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UL continue to invest in their own ability to support the global solar industry

Global product safety testing and certification leader Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as UL) today outlined its consolidation of its photovoltaic (PV) market segments, the status of preferred partner program. The company will strengthen its own power, in the creation and expansion of worldwide marketing services dedicated to the detection of PV around the base. UL global energy business, said general manager Jeff Smidt: "In just one years time, UL has two key PV markets set up their own business territory. Global customers can benefit from our San Jose, Calif. and Suzhou, China, the largest industry within the first laboratory. these bases to bring our customers an industry-leading portfolio of services to help manufacturers more easily and effectively into the global market. and this is just the beginning. " Or...
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ULC: Who says Im better than you I going anxious cottage phone

"ULC (UltraLowCost) phone? Is not that cottage phone?", Talked about the ULC phone always seems to haunt the cottage to be mentioned. The actual selling price from the market point of view, many cottage prices even lower than the lowest cost BOM called ULC, and its function appears to be even richer. "Ultra low-cost mobile phone called Ziji is surprise, not cottage cheap, is really ridiculous," Does this mean that Shanzhai phone using the chip technology and price, to lead ULC out? For readers who feel this idea , ULC will be pushed wronged mouth, leaving a badly misunderstood and can not excuse the tears. Essence, ULC and the cottage are two levels of mobile phone concept, although its starting point is to provide low-cost mobile phones, but the nature of lower prices is different, one is reduced by high integration costs, one is by so...
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ULED development effort for a U.S. contract interpretation lighting market

An interpretation (2486) and the United States today, lighting products distributor ULED LED lighting at the new product launch and signing ceremony. Chairman Zhou Wanshun one interpretation, said the company plans in the third quarter, setting up demonstrations in New York and Los Angeles stores, and gradually establish a foothold in the U.S. state channels, to sights on the U.S. lighting market. Company goal is five years in the United States LED lighting market share of 5%, on revenue of billions of NT target point of view. A precise interpretation to the original LED lead frame-based, optimistic about the market, LED lighting applications, a personal interpretation by the Zhou Wanshun led the establishment of flourishing optoelectronics, responsible for the LED-related lighting products, the company has an indoor room lighting and L...
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ULi single-chip PCI Express to support high-definition AMD64 platform

ULi Electronics has introduced high-definition (HD) PCI Express single-chip M1697, integrated South Bridge functionality to support AMD64 platform Socket754, 939,940, and M2 processors. designed to provide motherboard manufacturers and system integrators to better design flexibility, and reduce manufacturing costs, M1697 single-chip design reduces the delay time, provide a good storage capacity, support for multiple disk array model and next-generation SATA II 3.0 Gbps, NCQ (Native Command Queuing) command order. M1697 is compatible with all SATA hard drives, providing 4 groups can be hot-swappable SATA II (eSATA II) ports, allowing an external hard disk without shutdown or re-activated in case the system is free to remove or add. M1697 supports PCI Express 1 × 16 / 2 × 8 graphics interface (one-way transmission bandwidth of up to 4Gbps...
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Ultra-low voltage and touch feature allows charming 8-bit MCU

8051 8-bit microcontroller core (MCU) technology, while a long history, but with the application of innovative, feature integration, performance improvement, they still demonstrated the vitality and applications. Spring Fair in 2009, IIC, we can see, SiliconLabs the 8-bit micro-controller technology to enhance the development and application to another level, and involving broader applications, including automotive electronics, handheld devices, white goods touchpad Power over Ethernet (PoE). Even if the operating voltage as low as 0.9V can work as usual C8051F9xx 8-bit microcontroller family, with the minimum only 3x3 mm package, in addition to integrated high-precision ADC, SmaRTClock FlashROM clock and high capacity characteristics, the biggest bright spot that were integrated LDO and DC / DC, dual power mode used in the LDO, a singl...
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Ultra-low-end mobile phones in emerging markets as a decisive weapon of the necessary

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics Emerging Markets Communications for the latest report released by industry that the price of 35 dollars or less ultra low-end handsets (ULCH), will be the mobile phone manufacturers and mobile service providers to succeed in emerging markets the key factors. Strategy Analytics estimates that by 2013 global sales of ultra low-end mobile phones will reach 300 million, of which more than half of the contribution of emerging markets, particularly China and India as the main force driving the growth. In addition, the agency also predicted, as companies try to attract new users during the period from 2007 to 2013, ultra low-end phones in the share of global handset sales will triple. Strategy Analytics research manager in emerging markets Rahul Gupta, said: "The emerging markets have huge ...
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Ultrasonic electronic electronic information industry with an opportunity to revitalize the

Following the State Council issued ten measures to expand domestic demand, the top ten industrial revitalization plan is released FireWire, related industries, so benefit. The expansion of domestic demand and revitalize the industry, "Double Ten" plan launched in the market is set off expectations of favorable policies. Whether it is steel, the automotive industry took the lead and move, or shipbuilding, textile industry Zha Xian spring, around the "Double Ten" plan, Year of the Ox in the policy-driven market for investment opportunities can be described as endless. According to the latest news, February 18, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting to consider and adopt in principle the light industries of electronic information. It is expected that, with the electronic information industry plan was promulgated, be...
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Ultra-thin TVs using LED backlighting basically

As ultra-thin TV, how thin is thin it be considered? For this problem may now no one can give a positive answer, but it is certain that, with the flat panel display technology continues to improve, ultra-thin TV will be thinner. From the current market view, ultra-thin TVs using LED backlighting basically, LED light emitting diode industry scientific name, as early as 60 years in the 20th century after the birth of the next generation of lighting applications has been identified as sources. 620) this.width = 620 "border = 1> LED light source is not only the thickness and weight of television to achieve a substantial reduction, also has a higher reliability and stability. Life in the light, different CCFL rated life (half-light) in 8000 to between 100,000 hours, while the LED is about twice the CCFL can be achieved. LED life of up to 10...
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UMC 285 million acquisition of 85% stake Hejian Technology

- > SAN afternoon of April 29, according to Taiwan media reports, China Taiwan Region UMC semiconductor foundry (the UMC, 2303.TW) 29 announced that the Board has approved 285 million acquisition of the highest Jian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 85% of the shares. The transaction is complete, UMC will hold 100% stake in He Jian. The acquisition transaction is subject to June 10 shareholders meeting agreed to and the authority of the audit. And ship technology in Suzhou, there is a 8 inches 0.18 micron foundry, in May 2003 formally put into operation, the current monthly production capacity of 41,000, the maximum is 60,000 per month. For the acquisition and the reasons for ship technology, UMC CEO Sun Shiwei explained that the industry downturn over the past six months, the economy, many semiconductor companies have significant marke...
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UMC announced second quarter 2008 financial report

In the third quarter due to seasonal demand and increased global economic uncertainty and slow down United Microelectronics Corporation recently announced second quarter 2008 financial report, operating income was NT 25.238 billion yuan, with 24.003 billion yuan the previous quarters NT growth of 5.1% compared to same period last year of the new station RMB 25.097 billion yuan growth of about 0.6%. Gross margin was 23%, net profit was 2.397 billion yuan, representing a significant growth the previous quarter. Second quarter 2008 earnings per ordinary share was NT 0.19. UMC the second quarter of 2008, when the eight-inch wafer shipments of about 870,005 thousand pieces to the overall capacity utilization was about 85%. 90 nm and below process product revenue accounted for 36% second quarter revenue. "UMCs second quarter revenue, gross ...
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