0% decline the previous quarter, representing a decline of 41.0% over the same period in 2008, of which 74.8 billion yuan output value of IC design industry, from the ...
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Taiwan Semiconductor duo announced in April earnings growth higher than that of TSMC, UMC sales

The worlds largest semiconductor foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics (UMC) both recently announced earnings in April. TSMC April non-consolidated net sales of 28.094 billion Taiwan dollars (about 875 million), representing an increase of 5.8% in March compared to April last year, up 24.8%. TSMC January to April in total revenues for the 113 324 000 000 Taiwan dollars (about 3.676 billion U.S. dollars), representing growth of 32% over the same period in 2007. UMC April non-consolidated net sales of 8.521 billion Taiwan dollars (about 276.4 million U.S. dollars), representing growth of 0.27% in March compared to April last year, up 4.79%. UMC January to April was 32.524 billion in total revenues of NT (about 1.054 billion U.S. dollars), representing a growth of 4.39% over the same perio...
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Taiwan Semiconductor performance driven home appliances

High-tech electronics industry was the pride of Taiwans economic engine, but the fury of the financial turmoil in the sharp drop in speed, the island into a technology giant last year, after another sharp drop in orders, production decline, massive layoffs dilemma . But winter to spring, China to expand domestic demand, mobile phones and home appliances such as a series of stimulus measures after the introduction of mobile phones, digital TV and low-cost computers and other products strong market demand, driven performance of Taiwans IC manufacturers fully recovered in February, generally by 2 to 3 months into, Weltrend electricity, Sonix, Mao and other manufacturers or even up to as high as 6 to 7 percent. Some of Taiwan small and medium size panel suppliers, and other technology-related electronic parts and components manufacturers ha...
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Taiwan set to sign 10 billion solar Acer large unit is expected to begin shipping in Q2

LED packaging factory - Li Acer Electronics (8111) recently signed a U.S. power plant will be officially labeled the case of solar modules is expected to begin shipping in Q2, preliminary estimates suggest that revenues will contribute 10 billion to 15 billion This is following the European customers, the first time in the U.S. market, Acer established standard case orders. Despite the financial turmoil, weak demand in solar market, but some U.S. state governments continue to promote green energy, Acer chairman Tong Yixing Li also actively to the United States for orders, and orders came in the recent good news, by the U.S. power plant about 300 million watts (MW) of solar module order, is expected to begin shipping in Q2, preliminary estimates suggest that revenue contribution of about 10 billion to 15 billion. Acer Li said that as th...
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Taiwan solar photovoltaic panels duo went straight to the terminal system

Taiwan-based panel, AUO and Chi Mei Optoelectronics duo layout re-emergence of significant progress in the field of solar energy, solar energy industry, recently noted that AUO and CMO are only branched out from the original thin-film solar, will further expand the vertical integration, in particular, In the great market potential is seen as the end systems, panel planes have begun to layout, where the Friends of the foreign policy cooperation to be achieved through technology, CMO intends to conduct its own system. AUO expressed, into solar energy research and development is still early stages, will evaluate a variety of opportunities, do not rule out any possibility; CMO pointed out that currently only thin film solar input, the system component has not yet invested. AUO and CMO in the solar field only branched out from the original t...
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Taiwan solar power industry in 2012 is expected to reach the scale of $ 16,000,000,000

Taiwans cabinet has said : Taiwan government to actively promote the development of the renewable energy industry, the scale of Taiwans solar industry expected to grow by 2012 to 500 billion Taiwan dollars (160 million). The first six months of this year, Taiwans production of solar power components industry revenue of about 113 billion Taiwan dollars, the Premier of Taiwan Government: Solar energy is a rising star, we can not allow our high oil prices weaken competitiveness. He actively promote the Taiwanese government through renewable energy-related legislation in order to promote the development of new energy industries. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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Taiwan to allow the advanced chip plant in China program is set up to assess

The Taiwan authorities are on to allow local chipmakers advanced chip plant in China and set up to evaluate the plan, a "government" "officials" said on Tuesday. Taiwans "Ministry of Economic Affairs," "Secretary" Duzi Jun said that the Taiwan Government is currently carrying out preparatory work related. Fear of losing in the leading position in the international semiconductor industry, Taiwan banned the local chip manufacturers in the mainland areas of the advanced chip factory. Duzi Jun said that Taiwans "government" has not yet decided when to cancel the ban. ...
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