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ZTE built the worlds first commercial EV-DO Rev.B trial network

Recently, ZTE, Qualcomm CDMA operator Wana, and Morocco announced three: worlds first EV-DO Rev. B Business Bureau in Morocco built experiments. In the whole mobile environment, the measured rate of up to 8.8 Mbps download and upload rate of 5.36 Mbps. Following the end of February 2009, ZTE announced that open up the worlds first EV-DO Rev.B, the EV-DO Rev.B in the process of market, ZTE again lead. Wana Morocco-class CDMA carriers, ZTE is the 800MHz CDMA network Wana sole supplier. The CDMA network, including CDMA200 1X and EV-DO Rev.A, 2007 in early business, the user has maintained rapid growth momentum. EV-DO Rev.B technology is divided into two phases, the first phase of the peak rate of 9.3Mbps (download) and 5.4Mbps (upload), EV-DO Rev.B rate is the commercial EV-DO Rev.A tripled. But EV-DO Rev.B network can accommodate the use...
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ZTE has developed a full range of CDMA mobile communication system

ZTEs full range of independent R & D CDMA mobile communication system will be June 21 -24 at the 2000 China International Communications Exhibition and the fourteenth session of the National Communication Products on display at the show, which is first introduced domestic manufacturers full commercialization of CDMA mobile communication system. ZTE CDMA mobile communication system includes a full set of CDMA mobile base stations, mobile switching systems and CDMA mobile phones and other products. ZTE CDMA base station system to fully absorb the benefits of foreign existing CDMA systems, the fast power control algorithm, EVRC implementation, selector algorithm, soft-switching algorithm and other key technology, lead in the country, reached the world advanced level. Previously, ZTE CDMA mobile switching system has been successfully issued...
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ZTE net profit of 34.78 billion yuan in 2007 1.25 billion in revenue

ZTE A share listed companies to report earnings (000,063), showed a profit, ZTE 2007 revenue 34.78 billion yuan, an increase of 50%; net profit of 1.25 billion, an increase of 63%. ZTE is obviously best year in recent years. Income net profit surge Previously, ZTE had in January said it expected 2007 net profit to grow by 50%. Reported a result, the actual situation better than expected. ZTE said that as of December last year, 12 months, income from the previous years 23.21 billion yuan, up 50% to 34.78 billion yuan. Net income was 1.25 billion yuan, higher than 767 million yuan in 2006, the company net profit rose 63% in 2007. Overseas markets mainly due to revenue growth Specifically, in the domestic market, ZTE achieved operating income of 14.687 billion yuan, an increase of 13.83%. The international market to achieve operating i...
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ZTE said the intention to acquire assets of Nortel

According to foreign media reports, ZTE Corporation Western business executives Lin Cheng (Lin Cheng, transliteration) on Wednesday at a news conference in London, said the acquisition of Nortel, ZTE has no intention of assets, although the acquisition of the assets of Nortel inexpensive, but ZTEs no reason to buy. Lin Cheng, ZTE asked whether they intend to buy has filed for bankruptcy protection in the Canadian telecommunications equipment maker Nortels assets, said he had agreed with the CEO, ZTE, Nortel saw no reason to buy assets. Lin Cheng said: "Although the acquisition of the assets of Nortel inexpensive, but if you can not improve our efficiency, why should we buy?" ZTE said last week that China Development Bank has been awarded a five-year amount of $ 15,000,000,000 cooperation, including ZTEs overseas project financing line...
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ZTT: Optical power cable leading communications go hand in hand

Transit technology strength of the company, the product is the market share leader in the field of optical cable enterprises, mainly engaged in fiber optic cable, RF cable, submarine optical cable, power cable and all kinds of special wire production. Special cable company in the domestic market share of 30% -40%; RF cable is currently around 20% market share; submarine optical cable market share of 70-80% in 2007; power cable OPGW product market share in 2008 to 42%. A variety of products the company in 2009, strong demand, market share is expected to maintain or further improve. 3G communication products benefit from the domestic building and the promotion of fiber access With the 2009 construction of the domestic 3G accelerate in 2009, total demand for domestic radio frequency cables around about 140,000 km, representing a substanti...
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Zumtobel LED company acquired SpaceCannon

Zumtobel Group, the Austrian lighting manufacturer, has acquired the Italian SpaceCannon, a professional LED lighting company. SpaceCannon company with annual sales of about 7 million euros, about 70% of the SpaceCannon corporate applications are based on the LED. CEO Andreas Ludwig said, SpaceCannon company Zumtobel companies enter new markets and areas of expertise in sales channels, as we continue to expand our technology base and applications to join SpaceCannon exactly is an ideal complement. Since the founder Bruno Baiardi in August 2007 after the sudden death, SpaceCannon company has been looking for partners. Company company Zumtobel LED Division will become part of, the Group established a new LED technology company. SpaceCannon company will make the integration of new companies to strengthen innovative LED LED products and s...
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ZyCast the GPS module operating frequency up to 1.575GHz

p {text-indent = 2em} ZyCast Technologys G-415-GPS module contains NemeriX chipsets, low power consumption, size is 34 × 34 × 10mm, the operating frequency up to 1.575GHz, supports up to 16 channels. G-415-GPS module sensitivity is-152dBm (tracking) and-147dBm (acquisition), the accuracy of 6.4m, 0.1m / s. ZyCast the G-415-GPS module is the normal operating temperature range -20 ℃ to 70 ℃. ...
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