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Yahoo, Microsoft strongly marry say "NO" refused to offer 44.6 billion U.S. dollars

According to foreign media reports this week of a comprehensive assessment of Microsoft, Yahoos "ultimatum", the still reject Microsofts offer for 44.6 billion U.S. dollars, insist on Microsoft SAY "NO"! Yahoos non-executive chairman and CEO Jerry Yang RoyBostock to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in his reply said that Yahoo does not reject other forms of transactions, but the current asking price is indeed too low. Microsoft to Yahoo on Friday issued an "ultimatum," said the April 26 if not preceded by Yahoo, Microsoft has referred the matter directly to Yahoos shareholders to decide, this generally Microsoft, Yahoo has been interpreted as a threat. February 1 Microsoft first proposed 62% premium to buy Yahoo. Yahoo stressed its financial plan the next three years. Based on its new AMP advertising management platform, 08 in the first qu...
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Yahoos board of directors authorized "in-depth access to" AOL put pressure on Microsoft

Yahoo board of directors has held a variety of acquisitions and partnerships on evaluation of the program, although not yet made any decision, but the reporter was informed yesterday, Yahoo has decided to authorize the management board of directors this week to continue with a number of implicated in "Yahoo Microsoft merger case "more in-depth business contacts, including the deepening of America Online and Time Warner (AOL) merger talks. However, the Board has not elaborate on this. Analysts believe that this is not so much to give to the management, led by Jerry Yang, the "silver bullet", as it is Microsoft, "Taking a propaganda." Its purpose is very clear, that is to force Microsoft to raise the purchase price. Microsoft sent to Yahoo, the face does not respond within two weeks will start a hostile takeover of the "ultimatum" to res...
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Yahoos board to postpone the appointment date to avoid a positive exchange of fire with Microsoft

According to foreign media reports, Yahoo on Wednesday announced the appointment of board members to postpone the deadline for candidates, so as to win more time to resist Microsofts acquisition. Yahoo said Wednesday the appointment of candidates for board members announced the final date to 10 days after the date of the annual meeting. The previous deadline was March 14. Yahoo said in a statement that the delay allows the Board to continue to seek other potential means of cooperation in order to maximize shareholder value and to avoid proxy fight launched by Microsoft affect normal operations. Yahoo rejected the $ 31 per share offer, Microsoft had previously hinted, will launch a proxy fight to force Yahoo to accept the offer. If Microsoft to launch proxy fight, it will nominate a director, for control of Yahoos board, which plans to...
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Yahoos first quarter earnings flat water company insist the purchase price

Waiting on Microsoft bid for Yahoo, yesterday, Yahoo announced a long-awaited parties in the first quarter 2008 financial results. Showed a profit, quarter, Yahoos revenue of $ 1,818,000,000, an increase of 9%; net profit of 542 million, higher than last years 142 million. Is worth noting that Yahoo first quarter net income included a B2B business with Alibaba IPO of $ 401,000,000 related to non-cash after-tax net income, earnings in the account as equity earnings. Had earlier analysis that Yahoos first quarter earnings will be Microsofts acquisition of the inflection point. If the earnings are doing fine, Microsoft, Yahoo may be able to exert some price pressure; If the financial report to shareholders embarrassed, Yahoo is facing a rapid and complete collapse. But dramatically, this "report card" for investors who expect too much to...
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Yahoo-than-expected first quarter earnings Ballmer said Microsoft will not shill bidding

According to foreign media reports, Yahoo on Tuesday released the first quarter of 2008 earnings. This quarter, Yahoos revenue of $ 1,818,000,000, an increase of 9%; net profit of 542 million, higher than last years 142 million. Ended March 31 in the first quarter, Yahoos revenue amounted to $ 1,818,000,000, with 1.672 billion U.S. dollars last year compared with an increase of 9%; net profit of 5.42 billion U.S. dollars, earnings per share of 37 U.S. points. Same period last year to 142 million profit, earnings per share of 10 cents. It is reported that net profit in the first quarter of Yahoo, there are 401 million benefit from the Alibaba IPO. Excluding income Alibaba, Yahoo profit only 11 cents per share, in the first quarter of 2007 rather. The quarter, Yahoos earnings per share than the amount above the Thomson Financial had exp...
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Yan Hong Kong Electronics: significant power base for discrete devices

