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Yi Gang: keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at an adaptive and equilibrium level

Recently, the Peoples Bank of China Deputy Governor Yi Gang was invited to Tianjin University of Finance entitled "RMB appreciation and the impact on Chinas economy," the academic speech. Yi Gang said in a speech, will further develop the balance of payments in the regulation of the exchange rate, and promote balanced economic growth in the role. Continue to follow the initiative, controllability and gradual manner, improve the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism, play a greater role of market supply and demand, increased exchange rate flexibility, maintaining the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level basically stable. Speaker meeting, Yi Gang, from the background of Chinas macro economy, Chinas revaluation of the asset value process, the exchange rates role in the adjustment of the economy, the author discusses the his...
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Yiin worry about solar-powered, LED plant followed the steps on the DRAM

Ministry of Economic Affairs has just held LED lighting industry cooperation and cross-strait exchange meeting, the Legislative Yuan is also just the third reading "Renewable Energy Development Act" to allow the solar industry have an incentive to expand investment. However, Economy Minister Yin Chi-ming has stunned the world of 23, said he was Taiwans LED industry, the prospects for solar energy and angst blind investment in Taiwan factory, the green energy industry will probably be the next Taiwan DRAM industry. Economics Minister Yin Chi-ming Building Research will present a forum for industry and commerce said that the business management consultancy firm Deloitte has examined the regions 500 fastest growing technology companies, the results of the development of Taiwans strengths are concentrated in the semiconductor and electronic...
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Yokogawa Digital Indicating Controller UTAdvanced start selling

Yokogawa announced, Digital Indicating Controller UTAdvanced on sale. As Green Series Digital Indicating Controller (Digital Indicating Controller Green series: with UT420, UT450, UT520, UT550, UT551 and other models) the enhanced version, equipped with a ladder-based language (Ladder Language) of the sequence features. UTAdvanced in the measurement, display, operation, control, network and other aspects of function were significantly improved. By improving the users design efficiency, reduce peripheral equipment and wiring can reduce the total cost. Development background Direct regulator of temperature, pressure, flow, equipment, health and other data to measure, display, operation control, mainly for industrial boilers, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in smaller separate the various devices. Regulator in the ass...
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Yokogawa introduced the worlds first CDMA / GSM Mobile Phone Tester

Recently, Yokogawa introduced the worlds first Go / No-GoW-CDMA / GSM mobile phone Tester - VC200. VC200 series phones Tester is a low-cost GSM / WCDMA dual-mode mobile phone tester, its small size, portability, and low prices , not only for mobile phone research and development, but also can be used for the production of mobile phones and maintenance of comprehensive testing. Phone Tester VC200 series by 6.4TFT LCD panel design simple, easy to operate, the interface displays all the Chinese, very easy to non-professionals to operate and use. VC200 supports GSM and W-CDMA full band, also adopted a signaling test and Tx / Rx test two test modes, so that can be suitable for all VC200 kinds of applications. Tx / Rx test mode (see Figure 1), VC200 need to establish call connection, directly downstream physical layer signal, to test mob...
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You are aware of the shortage of demand up after recovery IC

Analog semiconductor market is in a departure from the normal state and the delicate state of total chaos, so different people have different views, which some companies with economic weakness and is closely related to the error estimates. Although suppliers in the ever-changing inventory, but industry executives are nearly unanimous that the analog chip market is said to be the first to pick a major supplier of intense debate. Argument is to extend the delivery time - this is the norm in the analog domain, or the height of a recession in the economy made the wrong choice of some suppliers in a particular phenomenon happen? Some market watchers said several companies made the forecast based on imperfect manufacturing decisions, these projections to encourage the economic downturn for excessive cost-cutting. Used to guide production pl...
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You let it heat resistant and heat insulation is the development of benevolent LED

New generation of energy-saving light source, of course, is none other than non-LED. LED only when it can truly universal to every corner of life, then the problem is we all want to ask. TSC chairman of CAI Wengui energy that the market is still gradual transition from incandescent to energy saving fluorescent light bulbs, LED is the consumer did not dare mention the price at the mere mention smell, a result the popularity of LED lighting will be put off indefinitely. Therefore, the more energy will be changed Sung on the market today to replace incandescent lamps in order to save the traditional approach, instead of directly to the LED power-saving light bulbs, to accelerate the LED lights into lighting market. CAI Wengui that, LED heat problem has been criticized in the hearts of R & D firms eternal pain, generally the firms current h...
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Yu Wei cottage cottage king name the flock to the Internet

"Agriculture, Learn, learn cottage industry." Held in Shenzhen on March 8 the first cottage access to the Industry Forum, the conference organizers Yi Li, founder of Second City in such "crazy" to come to greet the words participants of the "cottage king" who. However, Li Yi also some awkward, because the original can only accommodate 300 people, conference hall, even squeeze into the 500, even the aisles are all packed. "If you go out, you would not have come in, too many people outside the door into the hall." Unceremoniously meeting of a security company manager said. "To the end of this year, about 500 factories will be doing the Internet." Li Yi said. Perhaps for these "cottage king" who cheer, perhaps in order to get more price competitive supply, Gu Xiaoming, executive vice president Hongtusanbao public investment at the meeting...
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Yu Yimin: implementation of electronic product quality to be "good law"

Quality inspection, I (the quality) institutions in line for 20 years, has grown into an international reviewers, has represented the professional involved in the assessment of foreign laboratories. Worth pondering is this: We have adopted international standards and product certification system, why I still often see the government pass rate sampling of electronic products is not satisfactory, the user of the electronic products complaints remain high? Reason, some entrepreneurs lack the necessary credit quality, urgent need for a sound social credit system. Spot checks are often found doing the type of test delivery, and safety and electromagnetic compatibility-related components are relatively good selection of quality parts. However, mass production, some companies are used in order to save costs for the poor quality of materials o...
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Yu Zhongyu, said 2009 growth of China IC industry will

For the IC industry in China is still young, it happened in 2008 as amusement park roller coaster game. 10.4% in the first half of last years third quarter growth to the rapid slowdown in the fourth quarter and even the depth of decline. Since the birth of the local IC industry has never experienced a negative growth of the global market along with the full length deep recession lightly. However, recently held in Shanghai, "Chinas IC Market in 2009", in the summary analysis of the domestic IC market to bring the various characteristics and based on macro-policy, the China Semiconductor Industry Association Yu Zhongyu said it firmly, 2009 Chinas IC industry will achieve positive growth. This decline in performance while the tears are because of local companies is undoubtedly an exciting good news. Three major characteristics of the domest...
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Yu Zhongyu: negative growth in the semiconductor industry will not

According to Taiwan media reports, for the outside world of Chinas semiconductor industry this year questioned the possible negative growth, the China Semiconductor Industry Association Yu Zhongyu in the negative, he even anticipated the next 3 years Chinas IC industry will remain steady and rapid development , and in 2009 will be positive growth. In the recent annual meeting of Chinas semiconductor market in 2009, Yu Zhongyu first review in 2008 of Chinas semiconductor industry. He said that in 2008 global semiconductor company in the past 20 years suffered the most serious challenges, the Chinese semiconductor industrys situation is not better than other international companies, and in fact, from the first quarter of 2006, 50% occurred After growth, the growth rate of Chinas semiconductor industry began to decline quarter by quarter ...
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