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Unique Landscape: China IC industry in 2009 ushered in turn

No doubt that this crisis on Chinas semiconductor young chip design industry is a huge challenge: to export-oriented electronics industry to reduce the impact by the market; under the influence of the crisis in the capital, with the Nasdaq-listed Chinese stocks, "failure" led to the performance of the Chinese capital on IC industry, "ignoring" some of the leading VC The company also "bad money" out; also designed the companys customers in China are mostly small companies, under the influence of the economic crisis, the impact of small companies will undoubtedly be even greater. In October 2007, I predict 2008 is the fate of Chinas IC design industry, when the great controversy caused by the industry. Looking back in 2008, this view is undoubtedly correct. Experienced life and death years, then in 2009 it? Now I think that 2009 will b...
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United States 876.7 million shares acquired Little Swan approved by the SASAC

Midea yesterday announced that the company received in the March 24 notice of the League of Nations group, the League of Nations agreement to acquire 876.7 million shares held by the Group A shares the small matter of Swan has received the consent of the State-approved. Earlier, the U.S. electrical appliances have been purchased through the secondary market shares of Little Swan A1800, 4.93% of its total capital, while the share transfer is confirmed, Midea has a total stake in Little Swan A28.94%. By this good news, Little Swan A daily limit yesterday afternoon, at 17.7 yuan. Midea also rose 4.06%, to close at 33.3 yuan. Both appear large pay. ...
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United States Court of crystal power LED products to rule lawsuit

5 Yue 24 Ri , Philips LumiLEDs issued a press release announced, "May 22, the Federal Circuit Court verdict: First, the revocation of the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) against crystal power LED downstream products into the U.S. sale of a limited injunction. Second, rejected the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) requires Epistar Lumileds patent can not challenge the decision. " Epistar UEC products in the future other than to challenge a patent lawsuit Lumileds patents. , However, still dismissed the Federal Circuit Court to explain crystal Lumileds power requirements of ITC patent U.S. 5,008,718 (718 patent) application, and to support the ITCs decision that the crystal electric UEC products Lumileds not challenge the validity of patents. ...
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United States developed a thin-film solar cell tape

First create a U.S. company "fast power light," developed a rollable solar panel manufacturing large-scale technology. The tape-style stainless steel sheet manufacturing technology can be formed in the amorphous silicon thin film solar cells. Each solar module is about 1 meter wide, 5.5 meters long. Compared to traditional silicon solar panels the image of heavy and hard, these lightweight panels can be curled easily integrated into roofs and facades of buildings can also be used outside the vehicle body. The solar panels more attractive than the traditional place that can more easily be embedded irregular design of the roof. The companys founder and president of Deng Ming Xun (phonetic) said: "They can even be rolled up with a backpack, so you can use it to your laptop charging." Than conventional amorphous silicon thin film solar ce...
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United States holding a 10.67% equity trading company into the largest shareholder of triple

3 Yue 3rd night, a piece of paper declaring the country the United States announced the final victory. Hidden in the "buyers, 11" behind the United States aggressive holding 10.67% equity interest in triple trading company became the largest shareholder. Integration of the road has not yet commenced, but the first to respond to the capital market yesterday, triple trading company resume trading, to limit the opening, rose 10.02%. Gome shares in the same upward curve for the beautiful, large and medium cities Gome Huang Guangyu, Yongle, Dazhong sits, two cities from the Black Swan, Northern Electric, triple trading company, Golden Sun, Dong Ze, Tsann and other open-circuit strategic layout are becoming increasingly complete. Means: High + third-party "Huang Guangyu, a goal is always the first set, and then looking for the actual suppo...
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United States SSL program: the power of the state to promote LED / OLED industry

Country and the league in the world, there is little emphasis on solid-state lighting such as the United States (SSL) technology research and development, and efforts to promote its industrial country, which is we look at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program developed by SSL to the conclusion. In fact, the European Union, Germany, Japan, South Korea, have similar programs, such as the European OLED plan, but few like the United States is profound. Because the United States in time, money, human resources and the number of agencies and organizations in other countries are second to none. Early as 2000, U.S. Department of Energy began to vigorously promote the development of solid-state lighting technology research to support a lot of R & D projects, made a number of achievements. SSL implementation plan can be said that so...
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United States were granted 383 million stock option exercise price of 1.9 HK

Gome (00493.HK) 8 night the company announced the details of the equity incentive program, Chen Xiao, management and other employees will receive a total of 383 million shares of stock options, accounting for the existing issued share capital of 3%. 3.83 million copies in stock options granted to directors of the Company and subsidiary Gomes share of 125.5 million shares, and other employees to 257.5 million shares. The first exercise date in 2010, the exercise price of 1.90 Hong Kong dollars. Gome president Chen Xiao previously had said in an interview upcoming United States equity incentive program. Out of the country specific programs in the United States covered a total of 105 participants, covering a wide range, including most of the States United States management. In accordance with the States United States July 7 closing price o...
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Universal 3MHz converter can improve the effectiveness of portable electronic devices

Analog Devices, Inc., The worlds leading high-performance signal processing solutions provider, recently introduced a battery-powered portable devices to optimize the energy efficiency of a new battery 3 MHz Step-Down DC-DC converters, expands its micro-switching regulator product line. With low input voltage, low quiescent current and the characteristics of small size, this 600 mA ADP2108 DC-DC converter offers designers more flexibility to meet the stringent power consumption and PCB size of the budget, without increasing battery capacity, which is the design of small handheld devices such as mobile phones or portable inventory scanner, or rechargeable medical device, it is important to consider. Efficient power conversion devices for extending the battery life is very important. 6MHz ADP2121 same family as the device, 3MHz ADP2108DC-...
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Universal built a new turret placement machine technology, mounting performance of 100ppm

Universal (Universal Instruments) has recently launched a new Quadris-S four-gantry (four-gantry) placement machine. According to reports, this new turret placement machine with built-in advanced motion control technology, and in similar equipment for maximum yield per unit area. High-speed placement machine frame structure which can mount a wide range of component sizes without having to replace the mount head. In addition, Quadris-S 100ppm final placement performance with the flexibility and high yield, the speed and versatility and integration of high efficiency and repeatability. Quadris-S set of 80,000 cph placement performance, 0201 ~ 44mm × 44mm range of component placement, support belt and disc feeders (including dual-track feeders), and productivity optimization program (including the ridge between the feeder material Automatic...
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University of Cambridge announced a solar car program

Recently, from the University of Cambridge CUER (CambridgeUniversityEcoRacing) team, the students announced plans for a solar car, the cars speed can reach 60MPH, it is learned that the car may be in the upcoming "Solar Challenge" in the competition, the Challenge will be across the Australian continent. Zheliang known as "Bethany" 6m2 vehicles will rely on a silicon wafer solar cell. If the retreat, "solar energy" of the coat, in essence, the car is an efficient electric car, the designer said the program also can be other forms of green energy supply. CUER AnthonyLaw head of the team, said: "At present, the automotive industry is facing a low-carbon future (Low-Carbonfuture), and our car showed great potential with a high-electric vehicle technology." Order to minimize its energy needs, using computer simulation software, making the...
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