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Zhongshan City, semiconductor lighting industry technology alliance was formally established

Compared with the industrialized countries, Zhongshan City, semiconductor lighting industrial products still low level of capacity for independent innovation is not enough, low industrial concentration, and other shortcomings of decentralized R & D . How to solve the semiconductor lighting industry technical problems existing in the process? Yesterday, Zhongshan City, semiconductor lighting industry technology alliance was established, marking the Zhongshan City, in the development of semiconductor lighting industry has taken an important step on the road. LED industry with a market advantage Following the fire and incandescent as the third after the revolution in lighting, semiconductor lighting referred to as LED, is considered the most promising of the century one of the high-tech areas , as many national and regional priorities to...
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Zhong-Xian Zhao: Development of scientific instruments to promote industrial restructuring

Zhong-Xian Zhao Academy is renowned Chinese and foreign experts at low temperature physics and superconductivity, apart from in the research, he is also very concerned about the development of instruments. The end of 2006, China has independently developed the first successful international VUV laser angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, Zhong-Xian Zhao spoke highly of academicians, he said, "the results achieved, their significance is that it is fully proved by independent research and development of cutting-edge science the importance and the possibility of the instrument. " April 28, 2010, our reporter on the "how to better promote the development of China-made equipment, the revitalization of our instrument manufacturing industry," an interview with Zhao Zhongxian Academy of Sciences. Zhaoyuan Shi made the following three points...
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Zhu brothers jointly control Sanlian Group trading company recycling conundrum

Zhu brothers and the full cooperation of the Group makes the triple triple Trading Company (600 898) battle for control has become more complicated and confusing. 4 On 20 April, the family boss Zhu Zhu Zhu Rai in Jinan announced its investment in the Pearl River, Pearl Group will triple groups, including real estate, household appliances, including a full range of strategic cooperation. On mutually agreed strategic framework, Zhu Hua Tiancheng Rai chairman of the Investment Corporation of light will triple trading company competing on the 9.02% stake sale to Haiya Ao Communication Equipment Co., Sanlian Group, Joint Group triple trading company which is expected to remain at the status of the two shareholders. Meanwhile, the Joint Group will also help Zhus commercial properties throughout the country, the development of home appliances...
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Zhu Jianmin: Start the PV market will enable millions of people employed

"From the point of view of stimulating domestic demand, Chinas PV market share of only 2% of battery production, the PV market fundamentals did not start the case, in 2006, sales of PV industry in China is 500 million, employment number 40000; 2007, sales of 1,000 billion yuan, 10 million employment; In 2008, sales of 2,000 billion yuan, 20 million in employment. If the PV market, once started, will create 1000000000000000 yuan in the domestic market, increase Millions of jobs. "CPPCC National Committee members, Liaoning Oak Group Chairman Zhu Jianmin, told reporters. Zhu Jianmin members that, at present, Chinas solar photovoltaic industry is booming, but the contrast between the industry and the market is huge. He said the end of 2007 Chinas photovoltaic cell production reached 1,088 MW, photovoltaic module production reached 1717 MW, ...
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Zhu Road, the future of the assertion that organic electronics will usher in a new era

Speaking of organic and polymer materials, natural is reminiscent of the greatest exposure in daily life is the various types of plastics, chemical fiber, and synthetic drugs. The electronics industry in the use of organic and polymer materials, mostly non-conductive insulator in the public eye. However, with technological development, scientists have discovered that the organic carbon-based materials can not only semiconductor, conductor, or even to achieve superconductivity. Thus, a variety of conductive polymers, plastics and small molecule materials began to be used in the manufacture of various types of electronic components and circuits, organic electronics industry was born. 2009 Nian 6 Yue 20 morning at 9:30, the famous organic chemistry, physical chemist, Zhu Tao Chinese Academy of Sciences of the report will be a guest ser...
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Zhu Zhang Jisheng Rai will be a secret meeting: have sold equity or return to triple

4 Yue 2 days successful bidder 14.80 yuan per share, held by the Group triple triple Trading Company (600898.SH) 9.02% stake in communications equipment on Haiya Ao Co., Ltd. (the "OCA Company") will be the triple Group subsidiary. This means that the corresponding shares have been sold, is expected to return to the Joint Group of hands. Yesterday, light Huatian Cheng Zhu, chairman of Rye told the "Financial Times", the OCA will become a subsidiary of Triple Group. Chu Lai, he did not explicitly triple Group in connection with which an agreement was reached, but he said the bilateral cooperation, real estate is an important option, or is a cooperative condition. Olympic light Huatian Cheng between the company and the relationship between equity assets is not clear, but it can control the Olympic light Hua Tiancheng Company has no su...
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Zhuhai Municipal Government subsidies keep warm ability to enhance enterprise SaaS services

5 Yue 26 news, Zhuhai City, Guangdong SME Bureau, the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department of the United Kingdee Group e-commerce site - Friends of the business network (, to small and medium enterprises held in Zhuhai a spectacular large-scale field experience activities. This entitled "SMEs in Guangdong Province in 2009 Launching Ceremony of information training for their first training of extension activities in Zhuhai," attracted more than 500 enterprises to participate in Zhuhai. Follow-up, the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department and the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of SMEs in other cities in Guangdong will gradually carry out such training activities. Main purpose is to further promote the process of SME information to allow enterprises to understand the government support for bui...
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ZiLOG extended IR code database

ZiLOG announced that it has expanded its IR code database, expanded database will include representatives from ViewSonic ? Corporations universal remote control code. ViewSonic ? Corporation is a global leader in LCD and plasma TVs and other video display products supplier. ZiLOG now in its universal remote control (URC) is compatible with the database integration of ViewSonic products (including the recently introduced N3250w LCD TV). Universal remote control solutions, ZiLOG that can be used anywhere ViewSonic most complete device code database, which contains more than 12,000 models and 1,300 brands involved in more than 145,000 special code. Contains a large and wide range of special key codes in the URC to ensure that the database vendors products on the ViewSonic product has the worlds unrivaled compatibility. In just the past two...
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ZNET Netbook reviews the significance of adding the touch feature

For the status quo, ZNET on the touch screen of the Internet made the market, despite the influx of iPhone led to the advent of touch, but want the touch screen to take root in the Netbook will take time. Following is the comment text: "Frankly, Netbook with touch capability, meaning it seems at this stage really is not too large," the industry source said. He pointed out that a similar application, may be All-in-one PC will be even greater sway. May say so, if the companies joined in the Netbook touch feature, or to regard the former as a laptop computer to operate, it is not really meaningful. Touch the computer market parties intoxicated war. This year (08) in the HP, ASUS and MSI, announced support for touch features launched All-in-one desktop computers after; Ming (09) years of Asus and MSI, with Intel (blog) commissioned by the...
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ZTE 3G smart phone flashing charm is backstage Qualcomm

With China Unicom launched 3G trial commercial operations, a number of unique features superior shape WCDMA mobile phone after another appearance. Unicom, as the first custom-made models in the high-end smart phones, ZTE N61 with its stylish atmosphere, excellent shape and strong performance steal the show, by the industry of great concern. For business people as a high-end smart phones, ZTE N61 11.9 mm thin with straight body, and equipped with full keyboard and touch widescreen two-input system, easy to carry, writing fluency; 3.2 million AF focus camera, USB2.0 interface and Bluetooth provide more convenience for the user to use. In terms of functionality, N61 based on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional smartphone operating system, built-in Office components, Kingsoft, Ucweb browser, such as standardized packages, provide first-class bu...
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