Yan Hong Electronics Co., Ltd. Dandong Dandong formerly discrete devices semiconductor device packaging factory plant, the plant was built in 1964, started in 1966 specializing in the production of semiconductor discrete devices, is the first production chip manufacturers discrete devices is our production base of discrete semiconductor devices. Converting break market distress 1996, the discrete devices semiconductor device packaging factory plant from Dandong, transformed into a private enterprise, that is, Hong Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. Dandong, the companys registered capital of 1,500 million, currently employs 240 people. After restructuring, welcomed the Hong Kong Electronics Co., Ltd. Dandong main business is still located in the production of discrete devices. The companys chairman Wang Shengwei told the "China Electronics News...
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Yang Bin: Intels acquisition of the wireless business consistent with its strategy of Infineon

Latest news shows, the fastest in the next few days, the acquisition of Intels wireless business unit of Infineon, Intel may be will be from 1.1 to 1.4 billion U.S. dollars to buy Infineons wireless business unit. Reporters interviewed the first time Semiconductor Industry Research Center, CCID Consulting Bin consultant, he believes the acquisition is subject to Intels development strategy, but the result is good or bad is not yet conclusive. Said Yang Bin, the smart phone and tablet PC market continues to expand, the development of mobile Internet terminal is much faster than the traditional PC domain, the traditional consumption of PC has been stable or even shrinking. Coupled with the Wintel alliance falling apart, Intel business transformation seems inevitable. While Intel X86 family of chips have embedded applications, but all asp...
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Yang Hua said the prospects for broad international giants TD TD-LTE fully invested

Show in Barcelona 3G, TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, Yang Hua, Secretary-General said during an interview, the internationally renowned companies in the study had more than a dozen TD-LTE, the smooth progress of the current research shows that prospects for TD-SCDMA International broad. Fully into the international renowned manufacturers TD-LTE Although the Barcelona exhibition 3G rents, but the TD-SCDMA Alliance organized a dozen companies, or joint delegation. Many well-known enterprises both at the Union booth display TD TD-LTE, is also its own booth at the show. TD-LTE demonstration everywhere, making the TD-SCDMA has been struggling for several years to promote Yang Hua, very pleased. He said, "feeling much better now, operators are indeed very positive, and forcing mobile phone operators to step up to do the end product." "TD-LTE ...
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Yang Syria: 65 nanometer chip plant in Dalian will not be the final technical support

Intel chip plant in Dalian officially put into operation as scheduled. The new plant will initially use 65nm process technology. Vice President of Intel China president Yang Syria, revealed in an interview with the needs of the market, 65-nm process technology will not be the technical end chip plant in Dalian, a production process to the next upgrade, just a matter of time. He also said that Intel built a place in any factory, its production process must be upgraded. Yang Syria, said so far invested 2.5 billion to build this factory has now been successfully completed, today, is a milestone to commemorate and 2.5 billion have all the money goes. With $ 2,500,000,000 build a chip plant, Yang Syria said the biggest investment is the production line, and followed that human friends. External legend, by the economic crisis, the Intel chip...
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Yang: Lenovo intends to expand the global visibility platform for the Olympic Games

9 am, the CPPCC National Committee members, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Xinhua guests live in the Great Hall of the two sessions, the acceptance interview with reporters this site. As a sponsor the 2008 Olympic Games, Yang wants to use the Olympic platform, the Lenovo brand around the world. Yang said, the top Olympic sponsors are the worlds most famous and largest companies, such an association can be squeezed into the ranks of itself very telling. But he also said that although Lenovos reputation at home was very loud, but still not high profile in foreign countries. Three years ago, after the acquisition of IBM PC, Lenovo has developed the business to the world. So Lenovo is hoping the Olympics this platform to expand Lenovos global visibility and influence. Yang said that Lenovo would seize the opportunity to develop their own Olymp...
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