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UMC Board of Directors approved $ 2.54 billion stock repurchase program

According SAN, the worlds second-largest contract chip maker United Microelectronics recently said its board approved an expenditure of up to NTD 79.46 billion yuan (approximately 25.4 billion U.S. dollars) in the open market repurchase 2 million shares and canceled the program. UMC said in a statement, the company will be Aug. 28 to Oct. 27 period to NT 9.31 to 21.05 yuan per share (about 29-67 cents) to repurchase stock. The same day, one or two UMC executives suspected of insider trading by Taiwanese prosecutors raided the headquarters departments. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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UMC chairman of Sun Shiwei: Semiconductor inventory management is still healthy

UMC (2303) CEO Sun Shiwei comment on the economy, he said, this year the output value of the semiconductor device can be 40% annual growth, annual growth of 30% of the foundry, 20% of the overall semiconductor, electronic assembly and system suppliers forecast growth of 10%. He also said that the semiconductor device and wafer foundry, and not in stock, as the semiconductor and electronic assembly systems after the stock hit bottom in the third quarter, fourth quarter to a rise in the first quarter of this year, days of inventory in the first quarter rose to about 70 days, but the management situation is still healthy, but UMC will pay close attention in the second half of the inventory. ...
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UMC sale of MediaTek shares gain $ 8,870,000

5 Yue 7 on the evening news, the chip maker United Microelectronics OEM (UnitedMicroelectronics) on Thursday said the company last August 7 to Thursday sold a total of 815,000 shares of MediaTek Inc. (MediaTek short : MTK) shares, will therefore included a total of NT 293.8 million yuan (U.S. $ 8,870,000) Gain on disposal of shares. UMC, said the company sold NT 301.8 million yuan of these shares. UMC also said the company currently holds a total of 183 million shares of MediaTek shares. Chip designer MediaTeks shares closed Thursday down 1.6%, to NT 398.50 yuan. If you are not a member of the network, please register. ...
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UMCs April sales of 296 million dollars last month fell 1.7%

Worlds second largest wafer foundry UMC today announced April sales situation. UMCs April sales of 93.2 billion Taiwan dollars (about 296 million dollars), slightly down 1.7% the previous month; over the same period grew 35.5% over the previous year. Industry believes that advanced process capacity is still tight, UMC April sales fell due to capacity expansion to keep up with customer demand, revenue growth was the limited space, there are still opportunities for May and June monthly sales revenue NT Challenge 100 billion mark. UMC very optimistic about the demand side is estimated in the second quarter capacity utilization between 97-99%. ...
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UMCs first quarter net profit fell 86% year on year less than expected

UMC today announced first quarter 2008 financial results. The report shows that growth slowed as the chip foundry business, UMC first quarter net profit fell 86% year on year, failed to meet analyst expectations. Ended March 31 of this quarter, UMCs net profit of NT 206 million (U.S. $ 6,800,000), earnings per share of NT 0.02. The relatively large decline in performance year on year, the 2007 first quarter net profit of NT 1.459 billion yuan, 0.08 yuan per share of NT. UMCs first quarter operating profit was NT 1.9 billion over last years increase of 955.6% of NT 18 million yuan. UMCs first quarter sales of NT 24.003 billion yuan, compared with NTD 23.025 billion yuan last year increased by 4.2%. UMCs first quarter results failed to meet analyst expectations, Reuters survey, analysts had expected first quarter net profit of NT 455 mil...
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UMCs November sales were down weaker graphics chip market

According to media reports, Taiwans chip foundry UMC November sales results show that chip sales peak in the third quarter, growth has slowed, this trend may continue into the first quarter of next year. UMC said on Tuesday that Novembers sales were NT 91.56 yuan (about 284 million), representing an increase of 50% over the same period last year, but lower than the October 9.3 billion NT dollars and 9.54 billion yuan in September NT sales. UMC the first 11 months of this year sales of 793 billion NT dollars, representing a decrease of 9.8% over the same period last year. UMC, said, next year will increase capital spending. BNP Paribas expects UMCs capital spending in 2010 will double, to $ 1,000,000,000 ...
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UN report: Chinas economy will grow 10.7% this year

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, said in a report yesterday in Beijing, Chinas economic growth will continue to maintain rapid growth, projected at 10.7%. Government work report this year, Chinas 2008 economic growth target of 8% or so. The report, entitled "2008 Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific," the report said investment is the main driving force of economic growth, while domestic demand and the government through the "harmonious society" initiative to increase social welfare spending increased consumption brought and the enhancement of consumer spending in rural areas will also support economic growth. Report that the U.S. subprime credit crisis as a result of the economic downturn will not have a significant impact on the Chinese economy. "Even if the worst happens, the ...
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Unable to continue rapid growth of the myth Foxconn revenues by only 3.38% 07

Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. (2038.HK, the "Foxconn"), the growth story, because the Asian market, rather than blocking competitors suffered to continue. Yesterday, Foxconn announced preliminary results for 2007, 2007, operating income of $ 10,732,000,000 Foxconn, compared to income of $ 10,381,000,000 in 2006, rose only 3.38%. Gross profit reached $ 984,000,000, compared with $ 972,000,000 in 2006, gross margin increase of only 1.23%. Net income was 725 million, compared to 718 million in 2006, an increase of 0.97%. Asian revenues declined 10.53% Foxconn Foxconns Shenzhen-based mobile phone service company, and Shenzhen Foxconn is a subsidiary of Hon Hai Group, a subsidiary of the mainland. Foxconn all the revenue from the mobile phone services to customers. Preliminary results announcement also shows that business in Asia Fox...
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Uncover the mystery of the embedded antenna

Recently, embedded system design much attention, but for many designers, embedded antenna remains a hint of mystery. To unravel the mystery of the embedded antenna, the paper will close analysis of the next generation of designers in the selection and design considerations when an embedded antenna, the key point, and antenna design mentioned here, it will be mainly aimed at mobile voice, video and / or data applications. Multi-frequency capabilities For portable and embedded systems designers, from the single frequency / narrow-band to multi-frequency / broadband evolution is very rapid, in the meantime, the antenna design proposed in the cellular band (850MHz ~ 2GHz) in a five-band (penta-band) coverage requirements. Market size of components as small as possible the needs of increased complexity of multi-frequency system, of course...
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Under the influence of the global economic downturn and solar energy into the LED industry focus

By the poor under the influence of the global economic situation, according to Taiwans optoelectronics industry Association survey, in 2008 Taiwan FPD production value of 1.48 trillion (NT), total output value of more than 8% decline in 2007, expected 09 and the annual output value will remain unchanged from levels in 2008, 2010, total output value of Taiwans flat panel display industry is expected to have substantial growth only about 12% to 1.66 trillion. The industry analyst, said in 2009 the layout of flat panel display industry in Taiwan are facing electronic paper, touch panel and other emerging industries, as well as LED and solar industries. Optoelectronics Industry Association, said industry analysts, in addition to the layout of new products, in addition, LED and solar panel industry industry is key to the next layout, the two...
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