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Xilinx Automotive CPLD 3.3V 0.35μm CMOS process with

Xilinx (Xilinx) recently introduced a 3.3V CPLD Automotive XA devices XA9500XL, the product uses 0.35μm CMOS technology, with AEC-Q100 qualified devices. Xilinx introduced, XA9500XL system clock is 100MHz (10ns), 36 to 144 macrocells, the number of gates available for the 800-3200, register number 36-144. Device has a programming function in the system, with pin-lock function and signal routing, the Fast CONNECT II Switch Matrix allows multiple design iterations without the need for board spin, all the user and boundary-scan pin inputs have hysteresis to reduce input signal noise, all user pin inputs have bus hold circuit can be used to test the device in the system IEEE standard 1149.1 Boundary Scan (JTAG), fast programming, individual output slew rate control to reduce EMI generation. XA9500XL best operating voltage 3.3V, 5V, I / O to...
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XILINX FPGA H.264/AVC with 4i2i launched a high-single decoder

(Electronic markets Reuters) Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA for the wide range of video processing applications time to market advantages and performance benefits of June 8, Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) with advanced video and audio encoding technology hardware the worlds leading provider of 4i2i and software company, today announced the industrys first FPGA-based H.264/AVC high profile (High Profile) real-time video decoder. The high-decoder using Xilinx Virtex ? -4 FPGA chip and corporate transactions by the licensed intellectual property 4i2i (IP) core to achieve, for providing a wide variety of video-based radio, meetings, and monitoring products, highly integrated, cost-effective solution. "Virtex-4 device that has the ability to make high-performance Xilinx become a natural choice for us because it is necessary for real-time H.264 decoding al...
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XILINX FPGA introduced the industrys only programmable 8-channel compliant PCIe IP Core

(Electronic markets Reuters) Xilinx has announced that, effective immediately, introduced for the telecommunications, networking, storage and video applications to meet the standard 1,4 and 8-channel LogiCORE ? PCI Express IP Core ("PCIe IP Core"). System designers can use the Xilinx FPGA architecture is the programmability and reconfigurability to build fully compliant and interoperable PCI Express platforms. The PCI Express PCIe IP core to follow the basic norms v1.1, is the only PCI-SIG PCI Express Certified 48th General Assembly (Compliance Workshop # 48) on the successful completion of all PCI Express compliance and interoperability testing of the programmable 8-channel PCIe IP cores. It is also included in the PCI-SIGs PCI Express Integrators List product (PCI-SIGs Integrators List). "that meet the specifications, FPGA-based PCIe 8...
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Xilinx high-speed interface design for TI DSP to provide 10Gbps serial links

Xilinx programmable logic solutions (Xilinx) announced the launch of two for the TI (Texas Instruments, TI) DSP interface. Serial RapidIO interface for Xilinx Virtex-4 and Virtex-II Pro FPGA, high-performance TI TMS320C6455 DSP may provide up to 10Gbps serial links. this high-speed links to industry standards for the TI DSP designers to use Xilinx FPGA for DSP acceleration, bus bridging, logic consolidation or implementing new peripherals. VLYNQ interface new low-cost Xilinx Spartan-3 and Spartan-3E FPGA to provide a bridge to the CoreConnect bus circuit, allowing designers to expand their use of FPGA-based Leonardo (DaVinci) technology TMS320DM644x digital media processor, or any other TI DSP with a VLYNQ interface number of peripherals. "with the TI DSP such a leader in eco-system collaboration is the digital signal processing strateg...
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Xilinx introduced the first 667Mbps DDR2 SDRAM interface solution

Xilinx (Xilinx), announced today launched the Virtex-4 FPGA-based 667Mbps DDR2 reference design. Alleged that the FPGA reference design provides the industrys highest bandwidth, most reliable memory interface solution. Xilinx DDR2-SDRAM interface uses the innovative Virtex-4 ChipSync technology, which is a run-time calibration circuit that can greatly improve design margins and overall system reliability while reducing design cycle. Virtex-4 FPGA memory interface will be removed from the design of speculation, the system designers to the latest 667Mbps DDR2 SDRAM and other memory technology to build reliable, high-performance interface. Xilinx memory solutions, Micron Technology used (Micron) and Samsung and other industry leaders to verify the memory devices, including the new 667Mbps DDR2 reference design. "Xilinx and Micron Technolog...
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XILINX introduced the industrys first programmable solution EXPRESS CARD

