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Zai Yu interests of mobile TV dispute GB: mule, horse or donkey wood

Not to champion not participate in expedition Any case, this is a step forward. Looked at the hands of only a hundred words of this letter a copy of Software Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing New Vice President Zhang shoreline or pleased - the national will in the standards development and selection has finally been reflected. 10 29, the National Standardization Management Committee to provide technical solutions to all units issued "Please draw on the mobile TV / mobile multimedia technology program the device under test and the corresponding letter of the program", called on the parties in November 2007 10 days before the submission of the device under test version of the same materials technology program. Zhang in it, this is a very fair, just, open and rigorous testing: the mobile TV / mobile multimedia (hereinafter referred to as mobi...
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Zarlink demodulator new technology

Zarlink Semiconductor announced that it has for the growing Chinese digital cable market, has developed a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) demodulator chip. The new chip is Zarlink demodulator important supplement product portfolio, will be sampling in June 2005 trial. Zarlink is the satellite and ground system in China leading provider of demodulator. The cable system will provide a demodulator chip with the company existing terrestrial and satellite systems the same front-end solutions for high performance and ease of use. China is the worlds largest cable television market, estimated at up to 2 million households. Digital Cable can provide users with more channels and interactive services such as video on demand, betting and stock market information, in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, introduced more than 20 cities. With China...
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Zarlink demodulator terrestrial television applications for portable TV reception

Zarlink (Zarlink) introduced a new semiconductor company for PC-TV, handheld digital television (DTV) and portable applications, terrestrial demodulator - ZL10355. The device fully comply with stringent NorDig Unified 1.0.2 standard. ZL10355 chip and pin and features compatible with the recently introduced ZL10353 device, which provides the lowest operating and standby power consumption NorDig Unified, and the fastest DVB-T "blind scan and auto re-acquisition" function, package size is 7 × 7mm. ZL10355 includes an integrated digital intermediate frequency (IF) filter in the tuner design, the bandwidth SAW filter switch is omitted, making the filter is compatible with a single receiver 6MHz, 7MHz or 8MHz channel. The chip also includes a RF signal strength indicator to the receiver box to download and read directly on the TV signal stren...
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Zarlink introduced for IP video distribution and network security ClassSwitch network platform

The integrated group management features to be secure IP network equipment business provides a cost-effective design (electronic markets Reuters) Zarlink Semiconductor has launched its new single-chip full-service Layer 2 Ethernet switch ClassSwitch platform and introduced two new devices of the platform. The new platform is based, such as to support the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and other packet applications, network access equipment and design. Zarlinks ClassSwitch platform supports line cards or compact, low-cost system design, these line cards or compact systems deployed in central offices, cable head end or customer premises equipment, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet through multiple real-time applications concentration, inspection and modification. These devices support IP multicast (multicast) packet forwarding business, this ...
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Zarlink introduced hands-free communication devices for voice processing chips

Zarlink Semiconductor today introduced the first hands-free communication devices designed to improve voice quality and reduce noise in voice processing chips. Has been a leading manufacturer in its hands-free car phone system, some using Zarlinks acoustic echo cancellation technology. ZL ? 38002 of the Echo (acoustic echo) canceller with enhanced noise reduction features for hands-free communication provides excellent sound quality, applications including car kits, speaker phones, security and intercom systems. For higher quality hands-free voice technology needs are constantly growing, especially in government legislation prohibits the use of handheld cell phones while driving is to further stimulate the demand. Most European countries have requirements for drivers to use hands-free car kit or installed equipment. Other parts of the w...
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Zarlink introduced together Passave Gigabit FTTH / FTTP triple-play services

Zarlink (Zarlink) has launched together Passave Gigabit FTTH / FTTP triple-play services and E1/T1 business in the PON network solutions. The FTTH / FTTP network demonstrates a with many users, multiple high-definition applications, and has a gigabit / second upstream and downstream communication of high bandwidth and predictable QoS (quality of service) performance of the network congestion at full capacity. The FTTH / FTTP system through the Zarlink ZL50120 CESoP processor provides the integration of TDM E1/T1 services delivery, the use of a QoS feature Passave PAS6201 ONU (Optical Network Unit) device provides Ethernet-based fiber optic network and CPE (customer premises equipment) between Gigabit / s interface, support for triple-play services. This TDM equipment and FTTH / FTTP network integration provides a cost effective solution....
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Zarlink Introduces Industrys Lowest Jitter Single-chip synchronizer

(Electronic markets Reuters) Zarlink Semiconductor (NYSE / TSX: ZL) today introduced the industrys first for the SONET / SDH multi-service applications, single-chip ultra-low jitter synchronizer. The feature-rich ZL ? 30116 and ZL30119 PLL (phase locked loop) is the lowest jitter and smallest for the management of the OC-48/STM-36 rate SONET / SDH Stratum 3 synchronization of the device. With Ethernet and other packet-based explosive growth of communications, carriers must protect their SONET / SDH infrastructure investment while providing a variety of traffic types. Network equipment vendors are developing SONET / SDH multi-service products, including the MSPP (multiservice provisioning platforms), and MSSP (multiservice switching platforms), allows operators to the edge of the network through the replacement of equipment only to mix voi...
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Zarlink launch digital clock chip

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (Zarlink), T1/E1 or PDH (quasi-synchronous digital hierarchy) network equipment, global market leader in timing devices, today launched a new chip DPLL ZL? 30109, the chips for broadband equipment to provide higher flexibility and carrier-class performance. Zarlink applications for the global network to provide the most complete PDH clock chip, ranging from line card clock generation, multiple output, to the central office equipment located in the clock control applications. ZL30109 chip is a monolithic silicon device is suitable for high-speed terminals and access network equipment, including the DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer), VoIP gateways and IP-PBX. As a central clock device, the chip reference clock frequency acceptable variety, including the additional 2 kHz (kilohertz) frame pulse a...
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Zarlink launched the "full standards" compatible with DTV tuner

October 26, 2005, Ottawa, Canada - Zarlink Semiconductor (NYSE / TSX: ZL) today launched a fast-growing digital television market, the new MOPLL (PLL mixer Zhendang Qi) single-conversion tuner device. As "all standard" single-conversion tuner MOPLL heart tank is designed, ZL10060 device integrates an IF AGC (automatic gain control intermediate frequency) amplifier, in line with all major DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) cable, terrestrial and legacy analog standards. The chip with a minimum package design provides excellent performance and low power consumption. Zarlinks MOPLL tuner allows designers PCB (printed circuit board) footprint than competing solutions by 40%. ZL10060 tuner with the unique 48-pin QFN (quad flat no-lead) package, the space reduced by 20%, and its integrated IF AGC amplifier function (usually a single chip packa...
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Zarlink new high-density TDM devices

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (Zarlink Semiconductor) has introduced the industrys most comprehensive characteristics of TDM / TSI switching products, for the design of an integrated network for the next generation of wireless network equipment and high-density switch established new performance standards. Zarlink developed 32K ZL ? 50073 TDM switching products to meet the high bandwidth wired and wireless network equipment stringent technical requirements, these devices used to transmit integrated voice, data and multimedia services, such as media gateways, wireless base stations and remote access concentrators and so on. Level 4 / Level 5 central office converter is still today the leading telecommunications network, customers need higher performance upgrade their TDM devices. Zarlinks ZL50073 series composed of four devices for high-b...
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