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Vishay offers new power MOSFET 1 ℃ / W thermal resistance

Vishay Intertechnology Announces 2 Power MOSFET - SiE802DF and SiE800DF, its thermal resistance were 1 ℃ / W, both sides of the package may be heat, mainly for computer use DC-DC converters and other products. which, SiE802DF for synchronous rectification type DC-DC converter low voltage side, and its resistance is low, the gate voltage of +10 V for the 1.9mΩ, at +4.5 V gate voltage is 2.6mΩ, maximum working current is 60A; SiE800DF for the high end of the gate charge for the 12nC. From the conduction is, SiE800DF in the gate voltage of +10 V to 7.2 mΩ, at +4.5 V under 11.5 mΩ, the source - drain voltage between both 30V. Both products are used Vishays "PolarPAK" package, package size is 5mm × 6mm, and the common SO-8 package the same. According to reports, PolarPAK in the package, the next hot spots scattered on both sides designed, ea...
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Vishay released 0612 chip resistor array package

Vishay has introduced two new flat chip resistor arrays, respectively, Vishay Beyschlag ACAC 0612 precision series resistor arrays and ACAC 0612 professional series resistor arrays. 4 new devices will be integrated into a single 0612 film resistor surface mount package for use on the resistance of the density requirements of high accuracy and stability of the application. Vishay Beyschlag ACAC 0612 precision series resistor arrays are the absolute temperature coefficient (TCR) is ± 25ppm / ° K, TCR tracking to ± 15ppm / ° K, can also be produced according to requirements of TCR is ± 10 ppm / ° K products. The ACAC 0612 professional series resistor arrays absolute TCR to ± 50 ppm / ° K, can also be produced according to requirements of TCR is ± 25 ppm / ° K of the array. ACAC 0612 precision series resistor arrays are an absolute toleran...
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Vishay standard transmission light sensor certified by the AECQ101

VishayIntertechnology, Inc. (Visa) introduced the industrys first standards for certification of transmission received AECQ101 (intermittent) light sensor, which expanded its optoelectronics product portfolio. AECQ101 standard is issued for the Automotive Electronics Councils reliability discrete semiconductor testing and certification procedures. Addition, TCPT1300X01 TCUT1300X01 transmission with the industrys first sensor with a humidity level (MSL1) device, which means they have unlimited long workshop life. These new sensors -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ with a wide operating temperature range, it can be in the low and high temperature environment. With the 3.0mm gap, the two sensors can be used in a variety of materials, and can achieve a smaller gap than the sensors of mechanical tolerances more relaxed, thus making them ideal for automotive a...
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Vishay: one-stop local service providers stressed

In 2007, IR acquired some separation after the semiconductor and module product lines, Vishay success in the semiconductor industry to leave a new impression. IIC 2009, and this separation in the global semiconductor market and the passive components market with a number of the first U.S. company successfully demonstrated its position as market leader in one-stop component image. A series of breakthroughs in technology products used by the participating engineers attention.Senior Application Engineer Wu Vishay International introduced the companys two products the exhibitors. First introduced its Power IC. In which the third generation of its patented products and Qg TrenchMOS in Rdson have a new and improved on the performance improvement of nearly 3 percent. The same is the third generation of products from the original DrMOS 8x8mm pac...
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Vishays Bulk Metal Z Foil resistor power rating of 300mW

Recently, Vishay has announced the launch VSMP1206 high-precision, surface mount Bulk Metal Z Foil resistors, which allegedly is the industrys first 300mW high power rating, load life stability of 0.01% and ± 0.5ppm / ℃ low normal TCR value and the use of industry standard surface mount package devices. Vishay Bulk Metal Z Foil introduced technology helps to significantly reduce power resistors for current sensing resistor and the current changes in the resistance change due to improved measurement capability. Z foil technology itself has a predictable ± 0.5ppm / ℃ TCR value. At rated power of 300mW, when the temperature is 70 ℃, VSMP1206 with ± 0.01% of the low load life stability, even in the 200mW with ± 0.005% when the low load life stability. Reliable routine terminal fully wrapped in the manufacturing process to ensure the safe ha...
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Vista million Internet users on the lack of a joint appeal against Microsoft to stop selling XP

