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Zarlink single-chip low-jitter synchronization simplifies SONET / SDH network equipment clock design

Zarlink Semiconductor (Zarlink Semiconductor) has introduced what it claims is the industrys first for the SONET / SDH multi-service applications, single-chip ultra-low jitter synchronizer. The feature-rich ZL30116 and ZL30119 PLL (phase locked loop) reported the lowest jitter, the smallest rate of administration for OC-48/STM-36 SONET / SDH Stratum 3 synchronization of the device. According to reports, with a highly programmable ZL30116 and ZL30119 chips of results in three separate clock line, eliminating the need for external dividers or clock multiplier PLL, can meet any commercial SONET / SDH PHY (physical interface) reference frequency requirements, to provide a wide range of optional low-jitter clock output frequency: 19.44MHz, 38.88MHz, 51.84MHz, 77.76MHz, 311.04MHz and 622.08MHz. In addition, ZL30116 device to achieve a comprehe...
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Zarlinks CES introduction of packet-based processor

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (Zarlink) has launched a packet-based circuit emulation service (CES) processor line of products, fully meet the industry through the MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and Metro Ethernet to TDM (time division multiplexing ) circuit transmission of the latest proposal. MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance (MFA) recently released the Implementation Agreement MFA 8.0.0, provided through the MPLS network to carry TDM circuit emulation package format, connection establishment and removal. MFAs new agreement simplifies the TDM transmission through the MPLS bearer problem, allowing operators to provide voice, video and data services in a single, converged network transfer. Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has approved the new Carrier Ethernet technical specifications. MEF 8 specification-based Metro Ethernet PDH (quasi-syn...
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Zarlinks CES processor

Zarlink (Zarlink) Semiconductor has introduced packet-based circuit emulation service (CES) processor line of products - ZL50111 and ZL50120 series of high-density low-density series. These products are available through multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and Metro Ethernet division multiplexing (TDM) circuit transmission. Zarlink the launch of two series of products have three available in MPLS, Ethernet and IP (Internet Protocol) network, the clock and the signal in accordance with relevant requirements, to achieve 1 to 32 Road, TDM voice, video and data service data flow. All six devices are available now in full production. ZL50111 and ZL50120 series of MFA and the MEF meet the proposed performance specifications. Zarlinks CES-over-Packet of these devices using high-precision clock recovery and synchronization available hardware a...
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Zarlinks new voice chip acoustic echo cancellation, hands-free system design simplified

Zarlink Semiconductor (Zarlink) recently introduced a series of second paragraph of voice processing devices chip ZL38003, is widely used to improve the voice quality of hands-free communication and reduce noise, used hands-free communication applications, including car kits, desktop phones and intercom systems. ZL38003 AEC (acoustic echo canceller) is based on a field-proven algorithm designed to track and reduce background noise and in high-noise environments maintaining voice quality. The chip offers hands-free equipment designers an integrated solution that reduces design complexity, component costs and board space requirements. ZL38003 AECs integrated features, including codecs, programmable gain attenuator (gain pad) and a four-port cross-point switch, reducing the need for external components. Among them, the chips two 16-bit l...
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Zero by 2007 three quarters of Taiwans electronic components industry Retrospect and Prospect

2007 in the first quarter to the third quarter of the output value of Taiwans electronic parts and components at home and abroad to NT 528 billion yuan, representing a growth of 9% over the same period in 2006, detailed in Figure I, which compound semiconductor device production value of NT 42.9 billion yuan; passive 86.7 billion yuan output value of NT components; printed circuit board production value of NT 251.1 billion yuan; output value of NTD 93.9 billion yuan connecting components; output value of NTD 53.3 billion energy components. Compound Semiconductor Devices: 2007 in the first quarter to the third quarter output value of Taiwan Compound Semiconductor Devices, NT 42.9 billion, up 17% over last year, of which the LED as the main growth engine. 2007 white LED on the phone with the rapid growth of market share, cut into the dig...
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ZESTRON development of new technical center in Shanghai

