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White goods continue to rise in the price in the end can not carry the appliance store prices Death

Sales price has been as a killer of household electrical appliances, but after New Years Day in 2008, sounded one after another of the "up". Many of the media claimed, refrigerators, washing machines and other white goods prices will show the trend of gradually rising, and even boasted a higher increase will reach 10%, of which the price of washing machine may be increased by 5% -8%. Recently, the reporter found that in the stores, in addition to individual manufacturers, but has not yet formed a trend of large price increases. "Prices of home appliances is not it?" When asked Madian Eagle Gome Group stores a refrigerator, washing machine sales, he was quite helpless, said: "From the New Years Day after, whether it is determined to buy, or a passing mood Customers will be asked this question, especially in our white goods ice wash group...
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White goods entered a period of consolidation

Recently, the U.S. electrical appliances official price of the transferee 16.8 billion controlling stake in Wuxi Little Swan Company Limited, the United States than in air conditioners and refrigerators, will usher in the washing machine business capacity and the rapid increases in sales volume. U.S. acquisition Little Swan, Changhong, China sent Italy into the compression level, white Hisense 2.54 billion of assets into the price of Kelon, this series of events integrate acquisitions, meaning the white goods industry has entered a period of consolidation. Scale search market competitiveness State Information Center released the "White Paper on the domestic market in 2007 washing machine" shows that washing machine market in 2007, 38 brands in the market, gone, all the brands in 2007 accounted for 40.86%, a washing machine brand produc...
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White sea cost pressures accelerate and promote investment in Vietnam as "hot spot"

20 years east of the river, 20 west. Rapid economic development, so that a "world factory" in China, the country began to shift to a more low-cost production. Recently, the U.S. transfer of electrical air conditioning in the production line in Vietnam, another giant Gree air conditioning also announced that its production lines in Vietnam put into operation in mid-April. In addition, Glanz also announced plans to set up production bases in Vietnam. The reporter was informed yesterday from Supor side, the companys first overseas production base --- Supor Vietnamese limited liability company will put into production, the total investment is 1500 million U.S. dollars. After a production value is expected to reach 35 million U.S. dollars, all put into the production output will reach 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. Previously, the United States i...
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Who can save the LED lighting industry in China

"LED lighting faster future development of new industries by 2015 as long as 20% of the general lighting using LED, will reach 500 billion yuan of market size, and drive millions of people employed," I do not know how many people and entrepreneurs to see to this news, my heart wondering: 5,000 billion, as long as there is one per cent market share of 5.0 billion, ha ha, great. Do not even one percent, one-thousandth as long as there is 5 million, 20% of the profits earned a million a year no problem. Thousandth of the market share is no problem, that is shared by the average, there are a thousand enterprises, but also one-thousandth of the market ah! The prospect was tantalizing! Do not think about, and quickly dried LED lighting it! As a result, the market, understand LEDs, LEDs do not know, shoes, and clothes, and do the building, do p...
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Who directed the PCB industry, high-cost era?

Printed circuit board (PCB) industry this year by rising raw materials and the global financial crisis and weaker consumer spending, trade shows poorly. In addition, China from the "Eleventh Five-Year" has been active in various industries is the adjustment and upgrading, including the PCB industry. Been adjusted since 2007, monetary policy and has promulgated various laws, etc., all of the business environment of PCB manufacturers have a considerable impact. RMB appreciation, rising prices of raw materials and other internal costs of firms increase, the rapid decline in profits. According to experts, PCB industry output decline in 2009 a rate of 6.5 percent, which would be the first time in 2002 after negative growth of PCB. PCB industry into high-cost era For PCB manufacturing costs since 2008 rising, CPCA Ministry of Information in...
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Who eats LED "hot fruit"

Look hot this summer to people, look at this summers flooding floods. Not energy-saving environmental protection, incited by it! So after the many natural disasters, people are deeply reflective, energy saving so was duty-bound, government support, many enterprises also have answered the call. People are looking forward to a drastic energy-saving revolution. LED lighting is indeed the king of new energy-saving, just a few years time, will be a household name, but also to a hot market upsets. The market is hot, so hot unfortunately helpless and pale. About LED lighting, how many good news once again filled with a major site headlines, the impact on peoples eardrums, but now and then people will be so persistent "crying wolf" to get the Da Bu Qi Jing Shen . LED we try to find out the energy conservation principle: First, the maxim...
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Who is Infineons communications business haven?

Freescale Infineon communication services can provide a safe haven, while the rest of the business to the Dutch chip maker NXP? Whether this will make NXP Semiconductors and Infineon chips in the car together, together with Freescale and STMicroelectronics competition? STMicroelectronics president and CEO Carlo Bozotti said he, "for the annexation of Infineons wireless business is not interested in Infineons wireless chips seem to need to find another joint venture." U.S. Atheros Communications, Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) engineers Vijay Nagarajan, a wireless industry analyst with the identity on his blog published a log, that all this is possible. He wrote in a blog: "One possibility is that (Infineon) and NXP merger, another possibility is that (Infineon) and Freescales wireless joint venture company formed. Of course the two may no...
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Who is the solar industrys most powerful brand?

Strength actor may face in general, acting is extraordinary, such as this years Lunar New Year film "You Are the One" in Ge, while the audience looks self-proclaimed Sorry, but its humorous language, acting has been superb tens of thousands of audience recognition. Strength is of course only idol is the best, if you choose one of the two, I think many people will want to be the power to send an actor, an increase of effort on their own in the acting, because only then did the most long-term career, fans will always love you. For businesses, no doubt, the enterprise charged with the task of survival and development, but also seek benefits for their employees, while enterprises as part of society, but also shoulder the obligations of the feedback back to society. Business can be described as Haier CEO Zhang said: cautious, walking on thin...
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Who is the successor to do the next president of Hewlett-Packard

4 Yue 14 News, China Hewlett-Packard announced that Foo Piau Phang, president of HP China was promoted to Senior Vice President and President of Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan, to take over Asia Pacific and Japan region. The appointment will be June 30, 2010 came into effect. At the same time, Foo Piau Phang also serves as president of HP China, until you find a new candidate for president of the China Hewlett-Packard. So who is the new president of HP China, the best candidate? Li Yi conclusion: Foo Piau Phang is a Singaporean, a former Sun Cheng-Yaw Fu in Taiwan, recently since do cockroaches out of the limelight Zhang Yongli smell is Hong Kong. This shows the problem? China Hewlett-Packard present themselves at a distance of local Chinese companies outright worse very far away! Therefore, from this perspective, if China is...
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Who occupied the commanding heights of the 2010 LED market who will get the majority of

Lighting continues to develop, market opportunities and challenges faced by a large, Chinas first national standards for LED lighting in the recently released, this will had become so hot the LED lighting in the area to become more "material . " Since the industry from the most recent data and information given in view, the future of Chinas LED lighting market will exist a great opportunity, but want to get involved in this market, enterprises should also be recognized, LED lighting in the area there are no small challenge . Opportunity is at hand Just look at Chinas civil lighting, there is a value of about 400 billion yuan in the market. "This is the Philips Lighting (China) Bai Ling Bi CEO in an interview revealed an attractive data. In him as the representative of the lighting companies, Chinas lighting market is bound to be a comp...
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