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Victrex won Top6 mobile phone manufacturers put the electronics industry has been a good harvest

Virtue of the PEEK (high-performance polyketone material) lead the market in 1993, bought out by management to get all PEEK polymer products business spun off from ICI Victrex (Victrex) is now in the field of electronics flourish. Held in the companys recent New Year press conference to thank, Victrex Asia-Pacific technical director Cai Yimin said, Victrex is not only in the automotive, equipment, industrial manufacturing and other industries are widely used, but also are making strides to enter the electronics industry, allegedly with the material Accessories have entered the worlds top six mobile phone vendors products. Round into the electronics field Victrex is the worlds only company focused on the PEEK materials, production, sales in one of the suppliers. It is the way to make a key raw material polyketones. At first, this UK-bas...
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View from the cottage cottage mobile Internet: take time to replicate the success

Summary: cottage access to the short-lived, for the time being not able to copy the successful model of mobile phone firms is due to the Internet and mobile phone product attributes this not the same as for higher quality and brand requirements. At present, the whole continent of technology, design and production levels reach the above requirements, is still dependent on Taiwan notebook industry chain, did not realize the innovation chain and localization. Of course, the most fundamental reason is that the Internet is still Wintel system monopoly, Wintel does not change the pattern of industrial chains and industrial power, there is currently emerging local / cottage manufacturers for the time being unable to grasp the Internet in this of this "disruptive innovation" opportunities. However, with local manufacturers in the downstream bra...
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View: 3D technology, the electronics industry needs for three major reasons

Recently, the 3D advertising everywhere. The first 3D television has begun selling; TV shows are beginning to use 3D technology plays, most of them sporting event; while many films released eye-catching 3D version. However, 3D technology has not only been used in consumer electronics and entertainment, 3D extraction technology (3Dextraction) was also used in some areas of IC design. Designers attempt to design improved forecasting performance and other behavior after accuracy. Why use 3D extraction technology ? It all comes down to the design and production needs, from a design point of view, a more accurate simulation of circuit model in the time available to the designers, such as timing, power and noise performance characteristics, as well as other important parameters such as gain, bandwidth and reliability. What lack of extraction ...
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View: Are you ready to come again recession

As I write this article, the Dow Jones Industrial stock index has declined since Monday 800 point drop in two days time, about 6%. Taking into account the Dow Jones Industrial stock index has dropped 25% last year, this decline may now not scare you. Other market conditions worse. Within one hour decreased by 10%, Russia stopped trading. Lost two-thirds of the Chinese market. Think again, some cities in the United States, house prices since last year decreased by 34%. Major banks and insurance business are shrinking. Because of huge losses, mainly money market funds have been frozen all the accounts. I do not go on it? This is what effect you? Course influential, your pension will shrink, your house will depreciate in value, this will not affect your work? In short, will certainly be affected. Most of the semiconductor industry mainly d...
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View: green or black Electronics Show in Munich?

Electronics Show in Munich, I was most impressed by is the green logo, and it consists of a sine curve trace oscilloscope similar form, you can see that it is "analog signal" that the most simple graph. Move around some can be seen, this years electronics show hall from A1 to C4 have demonstrated the concept of green design. The theme of the environment and power most helpful is the analog circuit design support. , However, very interesting times we live in, many manufacturers are looking to the extreme, many large semiconductor companies - though not more than in previous years - have claimed they have been in Munich are analog / power / industrial / automotive experts, and in some markets the full layout of the organization chart, most executives have ignored the field of computing and consumer electronics - even though they have been...
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Vigorously develop the LED industry in Shenzhen

Semiconductor lighting based on LED technology, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life and easy maintenance features, is the worlds most promising in recent years, high-tech areas. At present, Shenzhen, engaged in semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 700 enterprises, accounting for nearly half the number of enterprises, industrial scale of about 150 billion yuan. Shenzhen is the worlds largest solar LED lighting production and supply base, LED backlight, the worlds leading manufacturing and supply base, LED display Chinas largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting major domestic production areas. However, at present the citys high-end LED industry chain link is still relatively weak, the relative lack of tec...
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Vimicro third quarter net loss of $ 1,100,000

U.S. Eastern Time at 16:30 on November 5 (Beijing time at 5:30 on November 6) message, Vimicro (Nasdaq: VIMC) today announced September 30 as the third quarter of fiscal 2008 did not audited financial statements. The report shows that Vimicro third quarter net revenues $ 24,900,000; in accordance with GAAP, Vimicro second quarter net loss of 110 million. Main results: - Vimicro third quarter net revenues of $ 24,900,000, the last quarter of $ 23,100,000, compared to $ 25,100,000; - In accordance with GAAP, Vimicro third-quarter net loss of 110 million net loss last quarter was 100 million U.S. dollars, net profit last year was 30 million. - Not in accordance with GAAP, Vimicro third quarter net profit of 30 million, the previous quarter net profit of 30 million, last year the net profit of 190 million U.S. dollars. Financial Analysi...
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Vimicro third-quarter net loss of $ 4,300,000 reported

According to foreign media reports, and Vimicro (Nasdaq securities code: VIMC) of the Company as of Tuesday September 30, 2009 third quarter earnings report. Showed a profit, Vimicro third quarter net revenues of $ 20,500,000, more than the company had 18 million to 20 million U.S. dollars of the expected; Vimicro third quarter net loss of $ 430 a year earlier net loss of 110 million. Third Quarter Results: - Vimicro third quarter net revenues of $ 20,500,000, the last quarter of $ 18,700,000, compared to $ 24,900,000. Vimicro third-quarter net revenue than the company had 18 million to 20 million U.S. dollars of expectations. - In accordance with GAAP, Vimicro third-quarter net loss of 430 million, or $ 0.08 loss per ADS. Vimicro second quarter net loss of 820 million U.S. dollars, a year earlier net loss of 110 million. The third q...
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Vimicro to introduce mobile multimedia processor, support MPEG4/H.263/MP3

Vimicro (Vimicro International) has announced the formal launch of Vinno series of single-chip mixed-signal chip mobile multimedia processor, the products have a high degree of integration of new multimedia functionality can be integrated, including MPEG4, H.263 video, MP3, AAC / aacPlus and WMA audio, video conferencing, games, graphics, and other popular functions, but also with megapixels camera processor, polyphonic ringtones, 3D stereo, as well as analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and other functions into a single chip. Vinno chip design can be configured based on an innovative architecture to work with most phones with baseband platforms, such as Texas Instruments, Freescale, Philips, Agere and Broadcom platform capabilities, and can in GSM, GPRS, CDMA and different 3G standards for mobile networks work well. The chip inte...
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Virtual Instruments has become a mainstream test and measurement industry

Since the twentieth century, since the mid-eighties, the virtual instrument technology is a combination of modular hardware, development software and PC technology, so that users can create custom software instruments. Software-defined functions than the vendor-defined way of desktop devices for greater flexibility, and because PC-based technology, they are able to achieve faster advanced features. Now in test applications using virtual instrumentation technology has become mainstream. Most of the testing industry has accepted the concept of virtual instrument technology, or tend to use virtual instrument. For example, a representative of the U.S. military, though not a leader in technology trends, but also in widespread use of virtual instrumentation. As the worlds largest ATE (automated test equipment) independent users, the U.S. Depa...
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