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U.S. University of flexible display from the army received $ 50,000,000 in research funding

Arizona State University, U.S. time January 29, 2009, announced to the university with the U.S. Army signed a flexible display research projects Flexible Display Center an additional 50 million U.S. dollars aid contract. Contract is valid for 5 years. 2004 a similar contract signed by both parties, thus, the U.S. Army to provide assistance funds have been accumulated up to 1 billion U.S. dollars. Flexible Display Center is the study of flexible full-color flexible display technology institutions. After 5 years of research, has developed a 6-inch wafer manufacturing or screen size is 370 × 470mm display of pilot production line and tools. Required to reach commercial levels of display materials and manufacturing process development progress has been made. Addition to the U.S. Army, the Arizona State University has with the U.S. Hewlett-...
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U.S. wireless market is not weak because of economic stagnation

Strategy Analytics Wireless Network Strategies service released the latest report, "U.S. Wireless Market Outlook: Analysis of key trends in 2009." The report predicts that, despite the dire economic situation, the U.S. cellular subscribers in 2009 will continue to maintain strong growth, but some of the growth rate will decline over the previous year. U.S. cellular mobile service revenue will continue to grow in 2009, is expected to increase 3.9%, compared to 7.5% in 2008 has slowed down. Not limited to traffic data service charges fixed launch plans, and more and more users using smart phones and mobile broadband data card for operators to deliver high data service ARPU (average revenue per user) value; but strong data ARPU value of the business but can not prevent the value of the overall ARPU declined slightly in 2009. Strategy Anal...
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u-blox GPS for mobile applications such as introduction of the module, power consumption reduced 40%

u-blox has introduced a new low-cost GPS Module LEA-4A, only for its size 17mm × 22 mm, the module with Atmel and u-blox 16-channel jointly developed ANTARIS 4 receiver technology. LEA-4A module provides high performance and power consumption than previous generation products LEA-LA to 40% less, it includes a convenient USB interface, a flexible interconnect. not use flash because, so low power consumption, and thus lower prices. In addition, the small size of the LEA-4A module is fully suitable for compact, battery-powered, high-volume consumer market, such as a car, PDA, smart phones, GPS mice and other portable devices, they have in common are of the size of the demanding power consumption and cost. in this module, ANTARIS 4 GPS engine provides outstanding in harsh environments navigation performance, and its positioning refresh cycl...
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UBS will SMIC (0981.HK) down to sell rating; fundamentals remain weak

UBS SMIC (0981.HK) down to sell from neutral rating, target price from 0.68 down to 0.60 HK dollar. Pointed out, the stock rose 42% Tuesday after the company has not issued a new statement (the day rose as investors speculated the reasons for the introduction of SMIC is seeking a strategic investor), it is believed that such transactions on the recent stock popular favor. But said such a deal will not change the fundamentals on SMICs status in the (still weak). SMIC is expected to remain under pressure, especially in its DRAM business, due to DRAM chip prices have fallen sharply. Added that the overall operating environment SMIC remain challenging. SMIC is expected the next 3 years will continue to loss. The stock was unchanged at 0.56 HK dollars. ...
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UDC flexible display research center and successfully developed the first flexible OLED display

Recently, Arizona State University Flexible Display Center (FDC) and Universal Display Corporation announced the first directly in the DuPont Teijin poly ethylene naphthalate (PEN) substrate on the production of a-Si: H active matrix organic light-emitting diode soft (OLED) display The 4.1-inch monochrome 1 / 4 video graphics array (QVGA) displays using Universal Display Corporations phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode (PHOLED) technology and materials , and the FDCs exclusive bonding - to bonding production technology, represents a flexible organic light-emitting diode solutions can be created into an important milestone in Eucalyptus. Soft light emitting diode is mainly targeted at the display need to be more durable and designed for military and commercial applications. By Universal Displays phosphorescent organic light-emitt...
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UF 6.98 million acquisition of product lifecycle management software company, Matt

- > SAN May 18 evening news, UF Software (600588.SH) 28 on the evening bulletin that will be 6.98 million acquisition of product lifecycle management (PLM) software company in Chongqing Medtech companies. UF announcement said the company six board members unanimously passed the "Medtech acquisition of limited liability company in Chongqing part of the assets of the motion" to determine the price of 6.98 million to acquire from Medtech certain assets of a limited liability company including physical assets, intangible assets, current products, the development of software, accounts receivable, business and related assets and rights. Information, Chongqing Medtech Co., Ltd is a March 2000 Jiulongpo District in Chongqing City, incorporated in the software company, mainly engaged in product data management (PDM) and Collaborative Product...
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UF annual revenue of 1.7 billion yuan this year, will actively target the right M & A

SAN March 23 morning news, UF Software today released 2008 earnings, the companys annual revenue reached 1.7256 billion yuan, an increase of 27.18%, total profit of 468 million, an increase of 20.7% . Showed a profit, UF 2008, basic earnings per share 0.85 yuan, the software industry, gross margin was 87.46%, down 1.24%; but the software package goods sold gross margin was 21.04%, 12.84% improved. UF annual report also said that this year will actively suitable acquisition target, mainly complementary companies in the industry and competitive companies on mergers and acquisitions. ...
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UF push the worlds first software-based SOA architecture targeting high-end U9

UF Software (600588) has launched the worlds first fully commercial applications based on SOA architecture suite U9. The introduction of the UF U9 expanded the business scope of the market space to achieve high coverage with low product line, enhance the companys profitability. Positioning high-end manufacturing According to reports, the market positioning of products and services, U9 for more factories, more high-end manufacturing organization to provide corresponding information technology solutions, and U8 are both UF and high-end manufacturers for market products. As the worlds first complete SOA-oriented and real-time enterprise solutions, U9 architecture full support for SOA and the latest innovative technologies, to achieve the enterprise-scale management systems to deliver personalized, truly embodies the "on-demand and change...
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UK DEFRA ultra-efficient lighting, life cycle assessment of the impact of sustainability

Chinas semiconductor lighting network before translation, the British Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) published a report, assessment is based on ultra-efficient residential lighting, lighting technology for sustainable product life cycle of the impact. This is the first clearly pointed out the changes to the life cycle of LED lighting, environmental benefits, especially dedicated LED lamps. The report concluded that a variety of performance improvement will be achieved by 2014, when the life cycle of its LED products will bring little impact at all stages, including manufacturing, transport, use and waste disposal. The report analyzes four different ultra-efficient lighting (UEL) Technology: 1. With integral ballast and LED lights (also known as: replacement lamps) 2. Dedi...
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UK to develop new wireless communication systems at sea call costs greatly reduced

According to foreign media reports, the UK mobile communications pico cell system (picocell) R & D side ip.access Allied Irish Maritime Wireless communications company Blue Ocean Wireless is developing a new marine radio communications system, which can significantly reduce the crew of the wireless call charges. Earlier, the crew had to rely on expensive satellite phone contact with their families, a new maritime radio communication system for long-term members of the crew adrift in a sea of good as a precious gift. Reported that the new set of wireless communication systems still rely on satellite communications, however, called the plot slightly, to expand the wireless coverage of small base stations will be installed in the ship berth area. The base station is connected with the remote gateway, it will be through the satellite networ...
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