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Yangzhou City held the "City of ten thousand ten" pilot will promote the city construction

4 the end of Yangzhou City was approved as the Ministry of Science and "Ten City, ten thousand," Application of semiconductor lighting pilot project city, yesterday morning, held in Yangzhou City, "Ten City ten thousand, "the pilot will promote urban construction, construction work on the pilot mobilization, which marks the Yangzhou City," City of ten thousand ten "pilot city construction officially started. Mayor Fashioning the Civil Spirits requirements, to grasp the opportunity to speed up construction of pilot cities, bigger and stronger semiconductor lighting industry, efforts to fight the city of Yangzhou in the semiconductor lighting production, application, demonstration, and so has the domestic leading level of "optical city" to promote the city sound and rapid economic development. Fashioning the Civil Spirits that the select...
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Yangzhou Great night face Wenchang Pavilion

Static lights, the flow of light, and blue, purple, green and other colorful changing searchlight columns that have made the night last night, Wenchang Pavilion become very beautiful. It is understood, "4.18", before even the Wenchang Wenchang Pavilion Road, will improve through the LED lighting project in Yangzhou night. Yangzhou City, "4.18" LED lighting projects include: peripheral and Wenchang Wenchang Pavilion, the West Road (Jiefang Bridge - Northwest Loop) to implement LED lighting, street reconstruction improvement. Among them, the Wenchang, the West (Liberation Bridge - Northwest Loop) the replacement of LED lamps 1636, Wenchang Pavilion and the surrounding buildings Wenchang Road 16 LED lighting upgrade. In addition the new Matthew Road, Nova Road, Garden Road, the three newly installed LED lights Road, three roads will be new...
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Yangzhou, the further development of LED operation Edison Opto

7 am, a total investment of $ 10,000,000 in Yangzhou Edison Opto Co., Ltd. officially put into operation, which not only marked the Yangzhou Economic Development Zone, semiconductor lighting (LED) to further accelerate industrial agglomeration, but also the citys semiconductor lighting industry chain elongated thicker, bigger and stronger a tremendous boost. Ji Jianye party secretary and mayor Fashioning the Civil Spirits, Municipal Committee Pu Yu, Wen Tao, deputy mayor before, and Edison Opto of Taiwan Co., Ltd., Wu Jianrong, Kui-based investment Co., Ltd., Sen-kun attended the commissioning ceremony. Yangzhou owned by Edison Opto Edison Opto Corporation of Taiwan investment. The company is mainly engaged in optical transmission, optical sensing and lighting components manufacturing, processing and marketing modules, is the worlds LED...
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Yangzhou: take the road of scientific and technological innovation risk in order to machine

"Premier Wen Jiabao in the" Government Work Report "makes clear that to support and promote new energy, biology, medicine, third generation mobile communication, network convergence, energy saving and environmental protection technology development and industrialization, the development of high-tech industry base. "Fashioning the Civil Spirits representative of Yangzhou City Mayor said," in the context of the international financial crisis, danger in demand machine, the development of new industries, and take the development path of scientific and technological innovation is the development of Yangzhou, the only way and the whole country. " End of last year, Yangzhou municipal government around the "Technology Innovation" theme, visit the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region and found that all consciousness and ability of in...
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Ye Lei Gartner: Intel gives AMD the opportunity the EU subject to heavy penalties

- > Ye Lei said that Intel> Ye Lei also believes that if the EU fines> According to foreign media reports, the European Union on Wednesday to block competition in the market on the grounds rival AMD, Intel lessons to up to € 1.06 billion (U.S. 1.45 billion) fine . The European Commission said that Intel abused its monopoly position in an attempt to stop AMD in the market, in violation of EU competition law. ...
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Ye: Revitalization plan a large electronic information industry development

Value of the two sessions held, reported the CPPCC, the CPPCC work and Infonet network invitation NPC, Zhongnan University of Finance and Taxation Institute Professor, the Hubei Provincial Statistics Bureau Deputy Director Yeqing to China how to deal with the global financial crisis and the surfers. Here are some of Record: Q: industries, leaves teachers did not consider, each new industries driving the economy needs to play a role in the current financial crisis, we do not see until now to act as an engine of industry, leaves Teachers analyze, the rise of future industry will do what? National Peoples Congress will consider the 700 billion government investment budget Qicheng CPPCC National Committee members that the stock market bottomed out during the meeting all the experts level Zhun Ji Jin Jia Kang : 30 experts, half of the ...
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Year-end inventory: 2007 communications industry five most unfortunate thing

Review communications industry in China in 2007, many good things, bad things are also many, the most unfortunate thing, while small, is a serious problem. Selected a few here, put this on record. Huge loss waveguide Amoi Bird and Amoi huge loss into a quagmire of both, as of the third quarter loss of 461.9 million yuan Amoi, Bird loss of 508.4 million yuan. As a representative of domestic mobile phone enterprises, huge loss of these two companies is not an isolated, largely reflects the gradual decline of domestic mobile phone trends. In the past year, the domestic mobile phone road gets narrower, industry-wide revenue of a large landslide, surface, is the intense market competition, falling product prices, while the deeper problem is not the case. No domestic mobile phone core technology, is a fatal weakness in the occasion of the t...
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Yesterday the Japanese PV industry can relive an old dream

20 century, 70 years after the first oil crisis, in order to improve the energy structure and reduce dependence on oil, the Japanese began to search for alternative energy sources. 1974 Japan implemented a "Sunshine" was provided to residents of the roof and power generation as the main objective of the implementation of PV systems of government subsidies, subsidies for the initial cost of PV systems reached 70%. In 1993, Japan enacted and implemented a "New Project Sunshine." 1997 to 2004, the Japanese government to use residential solar panels on the roof installation has invested 123 billion yen in grants. 2003, Japan "Renewable Energy Standards Act" provides that energy companies must provide a certain percentage of renewable energy. This means that power companies must produce or buy more renewable energy, making renewable energy by...
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Yeston R9600PRO for only 8XX

Known ATI Radeon 9550 launch of the low-end market is very large, we can say is currently the hottest selling products. But we must not forget that although the R9550 does a strong overclocking performance, but the graphics card overclocking cause shortened life expectancy that is inevitable, so this is a lot of manufacturers do not recommend users to overclock reasons. Today I learned from the market, the R9600PRO Yestons price will be reduced, the current offer 860 yuan, if you do not like to buy graphics card overclocking, at the same time hope that a strong graphics performance, you can consider this product. Long R9600 PRO Yeston radium core graphics card improved version of the RV350, with four rendering pipeline, full support for DX9.0, Pixel Shader2.0, Vertex Shader2.0, Hyper-Z III and other technologies, the use of Smart...
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Yi Bisen LED products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions

Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yi Bisen After 8 years of hard work, independent research and development and manufacture LED displays and the key device-LED, the current products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions. picture shows the companys products in the recent exhibition held in Beijing International LED to display ...
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