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Tyco Electronics: the next 5 years, half from China growth

The worlds largest passive electronic components supplier Tyco Electronics Ltd (TEL.NYSE, TEL.BSX) latest Quarterly Bulletin revealed that its second-quarter net profit rose 8.7%, from 277 million a year earlier, 56 cents per share, to 301 million, 62 cents per share. Same time, its earnings per share from continuing operations of 57 cents from a year earlier to 62 cents. Revenue grew 14%, from 3.2 billion a year earlier to 3.66 billion. Tyco Electronics will also be expected fiscal 2008 earnings per share ranging from the original 2.45 ~ $ 2.55 ~ $ 2.66 raised to 2.60. Results in the robust and growing, Chinas contribution to the market should not be overlooked. Previously, Tyco Electronics Global CEO Tom Mulin Qi in the "First Financial Daily" interview that the next 5 years growth Tyco Electronics half of the world, will come from t...
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Tyco launch 10Gbps backplane connector for high-speed communications equipment

Tyco Z-PACK MAX launched connector for high-speed signal and large-density backplane products, more than the speed of up to 10Gbps. These connectors can be used for servers, storage devices, switches and routers and other high-speed products. According to reports, which connector is in the Z-PACK HS3, Z-PACK HM-Zd and MULTIGIG RT high-speed connectors on the basis of development, high-speed, high density, excellent performance and low cost. To improve the speed, the ground contact in each connector column, using a unique lead frame, the crosstalk is small, wide bandwidth. this section connector on the price of 10 cents per Delivery is 4 to 6 weeks....
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Tyco launched dedicated magnetic resonance imaging electromagnetic interference filter

Tyco Electronics has announced the CORCOM MRI 2030R electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter. The filter in size and leakage current performance than the previous generation was significantly improved. MRI 2030R is the size of the previous generation of MRI equipment, one-fifth of EMI filters, while only 3% of the leakage current. In addition, MRI 2030Rs performance meets MIL-STD-220A on 5MHz to 20GHz 100dB attenuation requirements. MRI 2030R specifically for magnetic resonance imaging equipment and other similar medical equipment design. In addition to volume and current leakage improvements outside, MRI 2030R also provides a single power factor less than 1% under the conditions of the pressure drop. In addition, the overload for 15 minutes under 140% sustainable rated current. In a single load power factor conditions, the full load r...
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Tyco release conforms to the requirements of the input EMI filter module

Tyco Electronics introduced a placeholder small size, low cost input filter modules meet the EMI requirements of national development. FLT007A0 filter module is suitable for 24V or 48V input voltage distributed power architectures and intermediate bus voltage products, can be used for telecommunications equipment, wireless base stations, enterprise networks, optical networks and industrial equipment. FLT007A0 input voltage 75Vdc, the output current of 7A, using the temperature range between -40 ℃ to 85 ℃. The filter module and DC / DC converters used together, reduce the transmission differential and common mode noise. Meet the ROHS, to meet the EMI standards CISPR 22 (EN55022) and FCC Class B. FLT007A0 can be surface mount (-SR), also can be installed through holes in the PCB....
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Tycoon heavily impact the Middle East conflict into four major semiconductor foundry pattern

Future global semiconductor foundry industry, and perhaps there will be such a situation: four Asians and one round of fighting Middle Eastern oil barons. You must know the top four semiconductor foundries in the world, namely TSMC, UMC, SMIC, Chartered, which are derived from Asia. The Middle East oil barons, the national capital Abu Dhabi in the Middle East controls the global foundry upstart Global Foundries. The name may be unfamiliar . However, if you know it is born out of the processor giant AMDs manufacturing sector, then you may find it responded with surprise. The newcomers do not seem to fear competition from the existing situation. It is an aggressive momentum, tried to break up the "big four" companies created in the order: winkle TSMC, UMC, Chartered acquisition. "If the Middle East, people are not playing one vote, I t...
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