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Wenxue Li: seize the opportunity to revitalize the electronic components industry

"Electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has officially announced the "plan" put forward, the next three years, the electronic information industry should focus on computers, electronic components such as the revitalization of the nine key areas of expansion . Government support measures will be introduced in seven areas, for three years to ensure stable development of electronic information industry, speed up structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading. Plan within three years of electronic information industry GDP contribution to the growth of not less than 0.7 percentage points. Chinas electronic information industry is one of the top ten industrial revitalization program. Chinas electronic information industry to address the long-term development, "plannin...
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Wenzhou fixed telephone users for the first time negative growth

Wenzhou City, according to figures provided by Statistics Bureau, Wenzhou City, a negative growth of fixed telephone subscribers, which is since 1919 in Wenzhou City, the first time since the emergence of negative fixed-line growth. At the same time, mobile phone users and Internet users are still in rapid growth. To the end of last year, Wenzhou City, the number of fixed phone users to 3,477,000 over the previous year decreased by about two hundred sixty-two thousand. Industry insiders say this may be since 1919 in Wenzhou City, the first time since the emergence of negative fixed-line growth. Mobile phone users and Internet users increased by 9.2% and 22.9%, reaching 7.447 million and nine hundred thirty-two thousand. OO two six by the end of fixed telephone users in Wenzhou City, 3,739,000, reaching a peak, the forefront of similar ...
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Wenzhou raise the "mandatory threshold" to curb high-energy investments

The energy level of Wenzhou as an investment project approval and filing of the "mandatory threshold", and strictly control new construction projects of high energy consumption, curb the excessive growth of high energy-consuming industries. The person in charge, according to the Wenzhou city government said, from March 13 onwards, the citys "energy saving" work to implement energy-saving assessments of fixed asset investment projects and review system, not on the energy saving standards of the county (city District) to implement the project "regional permit restrictions." Do not meet the mandatory standards for energy conservation projects, not to approve (approval) of its construction; construction unit shall not start construction; has been completed, and not be put into production use. Wenzhou municipal government issued a notice on...
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Western Electronic Forum: Focus on industrial and emerging electronic technologies markets

Electronic Components Technology Network ( together with the China Electronics Fair will be held 27-28 August 2009 at the Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center Western Electronic Forum. Forum and China (Chengdu) Electronics Show held with the same period, from the summit of the western market focus and technical seminars composition, with the Sichuan Information Industry Department, National Defense Commission of Sichuan Province, China Electronic Components Associations strong support of governments and agencies . "Western Electronic Forum is a gathering of production and research officer, will discuss the states industrial revitalization plans and western industry, as well as western technology and services to help market approach," Communication and Power Exhibition and General Manager Mr. Chen ...
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What are the first U.S. manufacturing industry rejuvenation? Pioneer LCD TV and the LED into

According to the U.S. "Business Weekly" reported that the economy hit the U.S. manufacturing sector has recently shown profound stabilize certain evidence should be considered even though this is not going to fully rejuvenate the U.S. manufacturing signs, but the steel can be expected industry, LCD TV with advertised energy-saving electronic products manufacturing industry should be the rejuvenation the fastest pace of manufacturing. MBG Information Services, chief economist with McMeekin said that the U.S. March industrial production fell 15% from a year earlier, this is the largest in the country after World War II years of decline, which also showed the U.S. manufacturing To restore the health industry and the past is not easy. If the United States and other public works highway construction may be the first wave of U.S. manufacturi...
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What can save the financial crisis, China wire and cable industry

"After 30 years of rapid development, China has become the worlds largest wire and cable industry, manufacturing, consumer-scale the highest, the fastest growing market. But this is only a microcosm of the Chinese economy, wire and cable industry in the release tremendous energy and creativity behind the tremendous pressure, excess production capacity and disorderly competition in the market and other negative factors, are at all times to haunt us. "Wei Dong Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute to use such a word general wire and cable industry in China nowadays. This is also the consensus of the entire wire and cable industry. Today in the financial crisis intensified, even though, as the national economy and peoples daily lives in all areas necessary for basic products, wire and cable industry does not seem to impact from the ma...
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What makes the market demand for the connector

2007 Nian 3G has begun to enter peoples attention, leading to a connector of great change, "high temperature" under the phone connector market is already saturated, decreased profits, many large manufacturers and dealers began connector to focus on the automotive industry, and the rapid warming of the automotive industry, enabling the connector industry to reach a new peak of it? Mobile phone connector market last year, really make the spot market demand for all the dealers, "hit the jackpot," the one, also the biggest dealer in southern China Connector Hao Lung Electronic tasted the sweetness. Do not fall in the market this year, is still optimistic about the market situation, it is understood, including electronic, including Ho Lung dealers will invest much of the focus from mobile phone, PC, game consoles and other low-end connecto...
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When Chinas machine tool industry consolidation for the three companies Reviews

Machine is a vector of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment industry, the basic means of production, mainly for the automotive, military, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electrical equipment, railway locomotives, ships, and other service industries. As the worlds largest machine tool consumer and importer of machine tools, but also the worlds third largest machine tool producer, Chinas machine tool industry in recent years, "inadvertently see the development, was silent at a raise," the only three listed companies in Kunming Machine Tool (600 806 ), Qinchuan development (000,837) and the Shenyang Machine Tool (000410) also highlight the fierce competition in its own characteristics. Import substitution and export-led machine tool industry co-exist mainly from the downstream consumption of machinery industry, ...
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When long lawsuits, and joint development is the right path - VS SMIC TSMC lawsuit Review

Couple have seven-year itch, and TSMC and SMIC marathon lawsuit also fast for seven years, but it seems to have no signs of stopping. Prosecution, appeals, counter-claim , one in the United States appealed, a prosecution in Beijing, you Changba me on stage, the process is really the story than the story itself is wonderful. retribution when the brothers look askance wall people angry. lawsuit is the leading semiconductor companies across the Taiwan Strait to resolve the most good way to do? Enterprises storm Lawsuit in mid-fight, why at the present is very special. The economic crisis, the entire semiconductor industry suffered the biggest crisis since the new century. Which is the first generation of industry when one of them. The leader of the world on behalf of the industry In addition to the face of declining performance of TSMC ad...
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When the 4G era Ceva is still lucky?

DSP core provider Ceva Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of the company to celebrate its 10th anniversary in June in New York, sounded the Nasdaq Stock Market closing bell, and declared that in 2008 revenue growth of 21.6% - - compared to the global semiconductor market revenue in 2008 decreased by 5.4%, although the global semiconductor IP market rising, but only 5.5%. Ceva also boldly declared that the business will not be affected by the economic crisis, and said its global sales of DSP cores have been used in the top five mobile phone 4. However, the good results Ceva companies rely on well-designed or made by their luck is still questionable. Another problem is that, Cevas good luck in the dawn of 4G is able to maintain, because the software re-use decisions in the design of 4G is no longer important, most of the design need to reinvent the ...
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