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Valence Technology has launched high SRS 3D audio enhancement processor

Recently, Valence Technology is proud to announce the launch of its SRS 3D audio enhancement processor AP8600. Through the application of SRS Labs 3D technology, this chip can produce a realistic three-dimensional audio and video, to reproduce the true multi-room audio environment effects. When the TV and audio product manufacturers to add this to their low-cost chip, not only can make the product competitive advantage, but also can increase the enjoyment level of the consumer. AP8600 is a television application system is the perfect solution, because it can produce a wider range of "best listening area" and natural surround sound effect. In the highly competitive TV market, TV consumers, moving sound is becoming an important performance. Today, many TV sets on the market are high-definition TV (HDTV). Some TV makers have realized "hig...
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Valentines Day: energy saving LED gift of choice into a couple exchanging gifts

2009 on Valentines Day approaching, it is a little surprising is that the LED energy saving gifts become the first choice of many couples exchange gifts. February 14 each year the Western Valentines Day, couples in this day and sending flowers, chocolates or cards to express love. In recent years, with Valentines Day popular in the world, different countries, Valentines Day couples also have their own different way of showing love. 2009 Valentines Day is coming, though by the financial crisis in 2008, most people are covered pocket for the winter, but even in this case has not forgotten to energy saving. It is understood that, in 2009, Valentines Day gift than chocolate, flowers, there is a new bright spot is that saving and environmental protection. Many young couples "explosive" material, because of sluggish economic environment, not ...
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Value of depression and high-tech as the fulcrum by the GEM is expected to break Founder

- > After a decade long wait, investors finally see the GEM on the scene. Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the GEM to adapt the characteristics of the revised "Securities Issuance and Listing Sponsor business management" and "the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the audit committee approach", which marks the GEM framework for basic system set up work rules close to half. SFC relevant responsible person said, compared with market rumors, the GEM investors are not demanding access standards will be more reasonable. Upcoming GEM listed companies to further stimulate the enthusiasm. Related statistics show that more than 300 companies are already preparing the application on the Growth Enterprise Market. As the "North Line" of the university Pioneer, Founder with the GEM is expected to seek a bre...
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Variety 10 coolest electronic toys

Forbes coolest game: take into account the dual function of learning and fun electronic toys most children welcome todays technology, the same as yesterdays rock and roll: Most parents, even if they claim to cool, it can not keep up this trend. Now the children are all playing a master high-tech products. Faster than adults, they can understand and master a new device. For example, SMS is the youth market, following the most popular item after the acne cream. In the United States, children are generally middle-class families have computers, game consoles, TV, DVD, and more and more children have cell phones. Early age children are familiar with a variety of high-tech products, which will affect their future lives. For example: the more they are accustomed to online, the less it will grow up to read printed books. They will spend more ...
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Variety of new energy-saving LED lighting display at the Guangzhou International

Held in the near future the 14th, "the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition", LED once again become the focus of attention, variety of LED home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and office lighting, new products have emerged, represents the universal energy-efficient lighting the new trend. It is reported that Chinas Ministry of Science and approved in 21 large cities as the "city of ten thousand ten" policy approved by the city, will be the development of LED lighting in the local pilot project work. Expected next year, mainland China LED output value will reach 150 billion yuan. In this exhibition, a magic lamp LivingColors attracted the attention of many exhibitors, the lamp light with 16 million kinds of colors, colorful blossoms to create a living atmosphere, the simulation brings the real candle LED candle l...
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VCXO for telecommunications applications Crystek frequency up to 500MHz

Crystek Crystals released its latest high-performance true sine wave voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) - CVSS-940. Phase noise of the device is only 150dBc/Hz, minimum absolute voltage control range is ± 50ppm. This can produce 77.760MHz VCXO frequency to 500MHz, the minimum output is 0dBm, 50Ω, harmonics lower than-20dBc. 3.3V voltage, the device under typical conditions for the consumption of current 25mA, maximum flow rate of consumption of 30mA. As a result of reverse etching (inverted mesa) (high-frequency fundamental frequency crystal) technology, which produces almost independent of frequency sub-harmonics. The VCXO designed for 10GbE, broadband networks, SONET / SDH / DWD, network / switch, and ATM communications, telecommunications equipment and design. The company also provides for industrial and other harsh enviro...
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VDSL2 line transmission scheme rising star show their skills

Present, VDSL2 chip solution provider focused on for a few established players. IIC in the spring of 2009, the emergence of a new face to let everyone shines. "Dart devote themselves to creating more than two years to do long VDSL2 chip development, and finally succeeded in developing products and has entered volume production, is the worlds fourth to provide VDSL2 central office and client solutions company. Triductor The VDSL2 chip solution with the performance of several other programs quite, and the IC as a local company, we have a significant advantage in that the localization team more efficient and effective support to customers in China. "Chong Dart Technology Co., Ltd. (http : / / president and co-founder Mr. Fang Xueyong said. Record established in 2005, is Asias Dart is the only technology to provide a com...
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Vedanta electrolytic aluminum production capacity in 2012 reached 2.6 million tons / year

Vedanta group company plans to invest 9.8 billion to increase aluminum production capacity by 2012, company-wide integrated production capacity to 260 tons / year. In the end of September Vedanta Resources shelved expansion plans, the news revealed in two weeks ago, mainly due to investors to listen to bad advice and the financial markets. India is becoming the worlds largest production base of aluminum, mainly because it has the worlds sixth largest bauxite resources (reserves of 2.3 billion tons) and the fourth largest coal resources (reserves of over 250 billion tons). Of these, nearly 1.4 billion tons of bauxite and 620 million tons of coal reserves in Orissa state, where the base is the Vedanta Group. Vedanta Groups confidence in the expansion of primary aluminum from India demand growth forecasts. 120 million tons last year / yea...
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Venture capitalists that the chip industry may have bottomed out

Venture capitalists Dave Epstein believes that the chip stocks have been at record lows, the semiconductor industry may have at least hit the "local bottom." Epstein recently in Silicon Valley Embedded Systems Conference (Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley) to participate in a panel discussion during the period that the system manufacturer is bound to rebuild inventories, which will drive sales of chip makers, despite the chip industry has may again decline. Microchip Technology Inc.s CEO Steve Sanghi said the manufacturer to reduce inventory in the financial crisis, resulting in shipments of semiconductors has fallen to levels well below the actual demand. Sanghi said, the result will be the semiconductor industry in the second or third quarter of this year, "some kind of growth." He said: "Since then, a lot of hard work ...
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Vertical and horizontal integration will be the future development trend of the chip DTMBDTV

Is the worlds digital TV industry development trend, in Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries have gradually spread. In the terrestrial digital television in China, the standard already exists before the birth of the United States, European and Japanese standards, but a vast country of China as a unified standard is necessary, while a huge market capacity is also sufficient to support from the new standards. National standards for terrestrial digital TV in China (GB20600-2006, the English referred to as DTMB) will greatly facilitate the implementation of the enactment of national television industry, with independent intellectual property rights of the national standard birth of digital television standards not only means that no payments to foreign royalties, but also for the country created a huge industry worth inest...
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