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U.S. Quallion for the production of automotive lithium batteries to the Government for assistance

Quallion U.S. battery manufacturers, today announced the U.S. Department of Energy has submitted an application, hoping to develop lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles gained government support. The company plans to invest 220 million U.S. dollars in the United States, South Carolina plant, and is expected to officially open before the end of 2012, when annual production capacity of more than 2 million units of lithium ion batteries. The company said the plant will be able to start construction immediately after the creation of more than 500 construction and manufacturing jobs and put into operation in the United States is expected to create up to 2,350 long-term jobs. According to the U.S. economic recovery plan, U.S. Department of Energy for the development of electric drive vehicles and related parts and components high-end b...
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U.S. scientists develop a super battery in just 10 seconds to fully charged

U.S. scientists are developing a super battery takes only 10 seconds to charge the phone, once for electric vehicles is expected to accelerate, or laptops in minutes to recharge, and help develop a new generation of ultra-light phone. Present lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) can store large amounts of electricity, but the rate of release and draw power is very slow. Therefore, a constant speed electric vehicles on the highway driving better performance than acceleration, and battery power is exhausted to spend hours to complete the charge. Problem lies in the lithium atom, the ions with electrons in the material in the battery to run very slow, it takes a long time to reach the battery end of transmission of electric power. The two scientists came up with a solution, they create a kind of lithium iron phosphate coating, the ion...
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U.S. scientists have developed into a nano-oscillator to date the highest frequency

9, U.S. scientists report that they have developed into the highest frequency of nano-oscillator to date, this technology is expected in the future communication and quantum computing has been applied. Mo Khan, a physicist at Boston University, City and others in the latest issue of "Physical Review Letters," published a paper that they have developed nano-oscillator is made of silicon, shape like a comb teeth on both sides, and its size Only about one-tenth of a human hair. It reached 1.49G Hz oscillation frequency, is the highest frequency of similar equipment. ...
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U.S. semiconductor industry should remain in the country

Semiconductor industry legend, Intel, former CEO / President / Chairman - Andy Grove (Andy Grove) and Israel recently to discuss building a new fab in the Middle East on the occasion, stunned the world that the United States should create industry to stay in their own country, and stop outsourcing to other countries. To year under the leadership of the Grove, Intel has experienced the most legendary period of time, from a small manufacturer of memory manufacturers transition to a processor, and has since ruled the entire industry, and in the generation of powerful processor generation behind the products is the Intel worldwide manufacturing and packaging plant. In the Grove view, this model should be coming to an end, in order to achieve the ultimate success of new technologies, they should be manufactured in the United States, Benedict...
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U.S. semiconductor lighting industrial development experience of

2009 Nian 2 Yue 18 Ri -20 days, leading the global LED industry event - the "light strategy" (Strategies in Light) meeting in Silicon Valley, California held a grand, chaired by Strategies Unlimited and PennWell Corporation, from North America , Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and 38 countries and more than 600 representatives attended the meeting. Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and Deputy Secretary-General Nguyen also invited to participate. Through this visit the General Assembly and inspection activities in the United States, Deputy Secretary-General Nguyen from the technical, market application, policy promotion, standards and intellectual property rights and trade organizations of the United States and several other aspects of the development of LED industry characteristics. We can lea...
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U.S. semiconductor tester STC will develop standards bodies around the interface standard tester

Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC) began to develop called "Semiconductor Test Interface eXtensions (STIX)" the new standard. In the July 16 ~ 20 at San Francisco, semiconductor-related event "SEMICON West 2007" on, STC in the exhibition a comprehensive introduction STIX making process. SEMICON held in late June before, STC announced the launch and related documents STIX (English release information, PDF). Earlier, STC has been developing is called "OpenSTAR (Open Semiconductor Test Architecture)" modular-oriented standard LSI tester. STC leading member companies - Advantest (Advantest) had been put into the basis for OPENSTAR standard SoC tester "T2000" series, now has another dominant STC member companies - the United States on the Intel supplied hundred units T2000. STC in October 2006 was arguably the release of STIX notice. The...
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U.S. Solar Industry: Government as also the Government loser

Recently the U.S. Congress plans to vote solar investment tax credit regulations to remove from the energy bill. The message is the same as solar companies dropped heavy artillery. Solar industry solar energy policy Recently the U.S. Congress plans to vote solar investment tax credit regulations to remove from the energy bill. The same message is dropped heavy bombs solar companies, solar companies said that if the case, once established, fear will make the U.S. market growth to slow, short-term solar energy companies are looking to the American dream was temporarily shattered fear, just go to the layout of the U.S. market enterprises will face difficulties, other manufacturers can only wait the pace of market growth, as companies with poor physical fitness is more space will be smaller because of the market, fear will accelerate the f...
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U.S. stocks closed slightly lower Wednesday, technology stocks fell 11.8% in AMD

According to foreign media reports, U.S. technology stocks were mixed Wednesday, the Fed and several other central banks cut rates to seek stability in the current economic environment, the wide blessing Nasdaq volatility throughout the day to close to slightly lower end of the day trading. Wednesday, chip maker AMD fell 11.8%. Nasdaq composite index fell 14.55 points, to close at 1,740 points, or 0.80%. The index had fallen 40 points since the afternoon. The Philadelphia semiconductor index fell 1.79 points, to close at 256.17 points, or 0.70%. Morgan Stanley High Tech 35 Index fell 0.39 points to close at 383.72 points, or 0.1 % Early Wednesday trading day, despite the major technology stocks rose, the three major indexes fell to 52-week low. Before the markets opened, the Fed reduced its benchmark lending rate half a percentage point...
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U.S. technology industry, number of employees declined for 5 consecutive months

- > SAN FRANCISCO, May 25 afternoon, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. TechServe Association (formerly the American Computer Consultants Association) recently released a report, as at the end of April this year, the number of U.S. technology industry practitioners from last November peak of 405.8 million reduced to 387 million. Report shows that since last December, the U.S. technology industry has continued decline in number of employees last week, HP has just announced that it would lay off 6,000 people. Although the number of employees this summer technology industry will continue to decline, but the IT executive search is that the trend will stabilize, and most are optimistic about the future. TechServe Association CEO Mark Robert (Mark Roberts) said: "I think this year will see the obvious signs of stabilization stabi...
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U.S. Treasury Department has yet to make a decision on auto industry aid

Xinhua BEIJING, Dec. 16, according to foreign reports, the U.S. Treasury spokesman Brookly McLaughlin said on Monday that the Ministry of Finance has yet to help U.S. auto makers to make decisions. McLaughlin said that car manufacturers will continue to provide the information to be assessed. Treasury officials on this issue is currently in close consultation with the White House. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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