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Winter strikes the semiconductor lighting industrial lighting contrarian

Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Association of Lighting Lighting publishing business situation of enterprises report shows that about 60% of companies said that sales increase, its growth rate of 8% to 79%; 20% to 30% of companies said down, down range of 20% to 30%; 10% of the company flat. Operating costs and profits in the survey the majority of Chinese enterprises operating costs at 10% to 20%, only 40% of individual enterprises; corporate profits decline in most of the 10% to 20%. Shang Bannian data comparing the lighting industry in Guangdong profit fell about 24%; addition, according to China Association of Lighting Survey: 2008 70% of the lighting industry companies at a loss, 20% of companies were flat, and only 10% of the enterprises profitable. A lighting industry, the advent of winter, good performance of semiconductor lig...
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Wire and cable name

the full> 3, simplified > Case: rated flame-retardant copper 8.7/15kV XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable (too long!) "rated voltage 8.7/15kV" - use the> "flame" - to emphasize features "Copper" - Conductor Materials "cross-linked polyethylene insulated" - insulating materials "steel armor" - armored materials and type (double-wrapped steel space) "sheathed" - inside and> "power cable" - the product category> the corresponding model is written as ZR-YJV22-8.7/15, models> distinction between wire and cable fact, the "wire" and "cable" and there is> models wire and cable composition and> [1: category, purpose] [2: Conductor ] [3: Insulation] [4: Inner jacket] [5: Structure] [6:> 1-5, and article 7 with a phonetic alphabet that the English>> item 7 is to use a variety> power cable sheathing and border=1> dig...
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Wire and cable standards of planning

first part of the overall situation of Chinas wire and cable industry output in 1998 accounted for 1% of national output, consumption of copper is also second only to the United States. According to the 1995 Third National Industrial Census of China, Chinas wire and cable companies a total of 4676 (excluding Taiwan), according to the enterprise distribution percentage, 40.36% in East China, and South Africa 21.96%, 19.25% in North China, Northeast China 8.55%, Taiwan 3.08%, 2.65% Northwest, Southwest 2.65%. 90 years after the beginning of the 20th century, Chinas wire and cable manufacturing industry entered a rapid development period, in 1998 the output value of wire and cable manufacturing industry in 1990 4.2 times, 4.5 times sales. Increase the volume and value growth in GDP, the amount of synchronization. In 1999, China wire and cab...
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Wisair for consumer devices wireless USB reference design launched

Wisair today announced the launch of wireless consumer devices for the USB Dongle and Hub Reference Design can be used such as printers, scanners, and mobile devices, the rate of up to 480Mbps with USB connection to PC. The reference design is based on WiMedias multiband-OFDM specification, the use of the full WiMedia-compliant SiGe Wisair physical layer chip and the companys proprietary media access controller (MAC). Wisair Amir Freund, vice president of marketing, said: "Its in the MAC layer is not fully compatible with WiMedia". However, Freund expects first quarter of 2006 is fully compatible with the MAC. Freund pointed out that the current design of the company to focus on device-side, with special emphasis multiple interfaces, including SDIO, Compact Flash and MPEG. He said, "For the PC host, we are working with Intel, which prov...
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With Fusion, Actel new PWM embedded application to improve the flexibility of nuclear

Actel Corporation announced the launch of low-cost Core PWM IP core, which is designed for the companys non-volatile field programmable gate array (FPGA) optimized design for the conversion of the number of flexible touch pulse width modulation (PWM) IP core. Applied to Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip (PSC) when, Core PWM to achieve single-chip closed-loop control system design, help to reduce the number of parts and increase flexibility. Core PWM conversion solutions, the number of touch with the Actel Fusion PSC ability of the analog component module, suitable for embedded mixed-signal applications, including industrial, medical equipment, military / aerospace, communications, consumer electronics and automotive fields. Actel IP solutions, senior manager Ian Land, said: "CorePWM enables system designers to achieve a single-chip F...
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With the "Mobile Taiwan" plan Chunghwa Telecom Alvarion WiMAX network deployment

WiMAX and wireless broadband solutions provider Alvarion and digital communication International (eASPNet), announced that Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, Ilan County, north of cloth for the local government to build a new mobile WiMAX network to meet the "Mobile Taiwan," Applied Promotion. The network will use Alvarions 4Motion Mobile WiMAX solution, using the 2.5GHz frequency band to provide high-speed mobile Internet access, online learning, mobile commerce, mobile tourist guide, and video security monitoring, network television and other services. The broadband point to multipoint wireless network using Alvarion wireless WiMAX solution to provide service support by the eASPNet, covering Yilan County, Yilan County Luodong and popular scenic areas, to the Yilan County residents, tourists and business to provide ubiquitous mobile network s...
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With the free worlds first CDMA mobile TV function mobile phone market

Telegent Systems Co., Ltd. and Guizhou, the leading CDMA handset manufacturer, today announced Zhen Hua Baizhi Communications Ltd., the worlds first CDMA has analog TV function mobile phone, a hundred wise MT-V810 is available. With this function with Telegent mobile TV, consumers can receive real-time, free wireless television programs, content, and they enjoy at home the same on the TV, allowing users to watch their favorite news anytime, anywhere, sports and TV series. The phone can be purchased in China Telecoms business offices, the first listing of the provinces, including Henan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guizhou and Anhui. "In addition to the traditional functions of mobile phones, to enjoy real-time, free TV shows, adds to our customers more value," a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom, Ltd Tianyi person in charge of telecommunica...
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Withstand 271 degrees Celsius below zero cold, the advent of new electronic module for aircraft

Spacecraft need the heater to the low temperature to protect its electronic components, such as lunar exploration satellite to be resistance as low as minus 150 degrees Celsius (minus 238 degrees Fahrenheit) below the low temperature. In the recent IEEE Aerospace Conference (March 7-14 at Big Sky, Montana, was held at), the electrical engineer from the University of Arkansas could have demonstrated its temperature at 180 degrees Celsius working environment Electronic integration module design. Their goal is to protect electronic components to eliminate the "warm box" of the additional cost, weight and power consumption. Professor of electrical engineering at the university, said Alan Mantooth: "We invented specifically for extreme temperature conditions, including low temperature zone." Dedicated to low-temperature region, the current...
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Witt quartz crystal frequency up to 60MHz

Crystal Witt Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen (Shenzhen JingWeiTe Electronics Co. Ltd) in the latest series of quartz crystal in the 6MHz to 60MHz operating frequency between the accuracy of ± 30ppm. The resonant impedance of 40Ω to 80Ω, the accuracy of temperature on the impact frequency of ± 30ppm. The series of quartz crystal operating temperature range of -10 ℃ to 60 ℃, the load capacitance of 10pF, driving power in the 2μW to 0.5mW, Insulation Resistance 500MΩ. ...
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WLAN SiGe RF front-end module of the "Electronic Design Technology" Innovative Product Award Winner

New RF front-end solution provides the industrys best performance, integration and low power characteristics combined SiGe Semiconductor (SiGe Semiconductor) the RangeCharger ? SE2551A just "electronic design" magazine (EDN China) first annual Innovative Product Competition won first prize. The product is the industrys first mobile applications optimized for fully integrated wireless LAN (WLAN) radio frequency (RF) front-end modules. RangeCharger ? SE2551A with its industry-leading high-performance, high integration and low power consumption, to ensure your phone supports WLAN function while they will not affect its dimensions, call performance and battery life, to be in the competitive network and communications category was awarded the prize. SiGe Semiconductor Andrew Parolin, director of wireless data products, said: "RangeCharger ...
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