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Taiwan Walsin $ 200,000,000 project in Xian High-tech Zone LED foundation

Yesterday morning, by the Taiwan Walsin Xian Co., Ltd. established a new wholly-owned technology companies in Xian High-tech joint investment of $ 200,000,000, Chief of the LED project foundation. Taiwan Walsin Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is the Greater China region, copper wire and special steel industry leaders, and Xian High-tech Zone signed a total investment of 600 million U.S. dollars investment agreement, has been involved in the construction of polysilicon, solar cell production manufacturing, high-brightness LED packaging, and special steel manufacturing and processing projects. Yesterday laid the foundation stone of the LED total investment of 200 million U.S. dollars, the main products are high-end LED chip and package source. An investment of $ 55,000,000 project is expected to produce in the fourth quarter of operations, put int...
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Taiwan Walsin invest 200 million U.S. dollars of the LED project foundation

Today, owned by Taiwan Walsin Co., Ltd. established a new joint technology companies in Xian China, in Xian High-tech investment of $ 200,000,000, Chief of the LED project foundation. It is understood that this project will take the lead into the first domestic production of high-power LED wafer and chip manufacturing base, and eventually became the semiconductor lighting industrys leading enterprises. A total investment of $ 55,000,000, all put into operation to achieve operating income of $ 200,000,000. Laid the foundation stone of the project will be on the Shaanxi Provincial LED industry have a greater leading role. ...
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Taiwan will ban sale of cottage offender to a maximum fine of 60,000 yuan

BEIJING, July 9 According to Taiwan, "Economic Times" reported that Taiwans "Communications Commission" (NCC) said yesterday that the recent sale of cottage will investigate if the sale of cottage in the mobile phone network, or supermarkets, the maximum will be open fined 30 million Taiwan dollars (about 60,000 yuan.)Popular game in Taiwan a few years ago Wii, many players from overseas into, NCC is also appropriate to relax the restrictions to allow people time to take two to five units, but Wii, cottage and other modules within the RF, NCC pointed out that the people brought into the territory, the best procedures for verification, to ensure safety. NCC also said that people in mainland China, Hong Kong travel, back to the cottage is not illegal, but there are quantitative restrictions, each with a maximum of five, any unauthorized r...
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Taiwan will launch a new industry revitalization program

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, March 18 - Head of Taiwans administration, said Liu, 17, will be in the future more than 1 month launched the revitalization of emerging industries in the various action programs in the fields of biotechnology, green energy, carbon reduction, culture creative, tourism and leisure and medical services. According to Taiwan media reports, Liu legislative body in Taiwan, said when answering a question, the competent department of the economy to re-change the export structure, through policies to encourage and support development of new industries in the hope that the Taiwan public and the investors see the a problem not only to save the industry, will also revitalize the emerging industry with greater force. He said that to come up with a good economic program, the vision and confidence to the public. From 3 to 1 ...
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Taiwan, August 13 high PCB factory revenue Comments

Printed circuit board (PCB) industry, market conditions this year, as expected, August is the traditional peak season, but the PCB more than a dozen listed companies only write a new record high, while more than write a single month low annual revenues. PCB after years of rapid growth, this years performance was flat in August than flexible printed circuit board (FPC) groups a single show, the hard-board related industries, only Taiwanese optoelectronics, Tripod, rewrite the country over the years competing single-month high ; Hua Tong, Wus Printed Circuit, PPt, Yan Xing, HannStar Bo, ITEQ, cusp, Taiwan pole, co-positive, Kai Wei, etc. This year a record single-month high. High in August manufacturers, has been sluggish the first half of mobile phone PCB groups such as Watertown, Wus Printed Circuit, Unimicron Dengjun slow growth; note...
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Taiwan, mainland China electronics industry driven home appliances production