Low-cost Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA and Philips PCI Express PHY integrated development for mobile and desktop computers, high-bandwidth serial PCI Express interface (electronic markets Reuters) Xilinx, Inc. today announced the industrys first available ExpressCard applications programming, which consists of Philips PX1011A PCI Express PHY and PDD 2016 DVB-T module, a Xilinx ? Spartan-3E ? FPGA and an optimized Xilinx PCI Express LogiCORE IP core composition. The solution is especially suitable to meet the PCMCIA ExpressCard module specification on the performance and power requirements. recently, PCMCIA working group developed a next-generation ExpressCard PC specifications to take advantage of scalable high-bandwidth serial PCI Express interface and an increase for mobile and desktop computers necessary to USB2.0 interface. ExpressCard exp...
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XILINX market for the first multi-functional smart phone programmable Demo Platform

Programmable solutions to meet consumer demand, followed by low power, small form factor and low cost Goals (electronic markets Reuters) Xilinx, Inc. today announced the launch of an innovative demonstration platform, programmable devices can show rapid growth and development of the smart phone field advantage. The platform integrates Xilinx based CoolRunner ?-II CPLD family daughter card can demonstrate a proven method through the integration of new features and providing co-processing functions faster than the existing design of advanced mobile phones launched characteristics, and meet demanding consumer market power, size and cost requirements. The demonstration board, developed by the iWave Technologies, the company is a technology-centric organization, specializing in embedded hardware and software turnkey (turn key) design services...
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Xilinx Platform Studio tool suite release version 7.1i

Xilinx Announces FPGA embedded processing design for the platform, the Platform Studio tool suite 7.1i version. This new tool uses the new Xilinx ? Virtex ? -4 FX devices embedded in the ground-breaking features to simplify the development process. Xilinx Virtex ? -4 FX devices with the industrys only embedded dual PowerPC ? processors and innovative features to expedite the processing of the auxiliary processor unit (APU) controller. Version 7.1i FPGA design integrates an unprecedented variety of enhanced functions and new features to further simplify, generalize and accelerate the embedded system development. Platform Studio can automatically complete the user-defined algorithms instead of proprietary software hardware co-processing module configuration. PowerPC 405 processor as an extension, which can reduce the CPU hardware acceler...
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Xilinx programmable solutions, PCI EXPRESS

Xilinx (Xilinx) today announced that its programmable PCI Express endpoint silicon solution has successfully passed all the latest PCI Express certification and interoperability testing. The large two-chip solution is priced less than $ 12 *, is included in the PCI-SIG PCI Express integrators list and full compliance with PCI Express 1.0a specification of the industrys lowest cost programmable PCI Express solution. The solution by Philips PX1011A PCI Express PHY, Xilinx Spartan?-3 FPGA and an optimized Xilinx PCI Express LogiCORE ? IP core composition, very suitable for a wide range of high-volume applications, including consumer video and audio, medical imaging, test equipment, graphics cards and high-end servers. This powerful solution includes the Philips PCI Express PHY, the device provides SERDES serializer / deserializer and the ...
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Xilinxs CEO about the progress of the semiconductor industry

Xilinxs CEO Moshe Gavrielov accept electronic magazine in an exclusive interview series Bian, comes from the past 12 months to the next semi challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Beginning in 2009 the semiconductor industry over the past pattern of development of the kind of analogy is not applicable to current and future semiconductor companies to survive the global electronics market needs. The economic down cycle to accelerate the technical and trade challenges, and because the product can be linked to mobility and unlimited market demand, making the product design complexity and risk increase. Therefore, companies must be designed to improve the accuracy of product into the market, strict control of costs, especially in the ASIC and ASSP circuit design must pay attention to the increasing cost of the project. In order ...
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