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Taiwans first large-scale solar photovoltaic power plant built in Xining

300 kV grid-connected solar power plant completion ceremony in Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone held Dongchuan industrial park. NEWJEC the station by the Japanese company and the Qinghai New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. construction, 450,000 kwh of electricity, covering about 15 acres. 300 kV grid-connected solar power project investment institutions all of NEDO grant aid from Japan, which is outside Japan NEDO institutions in the construction of the largest grid-connected photovoltaic power station is the only truly solar directly into urban power generation power station, is the provinces largest single solar power station. Power plant is located in Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park Dongchuan green belt north of the Kunlun Road, Xining each year to 450,000 kwh electricity transmission gr...
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Taiwans five panels related to PCB, PCBA manufacturer in January Revenue Analysis

Panel do not weak market conditions, led Division table sets rewriting record consolidated revenues in January, Xiang Yu, fixed Ying, Chi extra fine thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) with a printed circuit board, is also excellent January sales last December, an increase of 25.42% in particular the highest Cheung Yu. Printed circuit board (PCB), integrated circuit (IC) substrate manufacturers of related industries in general received 13 price black, thin film transistor liquid crystal display PCB or PCB assembly process (Assembly) and other groups share price slump. PCB makers Tripod and listed Emerging Chi Chao, the whole stage with two TFT-LCD PCB supply plant, Tripod January consolidated revenues 2.595 billion yuan, a TFT-LCD with PCB, PCBA population The only vendors than last year in December. Tripod said reve...
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Taiwans IC industry output will drop to 33.5% trillion decline in the manufacturing sector

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) pointed out that Taiwans IC industry output in 2008 is about 1 trillion 374.3 billion yuan, representing a decrease of 8.1% the previous year; forecast to continue this year by the global economic downturn, the overall production value will be lost Within trillion to about 984.5 billion yuan, 26.9% of reduction, which went up 33.5% of IC manufacturing recession. According to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) published data, the global semiconductor market in the year 2008, total sales value of 248.6 billion U.S. dollars, representing a decline of 2.8% in 2007; total sales amounted to 560.6 billion, compared to 2007 decline of 3.4%; 2008 average sales price of $ 0.444, compared with growth of 0.7% in 2007. To the market, the semiconductor market in Asia in 2008 sales value o...
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Taiwans IT industry, 30 billion yuan investment in LED industry base seems ready Chongqing

25 days, the theme of "Win in Chongqing, Chongqing and Taiwan work together," the "Focus on Taiwan - Chongqing IT special operations" held. After the meeting, more than 300 Taiwanese business with the city signed a total investment of more than 300 billion cooperative project agreement. Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Lou, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office Deputy Director Ye Kedong, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei, Mayor Wang Hongju, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Huang Qifan, attended the meeting. As the city to undertake the transfer of Taiwans information industry, the highlight of all circles in Taiwan for the conference brought unprecedented enthusiasm and commitment. Chinese Kuomintang Honorary Chairman Lien Chan, chairman of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association Jiaoyou...
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Taiwans LCD panel industry warming trend becomes clearer economy

Taiwans LCD panel industry boom warming trend becomes clearer, market research agencies, according to panel makers to judge the case of receiving a customer order, the panel originally lose money in the financial industry is expected to reduce the figures even have a chance late in the fourth turn when a single month loss to profit. Comprehensive Taiwan media reports, the top ten global brands overall increase in LCD TV LCD TV shipments this year, will drive the flat panel industry manufacturers such as AUO, CMO and other performance continued to rise. AUO to sales, according to statistics, the recent influx of customer orders that exploded, one by one if you want to meet shipping requirements, will mobilize all existing production lines. Head of market research firm DisplaySearch said that this wave of prosperity back to the panel tem...
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Taiwans Lite-On Group has invested 600 million U.S. dollars building operations center in Changzhou

The mainland for the first time direct weekend charter flights to Taiwan landed on the third day in Taipei, the world-renowned high-tech electronic products and optical components manufacturer, originator of the Taiwan LED industry - Lite-On Group has invested 600 million U.S. dollars, Lite operations center in East China High-tech Zone, Wujin, a smooth landing, sailing sail. Thus export-oriented economic development in our city over a new benchmark. Party Secretary Liang Baohua, Governor Luo Zhijun, vice governor Zhang Weiguo, the light source Soong, chairman of Noble Group, Provincial Government Secretary-General Fan Jinlong, executive director Teng Lite Light and city leaders Fan Yanqing, Wang Weicheng, Chen Ruiqing, Hanjiu Yun, Yan Guoqiang participate signing and groundbreaking ceremony. Lite-On Group is a world-class leader in o...
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Taiwans new Titan Europe standard USB tuner support

Taiwan Titan Electronics (Ultima Electronics) has introduced several new small USB tuner supports PC to watch digital TV programs. These include support for the U.S. terrestrial digital TV standard ATSC, tuner using USB2.0 connection T14A and support the European standard DVB-T and other regions of the T14B. shape about the size of these products U disk. One end of the design of RF terminals, and from the antenna leads to the 75Ω coaxial cable. Can receive the frequency 48.25MHz ~ 863.25MHz. Its weight is only 22g, the power provided through the USB bus. According to reports, this tuner can microwave terminals from the RF digital television signals to radio stations, modem, access to MPEG-2 transport stream, and then at the other end (relative to RF pin) USB terminal output transport stream, through a personal computer running software ...
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Taiwans optoelectronics industry breaking high-growth industrial scale two trillion in 2007

Taiwans optoelectronics industry output value of scale in the second in 2006 after breaking the record trillion, 32% in 2007 and wrote the high-growth success. According to Photonics Industry & Technology Association (PIDA) in the statistics, in 2007 Taiwans optoelectronics output of about 63.3 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to two trillion NT dollars, 32% growth over last year; the next few years is still expected to maintain growth rates of more than 17% , 2011 exceeded 1 billion dollars when the scale size of hitting another 3 trillion NT dollar milestone. According to data PIDA, with the flat panel display (FPD) market continues to grow, solar photovoltaic rise, high-brightness white LED applications was extended, and the application of photovoltaic technology, driven by diverse factors such as the 2007 global PV market value of a...
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Taiwans optoelectronics industry giants in Xiamen initial investment $ 100,000,000

By the State Economic Zone to support the development of wind, there are four giant Taiwan optoelectronic information industry in Xiamen, Xiamen, Taiwan to undertake a new wave of industrialization in the transfer of cutting-edge platform for the process of becoming increasingly apparent. The four Taiwan-funded enterprises settled in new investment projects are all in the Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone, It is reported that four projects are TPV Technology Groups research and development center project, Chen Hung-technology research and development center project, Sunplus Energy Technology Taiwan solar photovoltaic projects and audio-video network technology AG, multimedia projects. The four initial investment of Taiwan enterprises over 1 billion, including TPV display technology with an investment 75 million U.S. dollars, mainly in the flat...
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Taiwans PCB factory 6 panels related revenue Review, February

Related panel printed circuit board (PCB) plant in February compared with January sales down more, but the increase compared with February last year into more than two, especially in Taiwan Surface Mount Technology (6278) annual growth rate of over half display Lower panel demand remains high. Table table Division is the largest in Taiwan thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) PCB assembly process (Assembly) factory, Tripod and Chi are the top two super-TFT-LCD with PCB factory, Xiang Yu, President Union, and Xing Ying given cabinet TFT-LCD production also occupies a very high rate. Tripod Although the Spring Festival holiday in February, reducing the number of working days, the month is still 2.09 billion consolidated revenue NTD, lower than the January 19%, but higher than last February 28%, better than market expectat...
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