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U.S. executives say the country is ready to take drive triple option Chu Lai,

"Looks rich triple trading company in Guangdong Zhu Rai equity payments are not" news, executives said yesterday that the United States, the United States ready to receive disk preparation. 4 2 April, second auction triple trading company shares, to Chu Lai, the actual controlling party looks on Haiya Ao 9.02% stake in telecommunications. By convention, on Haiya Ao communications should be within 5 working days to pay 337 million remaining in the auction section 3.29 billion. Current payment deadline has passed, but the remaining funds not credited into account. The reporter learned from informed sources, Chu Lai, triple trading company involved in equity not to enter the competition for home appliance chain industry, but to prepare entered into the property market. However, due to the delay in payment of the acquisition of money, the a...
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U.S. executives the incentive program worth has shrunk dramatically reinvent the wheel

reporter recently learned that some listed companies in the second half of 2006 equity incentive program will be launched reinvent the wheel. At present, Zhejiang Longsheng, Midea, East Hundred Group and other three companies to disclose new incentive program. Compared to the old program, these companies will be inspired objects worth has shrunk dramatically. Zhejiang Longsheng October 24, 2006 launch option incentive program, 41.2 million were granted to executive options, exercise price of 4 dollars. As of yesterday, Zhejiang Longsheng has reached the closing price of 17.4 yuan, If the excitation object to 4 yuan exercise exercise price, sell at current market prices, revenue will be up to 5.5 million. And on Tuesday announced a new incentive program, the exercise price has surged to 16.88 yuan, Top 322% surge in the cost of incent...
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U.S. exports of air-conditioning foreign aid are using their own brand of Cape Verde

Recently, Guangdong Midea Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. completed the Government of the Republic of Cape Verde the Chinese government aid projects building maintenance materials exports. Reporter yesterday from Shunde, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the aid supplies for the Wall Split Type Air Conditioning, a total of 69 units. Batch of air-conditioning brands are the United States to use its own brand "MIDEA". Foreign aid has a very sensitive material, a matter of national reputation, the reputation of manufacturing concerns in Shunde, Shunde, Inspection and Quarantine, State Administration for foreign aid after receiving notice of material testing, and production time the dealer on the product name, quantity, specifications and the production of such progress have been verified to the producers publicity mat...
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U.S. exports of electrical 2 billion leader in insurance status

After a period of silence, the countrys leading enterprises in the U.S. white appliances finally again in its core industry - the expansion of domestic air conditioners a step. 7 2 April, Midea and Carrier in Asia at the signing ceremony in Guangzhou, the joint venture with a registered capital 200 million yuan. 7 1 March, ahead of the United States announced late appliances, Midea will invest 120 million yuan, accounting for joint ventures?? Foshan Midea Carrier Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. registered capital of 60%; Carrier Asia is the equivalent of 080 million yuan investment dollar equivalent of cash, accounts for 40% of the U.S. joint venture will lease the existing plant for production and operation of electrical appliances. New joint venture located in the channel, manufacturing and product development and manufacturing st...
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U.S. Federal Trade Commission against Intel launched a formal antitrust investigation

According to "Reuters" report, the worlds largest semiconductor maker Intel Corp. said on Friday that the company will face a formal U.S. Federal Trade Commission antitrust investigation, the investigation and Intel in Europe and Asia had been subjected to anti-monopoly similar investigations. Rival AMD, Intel has long accused Intel of abusing its 280 billion U.S. dollars on the control of the chip market in 2005, when AMD has accused Intel. Intels microprocessors - computers personal computers - account for 80% of the global personal computer market. Former Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras in office, the Federal Trade Commission launched an informal investigation of Intel do not want outside investigation. Majoras left office two months ago and was replaced by another Democrat William Kovacic. A spokesman for the Federal Trade Commissio...
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U.S. financial crisis, the global semiconductor industry is in trouble

According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" on Oct. 11 reported that the U.S. financial crisis is that the global economic downturn, the global semiconductor industry can not avoid the hit, being under the influence of the financial crisis mess. Samsung Electronics President Hyun Kwon 10, media interview, said: "It is hard to predict future conditions, semiconductor industry next year the situation will become even more complicated. "Beginning last year, appeared in the global semiconductor supply the state of oversupply, the United States after the outbreak of the financial crisis more difficult to eliminate this situation. To the companys future investment plans, Kwon-hyun, said:" There is no narrowing of this years investment plan, the existing investment component generally is completed, the rest of the book will also perform. " Recent...
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U.S. high-speed wireless network layout 7 14.5 billion business investment company set up WiMAX

The third largest U.S. mobile operator Sprint Nextel, WiMAX operator Clearwire reached an agreement with a number of cable operators, Sprint Nextel and Clearwire relevant departments merged to form a new WiMAX business. Size of the new joint venture 14.5 billion, Comcast, Time Warner, Intel, Google, Bright House Networks invested 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, will use WiMAX technology to build high-speed wireless network. Clearwire, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in WiMAX operations, the number of users at the end of 2007 was 39.4 million people in the United States to provide WiMAX services in 46 regions. The new company will be the first to the AT & T and Verizon to provide wireless broadband services, the two largest U.S. mobile operators will deploy HSPA in the 700MHz band, or LTE. WiMAX promises the city can use laptops, cell phones and...
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U.S. Internet advertising spending last year, more than 25 billion U.S. dollars of total

Authoritative market research firm International Data Corporation released a report 11 in 2007, the total U.S. Internet ad spending reached 25.5 billion, up 27% over the previous year. However, the industry leader Googles share of U.S. online advertising market, the first decline in two years. Report, the fourth quarter of last year in the U.S. market, Googles online advertising revenue growth slow, the companys share of U.S. market share declined. The fourth quarter of last year, Googles share from the previous quarter in the U.S. market declined by 0.5 percentage points to 23.7%. Director of the International Data Corporation projects Cass Teng Weide believes that if Microsoft is successful acquisition of Yahoo, from the fourth quarter of last years data, the two companies share a common possession of the U.S. market about 17%. Howev...
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U.S. media: Memory maker Micron is prepared to enter the field of LED and solar energy

According to "Aida He Statesman" Web site reported, DRAM maker Micron Technology is seeking outside funding to expand the LED manufacturing operations, and taking into account the production of solar panels. Aida He optimistic about the U.S. state Microns future performance, are actively applying to the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Resources Board by the state funding $ 5,000,000. The DRAM business profits into losses, Micron laid off simply and close some production lines, and even spin off flash memory sector and Intel (Intel) has set a joint venture IM Flash Technologies LLC. Intends to change the operational center of gravity Micron, increasingly set their sights on a similar level of technology, profits are higher applications, in addition to CMOS image sensors and small display, there are "high brightness" in the LED market...
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U.S. military research agency said the Chinese Godson CPU 5 years behind the United States

- SAN Rand Corporation, said: Space, China has at least 50 years behind the United States. Americans on the moon in 1969, the Chinese people at least to the moon by 2020. Airlines, Chinas large aircraft at least 50 years behind the United States. U.S. F-22 has served, at least Chinas F-14 to service in 2015, lagging 10-20 years. Microelectronics, China 10-20 years behind the United States. While Chinas 64-bit Godson CPU quad-core CPU than the United States is only 5 years behind, but in the global IC development and production, China is 10-20 years behind the United States. Nuclear technology in China behind the United States 5-10 years, which is mainly reflected in the fourth generation of nuclear weapons. Rand Corporation think that science and technology, education, economic, cultural, military and political aspects into account...
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