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Xinguang Silicon vote to be as high as 50 billion expansion of polysilicon

Recently, Tianwei change, Minjiangshuidian and Leshan Electric Power were announced, according to November 20 Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. shareholders will reach the intention of observations, the three listed companies were two of 3,000 tons of the proposed joint venture / year polysilicon projects. Sunbeam owners to production and marketing of silicon polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, single crystal slice, high purity metals and related products and comprehensive utilization of products. Energy transferee Sichuan Sichuan Investment Group Investment Co., Ltd. holds 38.9% stake, becoming its largest shareholder; Tianwei change security holders Xinguang Silicon 35.66% of the shares, is its second largest shareholder; Sichuan Kai Star Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. holds 23.34% stake, is the third largest ...
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Xinhua Tang Jun transfer of stock options will be worth 10 billion

Group announced the official Xinhua Tang Jun hired as Group President and CEO, to succeed the founder Mr Chen Xinhua are fully responsible for the daily management of the Group, long-term strategy, group operations, and capital of foreign investment and operation work. Mr Chen will be followed by full-time chairman. Tang Jun is known as Chinas IT industry "workers" is known, the joining Xinhua Group, will be worth 10 million stock options. Previously, Tang Jun, president of Microsoft China at the time as revenue more than 1 million; served as grand president of the time, earning more than 4 million. It is understood that in the next six months, Xinhua Group will have two companies in the domestic A share market. Presentation based on their official website, Xinhua Group was established in 1995 in Fuzhou, now is a department store, supe...
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Xinjiang Nonferrous state support will be the new materials industry

4 14, from the Science and Technology Bureau announced the news Urumqi, Urumqi, non-ferrous metals industrial base of new materials by the National Science and Technology expert assessment, which means that Xinjiang Nonferrous Metal Industry in the future development of new materials will be available state policy, funding, projects and technical support. Nonferrous Metals Industry in Xinjiangs economy has become the main support industries. Urumqi, non-ferrous metals industrial base of new materials, construction and development, will be formed to Urumqi as the center of the new alloy material, high purity aluminum material, rare materials, non-ferrous metals industrial base, promote Altay, Hamilton Industrial Park, the two non-ferrous metals development of Xinjiang and thus can drive the development of the territory of non-ferrous met...
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Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Group, the first quick connector slot new projects through the assessment

Recently, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Group Heavy three thousand six hundred and eleven emerging new type of slot machine company head quick connector project development work by the experts at the scene assessment. The new tank is the first quick connector first at home and abroad, and is applying for patents. The project more than a year of effort, has completed the design, technical design, sample trial work, and completed a tensile test, bending test, burst test, and high and low pressure sealing test the applicability of recent progress other items of test, is expected to be completed in May this year, industry technical appraisal. China Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Group Co., Ltd. is a central enterprise supervision of SASAC, is asset management, capital operation and production in one large state-owned companies. ...
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Xiocom reach cooperation to speed up work Aptilo Networks to deploy broadband wireless

Xiocom Wireless and Aptilo Networks today announced a strategic partnership designed to enhance the Xiocom cost-effective operation and management of large-scale deployment capabilities, better serve their global partners around the service. Aptilo as WiMAX (TM) and Wi-Fi network accounting management, customer service and access to provide integrated management solutions. Aptilo platform is designed for those who need to quickly deploy and scalable multi-service solutions to easily manage data and voice network services, service providers, enterprises, and municipal agencies and design. Xiocom President Steve Erdman said: "The cooperation between us and Aptilo allows us to quickly achieve the goal of expanding market and access to revenue sources and management of operators, so that our wireless solutions can have greater flexibility ...
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XP Powers AC / DC switching power supply voltage can be set to any desired

XP Power has introduced an AC / DC switching power supply RCL175, the device enables users to set each output volts to the rated maximum value from any range. RCL175 can provide 1 to 4 outputs: Output 1 from 3V to 60V, 5V to output 2 from 60V, the output 3 and output 4 from 5V to 30V. Output 3 and output 4, isolated from each other, allowing parallel or series. Output 1 is user-adjustable in the range of ± 10%, the proportion of other outputs on the same track adjustment. The product can be used for industrial, IT and medical applications, suitable for Class I and Class II level applications (with or without ground). RCL175 power of 120W can be used when convection cooling, 175W can be used when 12cfm cooling fan, the maximum peak power up to 200W, according to the output configuration, the efficiency of the device at 84% to 90%. RCL175...
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Xu asked the Navy to the people way to support LED industry suggestions

15 districts from the city on behalf of all walks of life around the "government help companies tide over the crisis," the theme of the industrial development, human resources issues as well as intellectual property protection, environmental protection, social issues and had extensive discussion of the Mayor Xu . At the meeting, Shenzhen City Rui Rio, general manager of Road Lighting LED industry to speak on behalf of the Navy, offering great support, Shenzhen LED lighting industry. Dialogue Xu Road Navy: "Shenzhens LED industry is a little wall flower wall incense, our customers come often ask, since your product so well, why not use in Shenzhen? Answer this question we have not, well explains. " Roads Naval suggestions: "LED semiconductor lighting application products, inadequate policy support, application and promotion is not enoug...
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Xu Xiaotian, said Godson does not mean that self-signed strategic failure MIPS

6 18 morning news, the U.S. company for patent licensing Godson share the news of China Semiconductor Industry Association, Xu Xiaotian told Sina science and technology connections, said that this does not mean the failure of Godson-owned strategies. Xu Xiaotian remarks, is looked down upon the industry fought back view of the authority co-operation. According to domestic media reports that U.S. enterprises worldwide veteran MIPS processor architecture (MIPS) said that the Chinese Godson behind the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently received its license MIPS32 and MIPS64 architectures, which will take the development of Godson CPU. Accordingly those who have pointed out that the semiconductor, which marks the proprietary "CPU core" strategy failed. "This is a complementary co-operation. There is no ...
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Xu Xiaotian, said the main reason is the decline in Chinas IC industry, "immature"

Although the pace slowed still in the bounds of reason, but since 2000 has maintained a high growth rate of China IC industry in 2008, a slight decline, or beyond some peoples surprise. In response, Xu Xiaotian, Secretary General of Chinas IC industry in Shanghai to attend the ICChina2009 recently held a news conference, said that the reason lies in the "immature." By the China Semiconductor Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Council Electronic Information Industry Sub, jointly organized by Suzhou Municipal Government, "the Seventh China International IC Exposition and Forum (ICChina2009)" will be held in October 2009 22 ~ 24 at the Suzhou International Expo Centre. Except for the first time with China Suzhou Electronic Information Expo (eMEX) held over the same period, the first set up a "solar photovoltaic exhi...
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Xue-Ming Yang: Crisis is opportunity for enterprise development can not be blindly cut

"Since the financial crisis, as the Chinese, in my shoes, I was ever more happy. Because at this time, we can use some opportunity to get what we want." of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute of Microelectronics Senior Consultant In the "2009 China Electronic Components Industry Summit Forum," the first preparatory meeting Advisory Group, Chinas leading expert in microelectronics, the original Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Development Xue-Ming Yang Senior Advisor to the case of microelectronics said. His remark shocked Block held. For the "2009 China Development Forum Electronic Components Industry Summit" Summit Organizing Committee issues the preliminary set, Xue-Ming Yang also presented his own views, he mentioned: "Hosting the Summit, we want to participate in Summit of the enterpris...
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