Taipei: Mainland "home appliances" are driven AUO, Chi Mei panel makers such as Taiwans electronics industry, capacity utilization rose in February. "United Evening News," Jiu Ri reported last October, November, orders for Taiwans electronics industry, the rapid freezing of the major manufacturers shut down some production lines, the adoption of staff on leave without pay, layoffs, etc. to reduce costs. Reported that after the Spring Festival, Taiwans electronics industry in a "rush orders effect." AUO said its plant in Taiwan Branch to produce mainly large-size TV panels, the mainland, "home appliances" Fun to rush orders, capacity utilization is indeed picking up. CMO side said that the Lunar New Year, the urgent demand for TV panels, the main one, CMOs capacity utilization better than the fourth quarter last year, staff deploym...
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Taiwan, mainland China factory for three years quietly Xinyuan Sheng performance LED lights blossom

Sheng Technology Xinyuan quietly in mainland China for three years, continuous development of our clients and property owners to do education, recently last four trillion to expand domestic demand in the mainland city of ten thousand and ten plan to get feedback, and will continue in key areas of the mainland production to meet future shipments. 2009 until early the German giant Osram Osram LED lights worldwide exclusive license to use Osram LOGOs Xinyuan Sheng, buttressed by three invention patents, 138 countries and high-cost LED lamp products, has successfully completed a few months Tucheng Industrial Park, Tainan Science Park, Shandong, Jiangsu six prefecture-level cities and two cities in the mainland a few LED lights demonstration project, estimated at the end of July this year and the fiscal year after the introduction of mainla...
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Taiwan-based DRAM Factory 3Q 4Q loss of 17.5 billion yuan over the loss of even point is expected to

DRAM prices bottomed stand to benefit, Taiwan-based DRAM works, significantly reduced the amount of loss in Q3, the total Powerchip, ProMOS, South Asia Section and China DRAM plant subfamily 4 NT 17.5 billion total losses, the cumulative first 3 quarter loss of 73.1 billion yuan, of which losses up to ProMOS, Inotera minimum amount of loss, look to Q4, DRAM prices continue to strength over the $ 2.5, the considerable strength toward the $ 3, full capacity of the factory cast films, the expected monthly break-even those firms, including PSCs Rexchip 3 quarter turnaround, Powerchip chairman Frank Huang also said that if the offer remained at $ 2.5 level, 4 season have the opportunity to place among the forest of profit . DRAM industry in 2008, this time under the impact of over-supply imbalance, the loss was serious to the memory industry...
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Taiwan-based medical electronics hardware, software outsourcing investment mostly

Todays medical technology industry, dependence on IT increasing, but according to Industrial Information Institute for Information Industry (MIC) of the survey, in 2009 Taiwans medical industry, information and communication technology for the future a more conservative investment intentions, though medical center showed a slight growth and regional hospitals, district hospitals, but a slight decline, mainly driven by growth in all medical institutions of the hardware equipment investment. MIC said the medical center in Taiwan in 2009, the average amount of investment in information and communications technology is expected to have 6% growth rate, regional hospitals and about 1% of the small growth, while regional hospitals showed a slight decline of 1%; Medical centers and regional hospitals the demand for investment in hardware device...
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Taiwan-based panel makers pure burned by 90.6 billion yuan last years fourth quarter total of NT

Panel makers than expected fourth quarter loss of every family in the loss record does not contain a group under the Taiwan-based panel plant in the fourth quarter total net burned by 90.6 billion yuan (NT, the same below), of which Chi Mei The net loss of 31.4 billion electricity, the highest loss of the king, and color crystal in order to minimize loss of 7.853 billion yuan residence, but the whole, the group created is still the lowest rate of loss. Huge losses since the fourth quarter panel factory, full-year profit erosion, panel plant in plain view, in 2008, only AUO earnings, amounting to 21.7 billion surplus of 2.5 yuan per share, and because every one in the fourth quarter loss rate in excess of legal expectations, so the fourth quarter alone, earnings reports have been published four panels, the total losses as high as 90.6 bi...
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