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Where is the way Moores Law did not chip development

Although Moores Law failures not new, but a researcher at IBM Carl Anderson (Carl Anderson) has recently re-throw this speech. Moores Law is about to lapse. Anderson more than once in the past, high-growth industry, for example, said that the exponential growth of each industry will eventually come to an end. Anderson, the phenomenal R & D costs continue to increase the transistor chip will be a major obstacle. In general, chip development and manufacturing cost billions of dollars at every turn, the company can afford very little. Such as IBMs R & D budget of more than 60 million, more than 3,000 engineers, the core development team, but also as many as 10 times more engineers and technicians. Current problem is not technology evolution roadmap, but the reality of the chip manufacturing industry, now started a new plant need to inves...
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Where is the way of domestic inverter

Modern Power Electronics; power semiconductors; high voltage inverter Eleventh Five-Year Plan, construction of a conservation-oriented society is an important part of future development. Efficient use of energy, energy conservation is to build a concrete manifestation of saving society. Motor is recognized as power-hungry, the total electricity consumption in the national economy more than 6 percent, its energy-saving renovation, great potential. To build a conservation-oriented society, we must do the work of the content. Frequency Control Technology to promote a necessary means to achieve this goal, it is also energy-saving AC motor focus of the work. The development of high-voltage inverter background and significance of With modern power electronics technology and the rapid development of computer control technology, and promote ...
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Where is the way the power of small and medium enterprises Deus Ex

The survival of SMEs is a topic never be forgotten, in the law of the jungle "jungle" rule, the weak can only be those strong forest "beast" to mercilessly devour. But history tells us that the development of an ancient truths: After fierce competition, the last to leave is not the most powerful, but the most suitable. Now the tiger in the forest is very rare, but have since multiplied petite monkey now. Similarly, todays small and medium enterprises in the large enterprises of the "House of Flying Daggers", the also seeking survival and development of the Road, then where is their way? They do? How they are out of the market, a critical situation? Often see entrepreneurs within the industry, dealers complain that the power industry, low barriers to entry lead to confusion in the industry, SMEs too, so that the current excess capacity w...
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Where to go next CPU SoC or SiP development

Intel in the Feb. 9 meeting of the International Solid State Circuits Conference (InternationalSolidStateCircuitsConference, ISSCC) posted on its most integrated CPU of the details, while the NEC is an independent published a paper processor is proposed to build development potential of the new program. These two papers led to this debate: the future will be along the system-on-chip microprocessor (system-on-chip) along the direction of development or system in package (system-in-package) direction? Despite this there is a dispute, but the share of Intel in microprocessors has become increasingly evident dominance. The seminar papers are included in the 8, 4 papers from Intel, NEC of this thesis, only a different voice. Professor of Computer Science Association KrsteAsanovi said, this year (paper) poor harvest. Intel will be taking a ...
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Whether the recovery of memory leading

08, down 20% to $ 25,200,000,000; 2007 is 315 million, down 7%; in 2006, the global memory reached a peak of $ 33,800,000,000. By the financial turmoil, the global memory in the past two years, before the eight manufacturers have cumulative losses of 80 billion U.S. dollars, to the end of 2009 when the loss will be expanded to 110 billion U.S. dollars. Financial crisis has accelerated memory industry recovery Financial crisis is a double-edged sword, its the one hand, while reducing the market demand, but also reduced output. Under certain conditions, more memory, speed up the recovery of the industry, the key lies in the number of supply and demand relationship. Memory starting from 2006 Q4 prices continue to fall into the down cycle, the reason is that supply exceeds demand. Since 2006 over 2005 DRAM sales grew 35%, reaching 33.8 b...
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Whether writing a semiconductor lighting market boom

2008, Chinas semiconductor lighting (LED) industry has experienced a period of rapid development, overseas investment in upstream and downstream merger integration to accelerate the process at the same time, traditional lighting companies, state-owned capital, private capital, e-commerce providers, also have entered the market. LED industry, the industrys expansion after 2007-2008, the government set standards, the 2009 overall development will be more order. Among them, a huge market in mainland China for the global LED industry, business opportunities, with the successful staging of the Olympic Games, World Expo, the Asian Games and other major international events in the upcoming LED projects will be in a series of road lighting, landscape lighting, full color display screen applications such as face to bring a new breakthrough. Alth...
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Whirlpool, Hisense invested joint venture to build the new company is expected to reach 900 million

Hisense Group and the worlds largest white goods manufacturer Whirlpool announced in Qingdao: the two sides to form a new joint venture company will be the way to China and the global consumer research and development, manufacturing high-end washing machines and refrigerators. A joint venture of the two sides are expected to reach 900 million yuan investment, the two sides will account for 50%. The new company will bring together advanced technology dedicated to high-end washing machines and refrigerators product development and production planning capacity at this stage were 200 million washing machines, high-end large capacity refrigerators more than 100 million units. With the smooth functioning of the joint venture to further expand domestic and foreign markets, the two sides will discuss seeking opportunities to enter new industrie...
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Whirlpool, Hisense Kelon and invest 900 million yuan into the high-end white

Has been to produce low-end white goods products based Hisense Kelon Electrical Co., Ltd. (000921.SZ, the "Hisense Kelon"), the current intention to enter the high-end white areas. Today, Hisense Kelon announcement that will work with Whirlpool (Hong Kong) Limited was established Whirlpool, Hisense (Zhejiang) Electric Co., Ltd., will be submitted to the shareholders of the intention of the General Assembly for approval. Whirlpool (Hong Kong) Limited is the worlds largest manufacturer of large household appliances - Whirlpool (WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION), a subsidiary of the registered capital of the joint venture company set up 450 million yuan, with each contribution 50% of the total investment of 900 million yuan, is located in Changxing, Zhejiang, the joint venture term of 50 years. Hisense is the development and marketing of Whirlpool w...
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White companies are expected to increase product prices also rose 4% price

Following Japans Mitsubishi Electric Corporation increase air conditioning sales prices, Toshiba announced yesterday, the increase will be listed on December 1 3, a new refrigerator factory price. As raw material prices are expected to price these products than older products rose about 1 million yen (about 680 yuan). Compared with other home appliances, refrigerators and air conditioners and other white products, steel and copper materials used in the relative number of more. As the international market, steel and copper prices continue to rise, air conditioning manufacturers to improve production efficiency through such means have been unable to digest the material price increases cost pressures, faced with declining performance situation. Japan ranks first in domestic air conditioner market and the Matsushita Electric Daikin, Hitachi...
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White foreign prices of 3% -5% brand domestic brands do not follow up on claims

Has learned from Suning, after price increases following the Siemens and other brands, including Panasonic and Electrolux, and several other major foreign brands, chain stores have recently issued new pricing scheme, price hikes of 3% to 5%. The two leading domestic enterprises Gree beauty is declared "no follow-up." Suning Gu Wei, vice president of Guangzhou district administration confirmed to reporters, including Panasonic and Electrolux, and other foreign brands, the prices of several major chain stores have been ordered plan. Gu Wei pointed out that the current indications, other enterprises are still waiting to see, but in May before and after, continue to have the brand on the price adjustment, gradually implement the new price plan. It is understood that the first price increase since the Siemens, the Haier brand then follow-up...
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