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Wang Ruixiang, deputy director of SASAC, boasted: there is no monopoly telecom industry

Yesterday, CPPCC member and deputy director of SASAC, said Wang Ruixiang, the current central business SASAC has already begun to collect "dividends", mainly to cover the cost of employee relocation and other reforms. At the same time, he said, there is no monopoly of the telecommunications industry. Income of workers for the monopoly problem is too high, Ruixiang said: "The scientific definition of the so-called monopoly to, such as the telecom industry, fixed-line business, mobile business has competition, how can you count monopoly? Of course not." ...
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Wang said it would continue to seek opportunities for acquisitions of foreign telecom assets

China Mobile chairman and chief executive on Wednesday, Wang said China Mobiles current business focus is in Chinas domestic market, but also will continue to seek opportunities for acquisition of overseas telecommunications assets. Wang statement on the companys business focus has changed, he said several times recently, is currently overseas telecommunications assets look cheap, China Mobile will wait for an opportunity to invest overseas assets. Wang reiterated that he believed that overseas telecommunications assets currently very cheap. China Mobile in 2007 of 4.6 billion overall price of the acquisition of Paktel, and renamed it CMPak Ltd. Wang CPPCC meeting in space, told reporters that China Mobile is fortunate not to start the acquisition two years ago, when asset prices are high; Now that asset prices have fallen by 50% -60%...
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Wang Shenzhen Power Technology 75W switching power supply rated power

Wang Shenzhen Power Technology Co., Ltd. introduced GPAD700M12-3A triple output switching power supply for telecommunications. The switching power supply output voltage range of 145Vac to 295Vac between the rated output voltage is 5V, 10V and 12V, respectively, rated current 0.2A, 1A and 5A, the maximum ripple current of 50mA, rated power of 75W, 80% efficiency . GPAD700M12-3A triple output switching power supply also has short-circuit, over voltage, reverse polarity protection, operating temperature range between -40 ℃ to 65 ℃. ...
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Wang Xiaojie said not to consider Chinas mobile multimedia services, user fees

SARFT deputy director of Science and Technology yesterday said Wang Xiaojie, CMMB (China mobile multimedia) services will not consider the user charges. Previously, Shanghai Media Mobile Television Co., Ltd. in February was officially launched in Shanghai in the first CMMB mobile TV business services, the service free of charge in the first year, and brewing operations after the implementation of Shanghai CMMB monthly fee is 20 yuan / month, which CMMB is the first time disclosed the official operating agencies of the specific charges, which led to the industry standard for the discussion of the tariff. Wang Xiaojie expressed, CMMB as an extension of existing broadcast television network, has always insisted on the basic entertainment meet user needs, based on providing low-cost high-quality mobile TV. CMMB has formed a complete indust...
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Want the highest dollar financing issue price of 11.7 billion HK 4.1 / share

Yesterday, Want Want China Holdings Limited in Hong Kong Stock Exchange official announcement, said this week after five, open worldwide distribution of more than 2.7 billion shares, the maximum issue price of 4.1 Hong Kong dollars per share. Want the listing is expected to raise funds up to 11.7 billion Hong Kong dollars. Announcement shows that the full issue of 27.178882 million shares, including the sale of the company will be 3.97582 billion new shares and selling shareholders sold 2.323 billion shares to the Sale Shares, the maximum offer price per share of 4.10 Hong Kong dollars, plus 1% brokerage, SFC transaction levy of 0.004% and Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading fee of 0.005%. The net value of $ 0.02 per share. Stock code 0151. Announcement that the Offer Price is expected to be joint book managers (on behalf of the Underwrit...
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Watch an exclusive building in Tibet Lhasa in May launched 3G TD

4 27 news, Tibet Mobile general manager of Dai Zhong, deputy general manager and deputy general manager of the Tao, Dai-Ming Chu has received media interviews, including Netease technology. Dai Zhong said that the Tibetan branch of China Mobile will launch TD commercial trial in May, started from the second half of 2008 the core network integration and software upgrades for the network, the current 2G and 3G is already a core network, network capacity 200 million (of which 100 million 2G users). Said Dai Zhong, TD Mount Everest plans covering user needs depends entirely on the current conditions in the technology has matured. TD network construction has been completed in Lhasa Dai-Ming Zhu, said construction of the second TD in Lhasa as one of 28 cities, the network construction has been completed, including 163 base stations (same as...
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WatchGuard Firebox X Edge Endpoint Security to enhance equipment performance

Technologies (Nasdaq: WGRD) today enhancements to its endpoint security products, the performance of Firebox X Edge series to simplify systems management, provide greater user control and more diverse functions. WatchGuard devices enhance performance the most special thing about the introduction of advanced "wireless guest services", which allows businesses to control network access. Furthermore, the addition of new products also Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) support, centralized control of Edge user privileges. WebBlocker categories to 40, to provide a more comprehensive and detailed web access. Network traffic stream, a daily or even hourly with new users or new equipment access. To avoid frequent changes to the breeding of these security issues, system administrators need tools to simplify management, to meet differe...
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Wave of software soared 65.7% 6 days

4 limit in the previous 5 trading days after the stock exchange yesterday for publishing a notice unusual fluctuations in the wave of software, one-hour suspension, resumption of stock again soon closed in the limit, only 6 days the cumulative rate of increase has been as high as 65.7%. Wave Software announced that the company not be disclosed without the disclosure of information. And the early morning of 13 results for Letters published in 2008, its revenues fell 18.03% to 4.94 billion and net profit was 87.80% of the significant growth there, soared to 34.48 million yuan. Express software is not the wave of results is explained in the decline in operating income and net profit surge of reasons. It is noteworthy that, the wave of the parent company of the software group April 2nd wave of the operation of public display, the whole wave...
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Wave semiconductor emboldened to do what?

" Hu You local again, and pull to do the wave semiconductor manufacturing, and its sources of technology where it can produce in the end what?" A veteran of the semiconductor industry, "First Financial Daily" said that the wave did not reveal any details, just that market, demand and financial strength, this is only another two years, a wave of irrational investment continues. IC segments wider project on the specific positioning the product in question, the official did not elaborate wave, only that it engaged in "integrated product development, production, sales, investment", the project construction period is 2 years. Three companies invested 300 million yuan is only the first phase, which even a second-hand 8-inch production lines can not buy. On the next two financial planning, the wave of information is also not disclosed. And ...
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Waveguide 07 exposed the huge loss of 593 million domestic mobile phone three difficulties

Once known as the domestic mobile phone in the "fighter" Bird once again stumbled, domestic mobile phone manufacturers today is feeling really bad the day before. Waveguide (600130) Annual Report 2007 released recently, said its net profit loss of 593 million, up by 1865% giant. Waveguide can be attributed to the huge loss of the companys operating strategy, the most part, the huge loss of the waveguide is made mobile phones further deterioration of the operating environment dictates, also reflects the domestic mobile phone brand needs improvement and strengthening. In fact, in addition to Bird, TCL, Amoi, Kejian and a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers announced financial results also show that companies operating inadequate. Shui Qing Mu Hua consulting firm survey, at present, the market share of foreign brands reached 85%,...
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