Order to strengthen local support for the Asia Pacific region, ZESTRON to expand its technical center in Shanghai, China. In the new technical center, users only need one day to understand the global mainstream producers an overview of the various cleaning equipment, such as spray (batch and online), ultrasound, jet and so on. In addition, users can choose their most popular equipment free test cleaning their substrate (PCB, network board, tray, etc.) to find the most suitable cleaning process. In the cleaning experiments, the user will receive the assistance of experienced engineers ZESTRON. new technical center in Shanghai The user to confirm whether the cleanliness requirements, cleaning results in accordance with international standards ZESTRON Analysis Center (IPC 610, J-STD001D, etc.) for analysis. And, ZESTRON in writing to...
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Zetex current monitor to play a real launch of the new short-circuit monitoring function

(Electronic markets Reuters) analog signal processing and power management solutions provider, has introduced a new ZXCT1051 Zetex Semicondutors current monitor. The device has a normal mode for a voltage between 0-2V wide sensing range, can play a real short-circuit current monitoring. The device is powered by a dedicated power supply pin can be in the high and low work load conditions, the most suitable module power needs. Zetex Mr. Lin Bowen, vice president of Asia, pointed out that this new current monitor can cost an external sense resistor into a voltage proportional to the precision and output voltage. The device is very low bias voltage, temperature 25 o C in the provision of more than 3% of the measurement accuracy and the induced voltage of 30 mV. ZXCT1051 a fixed gain value of 10, without additional external resistor. It uses ...
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Zetex for the pre-bias high-voltage power MOSFET on-resistance of 50Ω

Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a pre-bias supply circuitry to meet the needs of new high-voltage MOSFET devices ZXMN0545G4. The product is a 450V N-channel enhancement-type devices can be used for simple linear regulator, in the start-up providing power for the PWM IC, and then starts the converter is completely shut down. ZXMN0545G4 maximum on resistance of 50Ω, support 140mA 600mA continuous current and pulsed drain current, switching speed is high, conduction, and, and rise time of 7ns. two conventional drain by cutting a pin in the pin, the device extends the space within the pin. ZXMN0545G4 4-pin SOT223 package, can effectively improve the high-voltage leakage impedance. Order in quantities of 10,000 or more of the device is priced at 32 cents (for reference). ...
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Zetex introduced subwoofer amplifier 500W D Class

Zetex and recently successfully 500W RMS into 4? Analog input Class D reference design, bringing the total harmonic distortion and noise (THD + N) parameter to 0.05% or less, 90% power of 1W for the subwoofer amplifier to establish a new audio performance standards. The new design is implemented by the single channel evaluation board ZXCD500MOEVAL support, significantly reduce the amplifier cost and size. The new 500W amplifier conversion Acoustar ZXCD1000 regulator integrated circuits based on its unique feedback architecture helps reduce distortion, which reflects its excellent audio characteristics. This high-gain amplifier circuit design using output feedback signal filtering to help make up for bridge mismatches, power supply fluctuations and filter non-linear and so reduce the overall power band of the total harmonic distortion a...
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Zetex introduced ZXLD1601 and ZXLD1615 (map)

Analog signal processing and power management solutions provider, Zetex, introduced two new pulse frequency modulation (PFM) inductor boost converter - ZXLD1601 and ZXLD1615, to achieve an adjustable DC - DC converter solution. These new ICs not only has the effect of higher component integration, but also a more compact package, the designers dramatically reduce the size of the printed circuit board. In addition, they can be from 2.5V to 5.5V standard batteries produce up to 28V output voltage. Two new converters include a 30V rated NDMOS switch and peak current sensor, the maximum output voltage can produce up to 10mA of output current, helps to reduce the number of external components. Within the device also equipped with pulse-width modulation (PWM) filter, can achieve flicker-free output. Appearance of the new device is an area ...
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