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X86 architecture for blade servers Organization issued a new series of six specifications

Server system based on Intel-led forum (SSI) has released for the X86 architecture draft a series of blade servers as part of its expanding business and part of the organization. History so far has been ten years SSI specification has released 45, mainly with the blade on the power supply module. The organization has released a new series of six specifications, covering computer boards, the middle board, backplane management hardware, network switch module and backplane. Work through the SSI, Intel and other companies hope to X86-based blade server boards and other parts of the definition of common standards. The organization defines the specifications for the Intel and IBM in organizational leverage to make the work played a role in promoting. Intel and IBM have been targeted simply for using their technology to the server ...
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x86 processor, integrated graphics will be listed or have been eliminated

According to the latest research reports JonPeddieResearch, PC chipsets with integrated graphics will be in 2013 with the image processing core x86 processors instead. 2008, 67% of graphics chips are integrated graphics chipset, while in 2011 this ratio will drop to 20% in 2013 to less than 1%. Integrated graphics are widely used in desktop and notebook computers and many embedded systems, such as sales of computers, set-top boxes. JPA analysis, discrete graphics and motherboard market will not be affected, since these computers will still embedded discrete graphics card. Expected in late 2009, Intels Westmere as the first image processing core x86 embedded processor market. Rival AMD will launch in 2011 the corresponding product Fusion processor. JPA said the two companies will use 32-nanometer process. In this transitional period, A...
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Xbox 360 users the power of fire caused $ 100,000 damage to property

According to foreign media reports, recently occurred due to overheated and caught fire and burned Xbox360 power house events, and led to $ 100,000 in property damage. Xbox 360, due to their own problems and the fire incident is not new, but Xbox 360 power supply overheating caused by a fire which was probably the first time. When the fire broke out, Xbox 360 users there is no one home. However, there are indications that the culprit is the Xbox360 result in a fire power. According to firefighters, said Xbox360 game was already melting. Microsoft has said that the Xbox360 in the 10,000, you may have a similar problem. Therefore, Microsoft recommends that users, if you do not use a long time, should disconnect the Xbox360 power. It is estimated the fire caused a total of $ 100,000 in property damage. ...
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Xiamen: to build the national model city of LED applications

Taiwan Trade Fair period, the first time in the main section of the island of Xiamen with LED lighting, highly praised the guests. Technology Bureau of Xiamen City, said the additional investment in Xiamen, to be a billion years, striving for national "city of ten thousand ten" LED application model city. By 2010, the Xiamen city main roads, tunnels, islands, etc., will be expected to install the 30,000 to 50,000 of municipal LED lighting source....
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Xian, the pilot will be selected in order to point to promote solar energy lights

16 reporter from Xian City Construction Association was informed that this year, Xian will vigorously promote the solar lights, in addition to high-tech Road, etc. will see their shadow, the solar light is also expected to light up Area of the wall. In Xian, Shanghai Xinmin Road, the head of security lights solar panels have become different. According to Xian Qi Chong Solar Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the battery light energy into electricity board can be automatically stored in the battery. Solar Lights "sun" day of the sun, the storage capacity can work 6 days, life for 25 years. In addition, the use of solar lighting does not require trenching cabling, almost no construction costs and maintenance costs. Xian Urban Institute said that this year the Association will select the district, parks, streets and other pilot, in order to ...
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Xiang Guang Electronics introduced the LED 120W rated power

Xiang Guang Electronics Co., Ltd. (Sharlight Electronics Co. Ltd) launched SLR-05MCB33-030C43C0 type of LED, LED brightness between the 190mcd to 500mcd, angle 20 °, forward current 30mA (continuous) to 100mA (peak) between the peak emission wavelength of 460nm, rated power 120W, rated voltage of 3.5V to 4V, the normal operating temperature range -20 ℃ to 80 ℃, can withstand the temperature of 260 ℃ for 5 seconds. ...
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Xiang Yu Technology (MICETEK) launched the worlds first download the fastest JEDI-II emulator

MICETEK JTAG emulator accumulation of several generations of development experience, breaking through a number of bottlenecks in technology to achieve its outstanding performance: JEDI-II in 20Mh JTAG clock conditions, and ARM9 development board pure binary code, download speeds of up to 1.6Mbytes / S , is the international rate of similar products of other companies 2-15 times. Conditions in the 40Mhz JTAG clock, download speeds of up to .5 Mbytes / S. However, the domestic sales price lower than the international one-tenth of similar products. Emulator emulator download speed is to choose the most important indicator of performance is pursued in recent years, the direction of the tool vendors. Because the users application code increases, if any, development and application of mobile code to 31Mbytes, JEDI-II download time with less th...
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Xiaohong Qing: T5 fluorescent lamps to LED lighting to improve the quality of Dimming Control

Taiwan University of Technology, Professor Xiaohong Qing & new light source at the Third International Forum on New Energy (INLES 2009), on a report entitled "T5 fluorescent lamps to LED lighting to improve the quality of the dimming control analysis" report. Professor Xiao to FM and regulator of the two dimming ballast, the fluorescent lamp within the integrating sphere placed in a fixed ratio according to the dimming and color mixing, and optical measurement equipment, data acquisition, for the color temperature ( corrELated color temperature, CCT), color (color rendering property) and spectrum distribution to do a series of analysis, the optical characteristics of the decision by the dimming ballast types. Professor Xiao mixing process based on the optical properties of the above changes in the distribution for the spectrum calculate...
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XILINX and ATEME provides real-time MPEG-4 video encoder

(Electronic markets Reuters) Virtex-4 FPGA provides the H.264/AVC main specifications (Main Profile) encoding high-performance and flexibility needed to June 8, the worlds leading programmable logic supplier Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ : XLNX), and advanced video compression technology, the worlds leading provider of ATEME company, today announced the launch of a new FPGA-based H.264/AVC real-time standard definition Main Specifications (Main Profile) video encoder. The MPEG-4 encoder using FPGA Xilinx Virtex ? -4 family of performance and ATEME in the field of video coding experience to provide industry-leading quality video content. licensing of intellectual property of the transaction (IP) solution developed by the ATEME, using single Virtex-4 FPGA to achieve full compliance with MPEG-4 Part 10 (ISO / IEC 14496-10) standards, provides a high...
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Xilinx announced the availability of

the worlds leading supplier of programmable logic solutions, Xilinx (Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) announced the launch of the current Spartan ?-3E FPGA family, the The fourth use of advanced 90nm manufacturing process technology to produce products. Spartan-3E family of devices densities ranging from 100,000 to 1,600,000 system gates, the unit cost of FPGA logic cells of the lowest in the industry. Spartan-3E devices the industrys first breakthrough of the $ 2 million system gates * 10 price and $ 10 million system gates, 100 price limit. use of its Spartan series has been made in the successful experience and more than two years experience in 90nm chip production, competition Ling thinking further optimize its low-cost product line, both performance and price are unmatched in the industry. For more information, please visit www.xilinx.c...
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