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Urgent PV industry in China to earn a little money out of the dilemma

Due to lack of core technology, the scale of production of photovoltaic cells Although China ranks third in the world, still get out of "two out" to earn a little money to the old model, and trigger a series of environmental pollution problems. A high degree of national energy strategy should be clear as soon as the status of development and utilization of solar energy, promotion of technological innovation, enterprise upgrading the environment to create, to build a strong PV industry. Currently, the best way to use of solar photovoltaic conversion, is the use of "photovoltaic effect", so that the sun shines on the production of silicon materials, direct current power. Application development to the formation of silicon material called the photovoltaic industry, the industrial chain, including production of high purity polysilicon, sola...
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USB2.0 OTG controller Genesys certified by Microsoft, the legend of speeds up to 10Mbps

Genesys (Genesys Logic) announced that its USB 2.0 OTG Storage Controller ─ ─ GL824, has passed Microsoft (Microsoft) WHQL certification, and has mass production and market. USB 2.0 OTG solution which has streamlined and highly integrated circuits advantage, locking portable products and consumer electronics applications. Genesys said, GL824 for the integrated USB 2.0 OTG, USB 2.0-in-one card reader interfaces, ATA / ATAPI interface with 16bit FIFO interfaces on a single chip OTG controller, except for all kinds of IDE-compatible interface and external storage memory cards can also be used in combination with various types of multimedia chip system products. The product is the interface between the data and have more features to pass each other, can improve the application of end products and convenience. In addition, the USB 2.0 OTG so...
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USC blessing 3G Netbook ship explosion in strategy

Industry Aihong far cry from last years financial crisis, both mature markets and emerging markets are subject to varying degrees of impact on the PC industry is concerned, 2009 will face the most severe recession in history. However, in some desperate way out, Taiwan Topology Research Institute (TRI), deputy director of Yangsheng Fan pointed out that as the worlds second largest PC market in China is growing fast NB market is still in the government invested 4 trillion yuan stimulate economic growth, the 2009 NB shipments to a meteoric rise, growing up to 25%. NetBook related products, especially in the market after six months of deliberation, the Topology Research Institute that the 2009 Chinese brand NetBook strong shipments of up to 200 million units, in particular, the three major telecom operators in China to obtain 3G licenses ar...
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User Exposure: TV direct phone there four "traps"

"Idle king", "security Wang", "Trader King", not afraid to fall, not afraid of water, not afraid of pressure, not afraid to steal, not afraid of no power ... ... a wide range of mobile TV shopping ads filled with all the overwhelming TV channels, it seems that the most powerful mobile technology in China. Taobao some of them spontaneously several mobile phone users were tested and found to have been ad Hu You . Trap a light cell phone "Photoelectric conversion using high-tech materials - solar silicon wafers, not only in the sunlight, the lights in the room, indoor natural light, candlelight or even be able to achieve charging." "Energy charge and completely out of charger." This appears to be a great initiative and is really so amazing. TIGER users purchased them specifically for testing a light mobile phone, the results show that ...
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Usher in a new cross-strait industrial cooperation opportunities for LED

LED luminous efficiency continue to break the restrictions of traditional light sources for LED displays and lighting industry into providing technical assurance. According to the latest reports, LED luminous efficiency has been achieved 120lm / W, the next 3 to 5 years is expected to reach 200lm / W. As LED technology continues to break through, the declining cost of high-brightness, high brightness LED market potential will be quickly released. High-brightness LED applications including large-screen LED market, display, backlight, landscape lighting, automotive lighting, general lighting. High brightness LED market starts from the time point of view, LED display market started the first, the current development of relatively mature, and its huge demand will continue to bring great boost to the LED industry; followed, backlight, landsc...
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Using SiO2 film, Tamkang University, Taiwan launched a small pressure sensor

Taiwans Tamkang University, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has developed a size of 50μm × 50μm small pressure sensor chip. Pressure sensor by means part of the film is formed to improve and achieve the miniaturization. Gelatin is also used on the sensor part of the package. This pressure sensor can be used for bio-related fields. According to reports, the development of the technology section of the sensor used in the film SiO2 (silicon dioxide) layer support in the production process of the sacrificial layer thin film metal layers used in the detection piezo resistive pressure sensor the use of polysilicon. All are available in the TSMC CMOS double poly four metal forming process. Part of the SiO2 layer in the holes cut out, and the formation of through-hole, and then the subsequent etching process can be used to remove the sacri...
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UT Starcom third-quarter net loss of $ 34,600,000

Beijing November 6, according to foreign news website reported, UT Starcom released the same day ended September 30, 2009 third quarter financial report. Report, UT Starcom Net revenues for the quarter $ 70,500,000, down 61%; quarter net loss of $ 34,600,000 or 27 cents per share. UT Starcom president and CEO Peter Blackmore (Peter Blackmore) said that as we are active in the implementation of enterprise policy in June announced the third quarter was a transition period, we implemented a major change, to focus investment Featured IP-based infrastructure products and key areas; 2010 and beyond in order to achieve financial objectives, we also continue to optimize the operational structure. 2009 UT Starcom third quarter net revenue from $ 180,600,000 last year fell to $ 70,500,000. Decline reflects the PAS infrastructure market in China ...
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