Reporter learned yesterday, for June 30 Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP from a large-scale plan, the U.S. has thousands of users join forces against Microsoft to stop selling XP. In China, Microsoft China Ltd. said that any software product to be faced with upgrading Microsoft products, too, China has not stopped selling Windows XP in the news, so no impact on the Chinese consumer. Users: signed a petition against sale Reported for June 30 Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP from a large-scale projects, a U.S. IT information website launched an Internet signature campaign, calling on joint opposition XP users delisting, but by far, over ten thousand users were joint opposition. According to reports, in addition to the IT news site, the number of sites also have supported the activities. Meanwhile, the IT consulting site plan ...
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Vivante GPU IP has been selected for Chipsbank Consumer Electronics

Recently, Vivante Corporation (Vivante Corporation) announced the selection of core State Microelectronics Co., Ltd. The companys silicon-proven GPU IP. Chipsbank is a rapidly growing fabless IC design company that specializes in consumer electronics products in Asia for low-power, high-speed digital design. Zhang Hualong Chipsbank CEO, said: "We selected Vivante because they can through at least the lowest total power consumption and silicon area to provide full-featured, and has been ready for the market solution." Vivante Wei-Jin Dai, President and CEO, said: "We focus on application of the ecosystem associated with a complete solution, together with the lowest power consumption and smallest silicon footprint, is to meet the requirements Chipsbank ideal match. Vivante growing list of clients authorized to usher Chipsbank We are prou...
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Vivante GPU IP technology "settled in" North microprocessor R & D Center PC SoC platform

Vivante Corporation announced the Microprocessor Research and Development Center of Peking University in China have chosen to Vivante 2D/3D GPU IP technology for its single-chip PC SoC platform, so that affordable computers to schools to achieve compliance 3C OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenVG standard mapping functions. Microprocessor Research and Development Center, Peking University, Professor Ren Chengxu said: "We Vivante GPU architecture was selected because of its small chip area, low power consumption, superior image quality and performance aspects of a very between good balance. Vivante GPU with Khronos open standards and API, we can provide help to education, teaching and research in modern graphics applications. " Vivante Corporation President and CEO, said Wei-Jin Dai: "will be added to the electronic publishing of multi...
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Vivitek Luxeon LED display strong layout of large domestic market

April birds are flying south long grass, flowers Yan Jing; April Chunchao projector market is surging with renewed vitality. Internationally renowned brands Vivitek Viviteks new optical conference was held in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province. Luxeon Vivitek Global General Manager and Mr. Kang Hongming, general manager of Mr. Lv Wenping China is to meet jointly for the first time with the domestic media, about 30 professionals from all over the media to witness the worlds first projector LED 1080P Full HD projector Wang -H9080FD debut. Vivitek layout Vivitek strong domestic large-screen display market At the conference site, whether it is the worlds first release for home users LED 1080P Full HD projector king, or display the users high-end engineering for the industry projection solutions, Vivitek recognized as an industry "Show all" is, inde...
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Vodafone, Apple signed an agreement for sale in 10 countries such as India iPhone

Vodafone Group on Tuesday announced that it will be in 2008 in Australia, India and South Africa for sale sent Apples iPhone. , AFP reported, Vodafone said in a statement, in accordance with the agreement signed by Apple, in addition to more than 3 foreign countries, it will have in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal and Turkey other 7 countries the right to sell iPhone handsets. The same time, these iPhone mobile phone will run on Vodafones network. So far, officially launched a year ago, iPhone, only in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland and Austria acquired 6 countries. To be sold in 10 States iPhone, after the announcement, Vodafones share price the day the London Stock Exchange did not rise, but fell 0.86%, the value of 162.10 pence per share. ...
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