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WCDMA chip market in China who broke the Bureau of Qualcomm?

WCDMA market in China, no doubt leading the way high-pass, two of Chinas largest manufacturers ZTE and Huawei WCDMA terminals are Qualcomms customers, and is the exclusive supplier Qualcomm. In support of Qualcomm, Huawei has become the worlds largest WCDMA data card vendors, ZTEs WCDMA handsets and data cards are selling well, of course, in May 2009 before the end WCDMA manufacturers in China are almost all sold overseas because there are not any network. However, with the start of China Unicoms WCDMA network, in addition to ZTE and Huawei, the more Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and design companies will enter the field of WCDMA terminal, WCDMA terminal of the domestic demand will be blowout. Who is the WCDMA chip supplier mainstream market it? Qualcomm has signed from the authorized point of view, these new companies are still ente...
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Weak demand for flash memory chip factory revenue down the latest rankings

2008 NAND Flash in the second quarter of global brands overall revenues of 29 million 4 million, compared with 3.1 billion the previous quarter million 9 thousand a 9.0% decline, overall, by the demand side continue to struggle with the global consumer confidence index continued to fall in the second quarter, the impact, NAND Flash, whether in average selling prices and sales showed a declining trend. Sluggish demand side gap makes the over-supply of NAND Flash continues to expand, although the second quarter of bit shipments grew over 10% the previous quarter, but the average price has fallen by about 15% Again on the second quarter revenue of NAND Flash Top view brands, Samsung 1.1 billion in revenue over 3 million 4 thousand dollars, market share was 39.4%, continuing won the first; Toshiba revenue of 700 million 7 7 thousand million...
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Weak growth in the smartphone market competition Gartner shows

2008 fourth quarter, the smart phone market growth, sluggish, but at least growing. Market research firm Gartners latest data show that increased competition in the market, Samsung for the first time into the top five list. Gartner in its report that, compared to the overall decline in the fourth quarter of 2008, the decline in mobile phone market situation, season smart phone market grew by 3.7%. Despite the lack of eye-catching new products, and deteriorating economic situation to the end users buying tendency, but at least managed to avoid smart phones the fate of a recession. Gartner research director RobertaCozza that manufacturers and operators continue to work to expand the smartphone portfolio. However, the top vendors in the market share rankings changed significantly. While Nokia still maintains the leading position, but the...
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WEDC launch high performance 32M × 72 DDR SDRAM

White Electronic Designs Corporation (WEDC) today announced a 256MB (2Gb) DDR synchronous DRAM storage-type high-speed CMOS memory - W3E32M72SR-XSBX. This section using 32M × 72 SDRAM configuration, packaged in a 16 × 25mm, 400mm2, 208 plastic ball grid array (PBGA) package for high reliability products, such as commercial, industrial and military temperature range of other applications. TSOP package with the device compared to a 74% saving space, reducing the 51% I / O. It reduces the weight of the package, reducing component count, and the PCI bridge / memory controller is connected by plastic-free connections, reducing the path length, reducing the storage capacitance. WEDCs 2Gb SDRAM uses double data rate (DDR) architecture, enabling high-speed operation. DDR memory architecture using dual-edge clock send and receive data, thereby ...
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Wei Han Keji wireless control chip certified by USB-IF

Wei Han Keji (VIA Networking) has announced its official wireless control via chipset VT6656 USB-IF certification, which can effectively monitor the transmission voltage, the power performance of an advantage. VT6656 and VT6655 Hanke Ji Wei were introduced for the Wireless LAN environment, the control chip solution, which comply with IEEE 802.11a/b/g specifications, combined with the design of MAC and BaseBand is the integrated control chip. Their maximum wireless transfer rate up to 54Mbps, the bandwidth to meet the needs of all levels of users. Which, VT6655 supports CardBus / miniPCI interfaces, VT6656 supports USB, products widely used. In addition, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA 2.0 standard wireless access system, the product also provides users with secure wireless network transmission environment. VT6656 work at full spee...
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Wei Leping said the 2009 PON technology to take off in China

Broadband access technologies have been gradually moving forward, with the collapse of APON technology, EPON and GPON technologies in the development of technology has matured, the development of broadband applications in the 2009 China Forum on Science and Technology Committee of China Telecom Group, said Wei Leping Director: "2009 is off of PON technology." Wei Leping said: "EPON technology has matured, and has for device chip and system-level interoperability, while prices have also dropped significantly, has begun commercial scale. EPON Once mature, operators will begin to believe that a positive test, once the test success, followed by field experiments and trial will be commercial. " GPON is also a great concern by operators PON technology, it has better quality, management and multi-service capability, high efficiency, the user h...
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Wei Shaojun: Chinas IC design industry should change the Development

- China Semiconductor Industry Association and vice president Wei Shaojun Of IC design industry in the past 10 years rapid development, becoming the third largest IC design companies to gather. Since 2000, 1.2 billion industry-wide sales of more than 30 billion yuan by 2008, Chinas IC design industry, the average annual compound growth rate of 58%. Chinas electronic information industry for the steady growth of the sustainable development of the national economy has made important contributions. However, we should clearly understand that behind this remarkable performance, but also its specific context. On the one hand, the development of Chinas IC design industry base is relatively small, a higher initial growth rate is not surprising, but with the base of the uplift, the development rate is bound to decline. In fact, over the past tw...
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Weidmuller double screw terminal connection than the traditional time to save 76%

Weidmuller terminal of mixed layer provides two independent channels to support insulation displacement connection (IDC) and thread termination technology. IDK 1.5N/ZB support time-saving hybrid terminal IDC, can reduce the workload. the use 24AWG to 16AWG terminals of the IDC connector, 26AWG to 12AWG wire for screw connection, it can be used for a variety of industrial and control products. It is rated at 600V, Current 10A, 22AWG to 16AWG wire in the range between the size of the terminal 5.1 (W) × 95.3 (L) × 52.8 (H) mm. this hybrid double terminal is safe and reliable access to properties, its external tension IDC technology and yellow wire terminal to display the conductor is connected correctly. In addition, compared with the conventional screw connection technology, and its connection time by 76%, because without the use of wires...
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Weiwu Godson about patents: the moment the Red Army as early

6 21, architect Weiwu Godson wrote the theme article, "buy on the calculation of the structure of authority MIPS consideration" to buy MIPS Godson authorized to make detailed interpretation of the results. Article, Weiwu wrote, Institute of Computing MIPS structure obtained authorization is permanent, will be free to design a variety of CPU chips, chip manufacturers in the domestic and international flow of films, performance can be constantly upgraded, there is no future Godson development is subject to MIPS big companies. He said the structure of purchased license MIPS little cost, the cost of only a small proportion of total R & D costs, or even much lower than the calculation of the costs for the purchase of EDA tools. And future branded products in the Godson "MIPS-compatible" label is very easy to get formal recognition of large ...
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Welcome good battery electric vehicles is the bottleneck of the development and support facilities

International financial crisis has brought the global automotive industry a severe impact, but the development of electric car industry has introduced good policies. We should see the development of electric car industry is still facing many difficulties, the core battery technology needs to be a breakthrough, all kinds of facilities to be perfect. The era of electric cars still need more government support. 4 On 10 April, sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology from the "pure electric vehicle industry --- opportunities and challenges," the General Assembly held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the meeting attracted a large number of experts in the industry. This year, the government view of the electric vehicle industry, the introduction of all sorts of good policy. We should see the development of electric c...
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