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Zetex introduces new easy-to-power

(Electronic markets Reuters) analog signal processing and power management solutions provider Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a new high-power mini-emitting diode (LED) driver - ZXLD1350. ZXLD1350 an external resistor to accurately set the output current, which greatly simplifies the process of high power LED driver. Input supply voltage of 7V to 30V, 350mA drive is capable of producing an adjustable output current of up to 8 LED 1W LED string link. The switching regulator with 2.9 x 2.8 Hao Mi area TSOT23 5-pin package, a high degree of component integration means that the switching regulator can be Used for very limited applications in the space environment. The device is a 30V NDMOS switch and a current control accuracy is + / -4% of the high side current sensing circuit is integrated together, using only four external circuit...
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Zetex introduces new mini-transistors

(Electronic markets Reuters) analog signal processing and power management solutions provider Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a series of low-voltage bipolar transistors. New device can not only improve the current handling capacity SOT23 package, but also replace larger SOT89 and SOT223 equivalent components, helping designers reduce product size. Zetex With its advanced lead frame design and bipolar process capability, developed two new NPN and two PNP devices devices, each devices power up to 1.25W. ZXTN23015CFH in ZXTN25020DFH NPN VCE rated voltage is 15V and 20V; ZXTP23015CFH and ZXTP25040DFH PNP were 15V and 40V. Zetex said Mr. Lin Bowen, vice president of Asia, the new transistors can handle up to 6A continuous current, significantly improve power density products. The device can also support up to 15A peak pulse current can ...
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Zetex new micro-encapsulation improve the power efficiency of bipolar

(Electronic markets Reuters) analog signal processing and power management solutions provider Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a new ZXTC2045E6 devices, complementary NPN and PNP it with transistors integrated in a SOT236 package, designed to meet the power requirements of high power MOSFET and IGBT drive requirements. Mr. Lin Bowen, vice president of Zetex Asia, pointed out that the peak pulse current up to 5A in the case, this new type of bipolar devices can speed up the gate capacitance of the charge and discharge rate, thereby enhancing efficiency. NPN and PNP devices as emitter pins separated from each other and help designers to choose the resistance values of the independent and more accurate control of gate charge and discharge cycles. This two-transistor using SOT236 package footprint is only 9 mm2, board height of only 1.3mm...
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Zhang cocoa network Reds lost 50 million Tianya report dismissed claims

Network of concern singer Coco v. Zhang, "End of the World Community" case recently concluded Final - to recognize the "End of the World Community" management obligation is limited to a general audit obligation, the definition of privacy is limited to the parties the true situation, a city Court of Final Appeal ruling in the cocoa Zhang rejected claims more than 50 million requests. But in Zhang international media company, as a signatory to the Asia-Pacific artists. April 2006, Tianya sign out of her photos and songs. With the click-through rate all the way up, Zhang was elected as the number of users following the Sister Lotus, who, in February another girl after the End of the World Reds. Zhang cocoa, said May 19, 2006, in the End of the World community, a man named "food tyrants," Internet users published an article entitled "Washi...
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Zhang said that Chinese Internet companies from the sub-prime crisis

U.S. subprime mortgage crisis that the global economic turmoil overseas-listed Chinese Internet industry representatives have also been affected. Capital markets will affect the waves rolled the development of Chinas Internet industry? "Subprime mortgage crisis will only affect the Chinese Internet stock prices of listed companies, but the companys fundamentals will not be affected." Last week, the tenth anniversary celebration in Sohu, witnessed the ups and downs of Chinas Sohu Internet Chairman and CEO Chang Chaoyang case said. Future of the Internet in China is still high growth The past 10 years, Zhang and his representative of the Chinese Internet experienced a rise of the Internet frenzy, but also through the Internet winter of suffering. Up to today, Chinas high-speed Internet ushered in an unprecedented growth, the future growt...
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Zhang Subing: more than half of the market is not full HD flat panel TV standard

China Electronics Standardization Institute Director Certification Zhang Subing attend "1080 HD certification results conference", said: "currently on the market claim in full high-definition flat-panel TVs, in fact, can really achieve the same level of high-definition imaging 1080 TV lines less than 50%. " 2007, China Electronics Standardization Institute Certification Center for more than a dozen manufacturers in more than 100 models of digital television products for testing, the results have shown that use of the physical resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel screen is only 54.2% of the products can 1080 TV lines to display. In the flat-panel TVs on the market, to achieve the 1080 TV lines display the ratio will be lower. Industry, the digital television is a system, by the display signal processing chip, the external circuit and software...
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Zhao Jiarong: fostering the revitalization of Chinas semiconductor lighting energy industry

20 century, 90 years, semiconductor lighting technology continues to break through, the expanding application areas, in direct, showing the basic maturity of the technology field, has been widely used; in the field of large-size backlight technology matures, market share gradually increase; in the field of functional lighting technology has just started in the pilot demonstration stage. In addition, health care, agriculture and other special areas of semiconductor lighting technology in the ascendant. Recent years, semiconductor lighting industry has developed rapidly, the United States, Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China has strong advantages in different areas, global output growth rate maintained at 20% or more. China has launched a green lighting project, semiconductor lighting project in the ten key energy conservation projects, h...
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Zhaoyuan Jinbao electrolytic copper foil to create the first production base in China

This year, the Shandong Zhaoyuan Jinbao Electronics Co., Ltd. will be eight scientific research into productivity, 1 June, the companys sales revenue of 715.8227 million yuan, profit of 66.995 million yuan, exports $ 32,851,000, respectively, over the previous year an increase of 30%, 23.1% and 19%, the highest in history. Kinpo Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to increase investment, plans to invest 800 million yuan, the construction of a high-grade copper foil, a high-grade laminate and a printed circuit board production line, high-grade electrolytic copper foil production will reach 17,000 tons, the output value of 1.4 billion CCL annual production capacity will reach 2,500 million square meters, the output value of 20 billion yuan, while actively seek enterprise market, up to promote enterprise development, making it Chinas high-gr...
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Zhejiang breaking 5,000 billion online transactions like double four years later

Reporters today at the "digital Zhejiang" working meeting was informed that the rapid development of electronic commerce in Zhejiang Province, over 50% of the industry Web site will set the province, of which about Qi Cheng hundred sites registered in Zhejiang Province, joined the small and medium sized Internet more than 100,000 enterprises in 2007, the provinces e-commerce online transactions exceeded 5,000 billion. According to Zhejiang Provincial Information Industry Department, the person in charge, over the past five years, Zhejiang Province, adhere to the implementation of information technology to stimulate industrialization strategy, building a "digital Zhejiang", the information industry by leaps and bounds the scale of the development of software and integrated circuits, light (micro) electronics, communications and networks,...
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Zhejiang Chint Solar accelerate the development of large-scale thin-film batteries

---- Zhejiang Chint Group Corporation Chint Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hangzhou, and Cerberus in the Growth Fund and Shanghai Alliance Investment signing ceremony was held successfully raised $ 50,000,000 in the PE (private equity) investment. This would not only lead the country to Chint Solar thin film solar cell manufacturing to provide a financial security, will promote transformation and upgrading of the PV industry in Zhejiang Province. Impact of the recent international financial crisis, domestic 9 solar companies listed in overseas market has shrunk dramatically, some enterprises crystalline silicon cells and even down to negative product gross margin. The successful financing of Chint Solar, to PV industry into a dynamic, full of highly efficient thin film solar attraction on the capital market. Chint Solar Te...
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