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Zhejiang Tin Lok plane through the identification of the speaker

Zhejiang Tin Lok Group design and production of flat speakers, which was recently hosted by the Economic Commission of Zhejiang Provinces one-time identification of new products. Tin Lok plane produced by the vibration of the speaker and the shape of the structure of the mechanism to break through the traditional product model, innovative style, thin, especially for wall mounting, and the directivity, frequency response, distortion, and other major properties of sound indicators is better. The trial production of the product testing process has matured, can be put into mass production....
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Zhejiangs first national main road the first LED lighting

Recently, I came to Spring Road, Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, more than 200 street lamps on both sides from a distance, stretching over, put the main road around the city lit up as bright as day. This way the moon in 2008, 6, lights, installation of mercury pollution is not easy to produce high-energy fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, but the pollution of the semiconductor light (LED), energy-saving efficiency up to 90%. I understand that these high-tech outdoor lighting is by the local Star Bi Group R & D production. This is when the business start-up production of traditional crystal, two years ago by the county bridge, and Peking University "marriage", Institute of semiconductor lighting set up to carry out independent innovation. The business advantages of using crystal, obtained in the brightness and heat better than ...
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Zheng Li, deputy general manager of NEC in China: the question of innovation

"Ten years ago, many Chinese enterprises are still willing to machine time and energy to put into innovation, but now ... ...." I do not know since when, talking about "innovation" this topic, it is not the initial excitement has been replaced by a confused and helpless. Zheng Li is the deputy general manager of NEC Electronics in Greater China, for many years fought on shopping, you can not read from his face has been anything but the face of electronic engineering world, the innovation comes when Chinas IC industry , but clearly you can see the wire concerns. Undeniable, when filled with emotion and passion has been dispersed, a few years ago for the triumph of the Chinese IC companies, the road of innovation is particularly difficult today. However, the most painful is not stagnant, but do not know why it stalled. Has a dual role of ...
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Zhenghui IIC connector components stand

Calendar IIC component connector is the highlight of the exhibition hall, one of the connector manufacturer in China should gradually get rid of the low-end products in the homogenization of the type of competition, and actively track the connector edge technology, learning new technologies and new connector technology, and constantly develop new products, expanding high-end product line. Top connector manufacturers Miller Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., two million new Great Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Yeung Steel Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Yi Yao Industrial Co., Ltd., Progressive Alliance Industry Co., Ltd., a limited e-letters company, Ningbo New Asia Electrical Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Cape Xu Wire Co., Ltd., Han Quan Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xin Sheng Hui Electronics Co., Ltd., gathered in IIC, setting off a new upsurge in the ...
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Zhengrong Shi, Suntechs chairman, said the excess polysilicon industry is not

The Ministry of Industry for the industrial economy in the summer of polysilicon industry mentioned in the report surplus to say, one of the leading domestic photovoltaic Suntech Power Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Zhengrong Shi in Beijing on September 9, said polysilicon industry is currently not surplus. Zhengrong Shi is in the "co-channel future," the forum to answer the "Business News" reporters question made the expressed. He also said the Ministry of Industry had also made similar judgments, but the Ministry of Science and other units have been done to clarify that the polysilicon is not currently a surplus. Ministry of Industry on Sept. 7 report released summer of the industrial economy that the current existence of wind energy equipment and an excess of the polysilicon industry. The energy industry for the new State Council of t...
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Zhengzhou pilot "city of ten thousand ten," enjoy the support of semiconductor lighting industry

Reporter recently learned from the Science and Technology Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shenzhen, with 21 cities, was approved as the Ministry of Science, "City of ten thousand ten" pilot cities semiconductor lighting application engineering. Analysis of the industry, the city of Zhengzhou in selected semiconductor lighting industry for improving the core technology R & D and innovation capability, enhance the citys overall competitiveness of the semiconductor lighting industry has very important significance. Zhengzhou pilot "city of ten thousand ten," enjoy the support of semiconductor lighting industry "Ten City, ten thousand," Application of semiconductor lighting projects overall objective is: By 2010, 10 to 21 cities in the promotion of more than 400,000 semiconductor municipal lighting, to achieve ...
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Zhong Ke San Huan: high growth of wind power to benefit

Zhong Ke San Huan Nd as a domestic industry leader, capable of producing direct-drive permanent magnet wind power motor, the current has received Goldwind manufacturers of products such as wind power technology certification, benefit from high growth in wind power industry . Technically, the stock volume can promote short-term gains of 50%, and the first stop on the 60-day line, short-term market trends poised heavy volume on Thursday after the closing Changyang, technology was accelerating like shape, the share price to double or expectations. Zhong Ke San Huan is the largest and worlds second largest manufacturer of NdFeB magnetic materials, NdFeB 07 bad production reached 8,000 tons gross, with the expansion of production base in Ningbo, the company products production capacity further. NdFeB material is an important wind power is a ...
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Zhongguancun Electronic Market Research: Depression in the overall chip market

Full 10 years have not seen the chip business is so difficult to do A chip distributor Beijing Zhongguancun They complained to the reporter: the market slump last year, less than half the volume. Beijing after the summer solstice, the temperature near 30 degrees outside, but the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a director of Tu Qijun chip business is aware of bursts of cold. Tu Qijun computer chip sales in Beijings Zhongguancun full 10 years, the stores customers are scattered in the scene he was the first time. As sales slump, Tu Qijun tried to cut prices to promote sales, but he soon discovered that everyone is tight cut prices to maintain market. "But it is strange that all other commodities prices, except IT products, price cuts, but that is no one to buy." "IT market slump, this may be decreased, and related consumer pu...
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Zhongguancun signed a debt restructuring "package" agreement

Zhongguancun (000 931) Notice, the Companys Board of Directors on December 26 to consider debt restructuring through a series of agreements. Director Wong Kwong Yu, Xu Zhongmin unable to attend due to the survey. Source of investment companies and Xing Lin Jin Dingfeng Park property consultants and signed "the implementation of the settlement agreement," Park Jin Dingfeng transferee of the property company for its boiler room and Lihong garden equipment to assess the value of the property on behalf of Hing Lin Yuan Investment consultancy related to the company to repay debt. It is understood, Xing Lin Yuan Investment Advisors Corporation 20,482,561.03 dollars of debt owed. 2007 Nian 12 27, identified by price certification center in Beijing, debt subject Lihong garden heating boiler (hot) system, the market price of 27,574,900 yuan. ...
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Zhongshan City, semiconductor (LED) industry technology alliance was set up

6 Yue 16 Ri 9 am, with a burst of applause for that, "Zhongshan City, the semiconductor industry technology alliance" (the LED Industry Alliance), the government guest house in Xiaolan was proclaimed. This is the first of Zhongshan City Industrial Technology Alliance. After dozens of LED member companies of the Democratic Alliance elected, be elected as the first executive director Huo Ni Wei Er Lang long as the executive vice president Ruby electrical and Secretary-General, win the ball lighting, MLS Electronics, Thailand Teng lighting, and other enterprises have also been elected vice president; Gwangyang appliances, lighting and other products more than 20 enterprises on the elected members. Meanwhile, the Siu Lam Lighting Industry Association of Chamber of Commerce, also was proclaimed. Executive director of the Alliance ...
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